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1. As a Man, your societal value is directly proportional to your social status and ability to provide. Laziness is not an option.

2. A degree won’t make you rich. It only gives you an advantage over those without one. Learn a skill that helps you standout from thousands of other degree holders.

3. Don’t chase women, chase goals. Women will piggyback off of you, stand at the finish line and settle with men that have arrived (usually men much older than you). Focus on your goals!

4. You still have time to figure your life out. When you eventually win, everyone forgets how many failures it took— so, take your time.

5. Take care of yourself so you can be able to take care of those you love.

6. Don’t invest with emotions. Study facts, figures, and risks before you invest into any venture. Analyze!

7. Learn to say “No” when you have to— It’ll save you a lot of stress and regrets.

8. Travel. To a different city, state, country. Just travel, you’ll learn a lot by doing so.

9. The easiest way to live a miserable life is by settling with the wrong partner. Choose wisely.

10. If you’re lucky to have any/both your parents around— don’t be too busy to spend time with them. Life is short.

© Maxwell Omada, 2021

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