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To reach success their some things you must be willing to do. These days some people just want to be average or live an average life and not stand out too much. But those who are successful don’t fall under this category.

To stay on top always in what you do and reach the maximum level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules.

If you want success bad enough, you will get it. It is not luck, it doesn’t happen by accident. You have to work hard and give up some things to attain it.

Here are things successful people do away with to attain the success they want, retain the success.

1. They leave their comfort zone to work.

 Working in your comfort zone will not make you work at your full potential.

What is your comfort zone? Your comfort zone is defined as “A psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control, and experiences low anxiety.”

Being outside of your comfort zone simply means that, in order to grow, you should try new things and expand your horizons. It doesn’t mean that you should strive for a constant state of anxiety and stress.

When we are in our comfort zone, we do not take risks because we are comfortable.

Famous motivational speaker, Les Brown, said that, “If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”

2. They strive to take the lead in everything they do.

Robert Frost stated, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and  I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

There are two types of people in this world: leaders and followers. The successful ones are the ones who are leading the pack.

“You have probably heard the phrase “lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Nobody get successful by chance. You cannot follow somebody to the finish line, you have to paved your own path in life to get where you need to be.

3. They ensure they learn first before doing anything.

One of the things we do best is learning. There is this saying that says “no knowledge is wasted.”

Learning has a great benefit in all aspect of our life. Most successful people strive to continue learning new things and expanding on things they already know.

We must not stop learning because if we do, we can only settle with what we already know but if we settle with that then there is no way to expand our minds. We must never stop seeking new knowledge because our minds require learning for expansion.

What would have happened if Bill Gates stopped learning and growing? The internet would be much more primitive than it is today. But because he followed his dreams and continued growing, he founded one of the biggest companies in the world and it is still flourishing and growing today.

4. They don’t live based on the past but hope for a greater future.

As much as the past is something that can never change, we should also not want to change it because there are some lessons that without the past we would not have learnt it.

And without learning it, we will end up making mistakes over and over again until we learned the lesson that life is trying to teach us.

5. They make sure they get feedback where needed.

Feedback is important, because it gives you a different perspective on your current situation.

 Sometimes it is difficult to see answers to the situation you are in because of pressure or being scared. But when someone gives you feedback, it allows you to see something from the perspective of someone else.

To procrastinate on asking someone for feedback, you miss out on times and information that could be put towards accomplishing your dreams.

 The longer you wait, the harder it is to utilize advice that others can give you.

Elon Musk once said, “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you´re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

6. They enquire for advice.

Seeking advice is not always easy. We should not always think that we have the same opportunity as everyone else so we decide not to ask for advice, and try to figure it out ourselves.

 This could greatly limit us from reaching our full potential, because the advice we might be seeking could be something that somebody knows very well.

Richard Branson stated that, “When you need to make hard decisions, being able to discuss your ideas with entrepreneurs and business leaders who have solved similar problems can make all the difference.”

7. They focus on one thing that yields for them.

It is good to focus on one thing and do that one thing well do not multitask. Multitasking is known to actually decrease productivity. Only certain number of people possesses the multitasking skill.

Successful people are focused on one specific task and do that task to the best of their ability without interruption.

Multitasking, limits your ability to fully focus on one specific task at a time. Successful people utilize the talents and abilities that they have by focusing it on one task and one task only.

8. They stay away from negative people.

Joel Osteen once said, “You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.”

Negative people are success disturbers. They are very destructive to be around when it comes to achieving success.

There are so many situations that life throws at us and causes us to get down on ourselves or our situation but some people like to focus on this aspect of life the majority of the time.

Negative people have a way of infecting you and most times they make you to start seeing things the negative way and that makes you start losing sight of your dream.

Success is more about mindset than anything, and if you always have a negative mindset, life will reward you with negative outcomes to deal with. So if you wish you be successful, don’t focus on the negativity that others bring.

Successful requires focus and determination and most times successful people follow similar patternand it makes it easy to see why they are where they are.

They knew what they had to do in order to achieve their dreams and they did it. They didn’t let anyone or anything stop them from getting there.

You have the power in yourself to become one of those successful people you admire and look up to. it takes determination and focus.

9. They are truthful to themselves.

To be successful, you must learn to be truthful. You must tell yourself exactly what the situation is; Lying to yourself might be one of the easiest things for you to do.

The truth a times is hard to accept and when we are in difficult problems, we make excuses for them. Successful people understand that we will encounter problems, both internally and externally so they have prepared themselves for it.

But it is important to accept the problems that reside in our lives, rather than not dealing with them and lying to ourselves about them.

Steve Maraboli said, “Stop lying to yourself. When we deny our own truth, we deny our own potential.”

10. They concentrate on the big picture.

Focusing too much on the smaller details constricts your ability to see how everything ties together.

Most times, our lives hinge upon the connections that we make with others and with ourselves. We can get lost along the way, with distractions and other irrelevant things instead of the big picture and if we get lost in the small detail, it is like having missing pieces to a puzzle. How then can you solve the puzzle?

When life gives us seemingly endless opportunities, it is very easy to get lost in the small details. The small details are very easy for us to become focused on, thus causing us to miss out on the overall vision, also known as the “big picture”.

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