10 Best Foods to Eat from 10 Regions in Nigeria

Top 8 Nigerian Dishes | Recipes For Popular Dishes in Nigeria


Nigeria is a country with several ethnic group and areas; this is a country where we have different people with different culture, different languages even different foods. Nigeria also has over 300 ethnic groups; it also happens that Nigeria is one of the most culturally diverse in Africa.

One of the interesting and amazing things about this particular part of the world is their foods, it is very surprising that even after they have a lot of dishes that has managed to cross across ethnic borders or every other borders such as political border, religion border etc.

Despite the fact that they still have several dishes that have managed to cross the every border in this part of the word, the still have some certain foods that can still be identified with some areas and this dishes are also one of those things that brings out the uniqueness of this country and every areas. Let’s journey together as we see them together

  1. Pounded yam and Egusi. Even though this meal has happen to be a universal food in some kind of ways, but you will bear witness with me that this particular meal is still fond of some areas in Nigeria like Ondo state most in particular and even Ekiti state is also an area that is fond of this particular meal.
  2. Amala and Ewedu soup. This also happens to be very popular meal in the Yoruba region, but you can go to Ibadan as an area in Nigeria and you don’t get to know about this meal as soon as you get there, then you must be very careful if where you are is IbadanAmala and Ewedu soup is one of the signature of Oyo State especially Ibadan.
  3. Ofe Onugbu.  This is a particular soup that has been known for Anambra State, I tell the meals for any occasion is not complete in this particular area without Onugbu soup. It is commonly used for eaten fufu and eba.
  4. Black Soup. Black soup is a popular Edo State delicacy; this soup is made using bitter leaf and efirin (Scent Leaves).
  5. Tuwo masara/Tuwo shinkafa and miyan kuka. This is a popular delicacy in Northern Nigeria. Tuwo mara is made from ground corn, while tuwo shinkafa is made from ground rice. Both are swallows which are used in eating soups like miyan kuka which is made using baobab leaves and ground okra.
  6. Okazi soup. This is a soup that is widely popular amongst Abia state indigenes, egusi lumps and achara leaves can be used in garnishing this soup.
  7. Banga soup and starch. A variation of ofe akwu, bangasoup is made from the scent leaves (nchu anwu) which ofe akwu uses. It is eaten by the Urhobos of Delta state alongside starch (usi).
  8. Onunu and fish stew. Onunu is a swallow dish made from a combination of yam and plantain. Accompanied with fish stew, this is a popular delicacy of the Kalabari people in Rivers state.
  9. Afang soup. Though indigenous to the Efik tribe in Akwa Ibom, it is equally popular among neighbouring tribes (Ibibio, Anang) and even Cross River state. So if you ever find yourself in Akwa Ibom or Cross River, be sure to sample this soup in its truly native form, unless you are not in that place, because this meal is part of their signature in this particular area.
  10. Ofe Akwu. This is a meal that is widely popular in Anambra State; but it is eaten across the Eastern states Nigeria and a variation of it (banga) are eaten by Delta state indigenes. Ofe akwu is commonly eaten with rice.

Which one is your favourite? Have you eaten any before? Let’s hear from you.

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