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One of the most prestigious and reputable universities in the world is Harvard university. The institution is renowned and well known for her preserved and reserved standard, starting from the period of inception. The university is the first university in the United States of America and has recorded flawless achievements over the period of establishment. Everyone craves Harvard University but ridiculously, just 6% of every applicant is admitted; Harvard University is a very selective and competitive university.

Harvard University is full of many virtues and records that distinguish it from other universities in the world; here are some hidden facts about Harvard University that are obscure to some people:

  1. The founder of Harvard University, John Harvard, donated his entire collections of 400 books and half of his estate to the university: He founded Harvard University and has contributed immensely to growth of the institution as he donated his entire library which comprises 400 books of different field of study to enhance learning in the institution. Also, he donated half of his estate to the university to provide resources needed to keep the university’s train moving. What a laudable gesture!
  2. United States presidents graduated from Harvard University: Part of what defines an institution is her products. America is a great country; the president of America is unarguably the strongest and most powerful person in the world, by the virtue of the nation’s supremacy. Harvard, being the basis of 8 powerful individuals in the world, is a great university. The likes of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, Rutherford Hayes  and Barack Obama all graduated from Harvard University.
  3. Harvard University was founded in 1636: Harvard University was the first and oldest university in the United States, the university was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  4. Eight Harvard university alumni had their signature on the declaration of independence: Apart from the past United States presidents earlier discussed, another 8 alumni had their signature on the declaration of independence. This tells you the level of greatness the university and alumni had attained in the past. Alumni of Harvard University have good record and are part of history.
  5. Harvard had been teaching students before the invention of calculus: Calculus is a major topic in mathematics and very relevant in engineering. Ridiculously, Harvard University had been teaching before the invention of calculus in the 17th century.  You wonder what they were taught? It is an evident of the student’s success.
  6. 38% of Harvard students are atheists: Owing to the time of establishment of the school; there was no prevailing religion. This belief has been imprinted in the students, only a few were able to change their faith. However, there are still some inklings of this belief in the mind of some students and some alumni.
  7. Average starting salary for a Harvard graduate is $60,000: The reputation of the school has really done well for the graduates of the university. An average graduate of Harvard University earns at least $60,000 in their work place. Studying at Harvard University is a guarantee of a new beginning after graduation.
  8. There are more than 360,000 living Harvard university alumni in the world: Harvard University is indeed a nation on its own. Over 360,000 graduates of the institution are dispersed across the globe. Many are leaders of their society, some are renowned business owners. Above all, they are all living fine.
  9. The Harvard library is the largest in the world: Verily, with no iota of doubt, Harvard University has the largest library in the world. The university library is a great resource and medium of learning, the library is equipped with ancient and modern books; this makes the students exemplary in any discipline or choice of study.
  10. Harvard university accrued the highest and prominent global honor: As a result of the institution unsurpassed and untainted legacy and academic excellence, Harvard university has produced personalities that have earned the apogee of prizes and national honor. Presently, Harvard University has dished out 47 Nobel laureates and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners. In addition to these records, Harvard University has produced 32 head of state; these are indeed great honor and achievement of this magnanimous institution.

With no iota of doubt, Harvard University is a school where leaders are groomed, where elites are nurtured and where people of substance are developed.

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