10 most lucrative Business Ideas in U.S

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It is very imperative everyone has one or more sources of sustenance; business is a relevant part of existence and it is very cogent that it actually defines an individual. Being employed is great but being an employer is greater; obviously, everyone cannot be an employer.

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Some have to work as an employee; this is now it has been predestined.

However, who is going to be an employer or employee?

This question looks rhetoric but the reality is; we do not know and for this reason, we have to strive and make a way for ourselves before destiny prevails. Everyone has one or more business ideas but only few have the privilege to execute and put their plans into action. The rest, probably due to some unforeseen circumstances, they gave up on their ideas.

Business ideas are good and natural but the practicality is what people lack; feasible business ideas fizzle out on a daily basis. As the generation changes, new ideas come up; which are relevant to the present age. The location of a place also determines the viability of any business idea, thus, to achieve success in any business the location has to, naturally, favours the business. Business idea that works in the US might apparently fail here in Nigeria.

The US, we know, is a nation of possibility; people troop in on a daily basis to enjoy the economic benefits of this nation. Some go to work, while others actually initiate a business owing to the conducive environment therein. There are many business ideas that can thrive greatly in the US; these ideas are what people lack over there. If put to action, am sure they will feather one’s nest; they are:

  1. Fast food/ Restaurant business

You will definitely agree with me on this, food is very essential and welcome. Food business in the US is a very lucrative business; especially when you serve indigenous foods, be sure of having heavy traffic of customers to attend to on your business days. This business will pay your bills regularly and you will stay afloat always. Have a feasible business plan and tractable feasibility study to get your business started.

  1. Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rentals and leasing

There are many companies in the US, both small, medium and large scale, operating with the need of one or two equipment or machinery. These equipment and machinery are not always cheap and at times, very expensive to procure for the business. Especially, if they are used occasionally. If you have the financial strength to procure these equipment and machineries, you can actually buy and put it up for rental for these companies to rent and use on a fix charge. It is huge investment with promising return.

  1. General Cleaning services.

One of the most important aspect of life is cleanliness; a dirty environment is a displeasing one. A normal human being abhors a dirty environment, everywhere has to be kept clean and conserved. In the US, everyone is always busy with one or two economic activities; if you are thinking of initiating this kind of business, it is a laudable and plausible one. You will actually break even in the US, you can clean houses, work places at a particular amount. Have a well detailed business plan and put all to action.

  1. Real estate agency

This is another lucrative business on earth; housing is another basic need of life. Everyone needs an abode; there are some people in the US who are derelicts and needs a place to keep their head. You can be a real estate agent and proffer solutions to this problem; devise economic friendly packages to ensure everyone coming to you has a roof on their head irrespective of their financial capability. With this, the little charges you earn will become huge as time flies.

  1. Pedicure/ Manicure business

The care for the body is very important; people spend huge amount of dollars to ensure their body looks stunning always. The care of the body parts especially the fingers and toes is very important; the professionals on the field are hard to come by, it looks very difficult to get one but their service is very relevant. If you are lucky to have this skill then you will make it in the US.

  1. Horticulture/ Gardening business

This is another lucrative business; the cultivation and sale of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers to the populace is a very nice business idea, provided there is an action plan to back it up. Everyone craves for fresh delicacy; but in the US, processed foods are very common. Not that they really love to eat such but the supply of fresh foods is very low compare to the demand. If you have the resources to materialize this idea, it would be very great to see it on operation. You can earn huge sum of income from it.

  1. Dog walking and training

Though, sounds ridiculous but it has turned many to millionaires. Dog training and walking is a very lucrative business. The US is one of those countries with high population of dogs, mostly as pets. These pets are domesticated indoor but they need to be trained for them to adapt well into the society. As a dog trainer, you get paid on a monthly basis, your job is mainly to look after the dogs and make them feel lively and welcoming. It is a very lofty business and needs critical attention.

  1. Sales of books

The sale of books is also a very lofty business idea, people read a lot over there and are ready to pay any price for knowledge. If you have a good network for the business, you will definitely break even. You don’t need to have an outlet for a start, you can start as a mobile book seller and as the business grows, you get an outlet. Books are relevant these days and people are reading, especially in the US.

  1. Interior decorator

Here is another nice business idea you can actually convert into a stream of cash. There are magnificent buildings in the US, but the interior of the building also needs to look stunning. Most times, the structure of a building is the only beautiful thing about the building; the interior is always displeasing. If you have the creative mind to get a house a vibrant appearance, giving the visitors a warm welcome, then you can make money in the US.

  1. Jewelry making

This is a nice business idea too, this skill of jewelry making is very productive. Everyone loves to look good but not everyone can actually pay the price for luxurious jewelries. However, there are some locally made ones, that are more vibrant and very stunning with a low price. This calls for a lot of creativity; if you have the skill, you can make it big in the US. People will always patronize you provided, what you are dishing out is creatively made and cheap.

All these ideas are indeed lofty ones, for any business-minded fellow; ideas are dormant if they are not put into action. A pragmatic action plan has to back any business idea for it to see the light of the day.

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