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10 facts about Lion you should know

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Lion, the undisputed king of the jungle, is a magnificent creature in the animal kingdom; it is wonderfully created to terrify any other creature that comes its way. It is regarded as one of the most dangerous animal in the world. Lion is known for its boisterous gait; it is the fiercest amongst all animals, it is   a symbol of strength and power.

Lions: The Uniquely Social 'King of the Jungle' | Live Science

There are so many fascinating facts about lion, aside from being the most baleful animal; here are 10 unknown facts about lion.

  1. Male lions defend their territory while the females do most of the hunting: As part of the characteristics of all animals is the defense of their territory, no matter how small or negligible the animal is; they find it imperative to do. Lions, being the king of animals, are always stringent about their territory; it is a way of showing superiority amongst the animals. The male lions find it essential to defend their territory instead of both the male and female lion; they curb against any intruding acts or threat from other animals. While the male lions defend the territory, the females go hunting; they fend for food for the family. After successful hunting, they bring the prey home for the male lions to eat first; this is a way to show obeisance and revere the male lion.
  2. Lions are the most social of all the big cats: As fierce as the lions are, they are still the most social animal amongst the big cat family. They do not live in solitary rather they live together in group, their group is called “the pride”. A pride of lions consist of 15 lions.
  3. A lions roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away: When a lion roars, it’s a sign of anger. It is so high in pitch that it can be heard as far as 5 miles away; it is a sign of trouble for other animals, they then to keep their head as low as possible.
  4. A lion can run for short distance at 50mph and leap as far as 36 feet: Unlike other animals that can run at a faster pace for a long distance, lions can only run for short distance at 50mph. they leap as far as 36 feet. This is why it is quite difficult for lions to prey other faster animals particularly in the cat family.
  5. The age of a lion is determined by the color of its mane: The mane is the fluffy hair that surrounds the lion’s neck, the color of this mane shows the age of the lion. The darker the mane, the older the lion; the color of the mane is a function of time.
  6. The lions heels do not touch the ground when it walks: When lions walk, their heels do not touch the ground, it is always suspended in the air; it is a sign of gallantry.
  7. A lion may sleep for up to 20 hours: Being a calm and confident animal, with little or no fear of other animals, a lion can sleep for up to 20 hours.
  8. Lions are obligate carnivoresThis means that lions survive on meat and not water per se; though, they get water from sea, lake and other water bodies; but they can still make do of the water they obtain from the meat they eat.
  9. Lions kill anything: Lions are very cruel animal; they kill anything they prey on, from small animals like mouse to larger animals like elephant, hippopotamus. They feed on only flesh being a carnivorous animal.
  10. A lion and lioness can mate for more than hundred times before gestation: When a lioness is on heat, a lion becomes her constant companion for the few days for mating and prior to the commencement of the gestation period. Their mating process is incessant; during these few days, they make intermittently, almost every fifteen minutes. This make the making results to pregnancy.

Lions are wonderful creatures with great respect in the animal kingdom; they are the most social animals amongst the big cat. They devour any animal that comes their way, irrespective of the size of the animal; it serves as their food for that day. They gain more prowess and are more desperate when they are in pride.

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