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Nature is beautiful; nature is awesome. Nature is embodied with mind-blowing features. Every creature was wonderfully created by the creator; this is why in everyone, there are distinct features that makes one stands out.

Parts of the creatures of the world is the marine life. The waterbody is another world entirely; where different species of living organisms that have been naturally ordained to relate with the environment at ease find abode.

The most prominent creature living in any water body is the fish

The fish are naturally endowed with the adaptive features that make life very soothing to them inside the water. There are different types and classes of fishes; classification based on size, reproduction habit, physical appearance and other criteria.

The whale is one of the creatures living inside the water; it is a magnanimous creature and one of the bigwigs residing inside the water. There are different kinds of whale, classification solely based on their physical appearance. There are several facts about whale that are obscure to man; the facts are very distinct and only expressed by the whale family. They are:

  • The blue whale is the largest animal, both living and extinct: a notable feature of the whale is their size. Whale are very big animal; the blue whale is known to be the largest animal on earth, both living and extinct animals.
  • Its magnitude is about 140 tons with a length of about 100 feets. This is indeed awesome!
  • The tongue of a blue whale weighs as much as an elephant: Not only the body size, a mature elephant weighs about 6tons. You can never fathom the size of the tongue of a blue whale alone.
  • The blue whale has the largest heart in the world: The heart of an animal is the most important part in the animal’s body; the heart of a blue whale is about 1000 pounds, it has been exemplified to the beetle car. The aorta, a part of the heart that carries blood to other parts of the body, is so big that a baby can crawl through.
  • Fee Whale urinate fervently: Fee whale is another type of whale; this whale is characterized by incessant habit of passing out urine. Urine is estimated to be about 3 bathtubs per day.
  • Gestation period of a blue whale is about 2 years: Fish are prolific beings, they are known to give birth every season in a copious number. However, for the blue whale, their gestation period is about 2 years.
  • Most whale are surrounded by midwives as they give birth: This is very fascinating; whale are very compassionate and intelligent animal. They passionately surround the pregnant whale and watch her deliver of the young whale. They help the new born stay up for breathing while the mother recovers. What a laudable gesture!
  • A baby whale weighs as much as 100 men: An average man weighs about 60kg, meaning the baby whale would weigh about 600kg at birth. It is often about 7.5 meters long.
  • The blue whale is the loudest creature on earth: Aside from its humongous size, every activities of the blue whale is as much as its size. It’s vocalization is about 188 decibels; this can be heard at about 100 miles away. It is far louder than the jet which is just 140 decibels.
  • The blue whale has the longest penis in the world: The penis of a blue whale is the longest in the world; it is about 8 feet long but the southern right whale has the largest testes; A pair of the testes weighs about 1000kg
  • The humpback whale has its head and lower jaw covered with knobs called tubercles: Unlike other fish, whose body is covered with scale or gelatinous layers, the humpback whale has its head and lower jaw covered with tubercles; the tubercles are actually hair follicles.

These are some of the magnificent features of the whale; they are very large in height and size, their weight is actually unfathomable. They exhibit a great sense of humor, especially during birth. They are indeed an addition to the beauty of nature.

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