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PS: Before you scroll on to read this kindly note that this may not conform to the way and manner your village people have conditioned you to lord over your wife as the Igwe of the home. 
You may kindly skip this message now and go wear your crown somewhere else. 

This address is to supernatural husbands who understand the depth of headship according Ephesians 5, men who understand that headship is first SERVANTHOOD.

1. No matter what, do all you can not to eat anything heavy at work 2-3 hours before you get home. 
This is so you can have enough room to eat your wife’s food. It hurts her so much to put so much effort into making something greet for her king only for you to come home saying you are already full. 
She may not show this hurt expressively in words or even in actions, but her heart bleeds. 

So eat all you can at work if you have to, but endeavour to fast for your wife’s food 3 hours before home time. Okay?

2. Don’t assume. Don’t take her by some certain surprise.

Not all ‘coming home’ surprises are cool. 
For instance Don’t stop by the road to buy fufu without asking, only to get home and find out she already made some fine eba waiting for you on the dinning. 
Always call to ask, can I buy some fufu? 
Call to ask if she cooked before stopping by Kilimanjaro on your way home, these little things matter so much to a woman, knowing that you value her cooking more than one jollof rice out there cooked with white maggie.

3. When you get home and meet your wife cooking, no matter how tired you are, always ask if there is anything you can do to help.

 This is the point where the Igwe’s will sit down and cross their legs. 
But for supernatural husbands we always want to help.

Helping her with turning eba is a blessing. 
Things as little as rinsing the dishes goes a long way with your tired self. If you are not a man of the kitchen no problem, ask her if there is anything else you can do outside the kitchen while she’s cooking. 
Nobody will laugh at you for being a help to your help. The best leaders serve!

4. Be Quick to Forgive your Wife: It can actually be very disturbing and frustrating to hear people say, you did this, last week, last month, even last year, you did the same thing, the worse of all is, some will say, 5years ago, you did the same thing, this is really bad, do not keep memory of wrong doings of your spouse.

It will shock you that after a while of keeping those memory, you will begin to develop bitterness towards your spouse and hatred will set in, any time she’s about to commit an offense, you will magnify it, because your heart is set on her weakness, this can never help our marriage get any better. It takes strength to forgive, forgiveness is not weakness, it is actually strength, and i mean, forgive and forget, don’t be counting all she as done against you, she’s your wife, she is not your enemy!!

5. Always make a budget for the unusual.

What this means is, plan to bring something special home once a week, or once in two weeks depending on your ability.
 Every couple need date nights, but let’s be honestly, when you factor in traffic and stress, it’s enough to want to discourage you from going out. 
So do the opposite instead, bring home takeout. Stop by ying yang and bring home Chinese,  or do some pizza.
 Just come home with something that cannot be easily made at home. Make a budget for it, we always have money for the things that matter to our heart. 

6. Pray Together: Have told many people in the cause of my counselling sessions, if you do not pray together with your wife or husband alike, you are the number one problem of your own life, you have given the enemy a cheap access into your marriage, cheap access to come and afflict you and oppress you, i have seen men come under the influence of spell and enchantment to fall in love with strange women, some will leave their own wife and join themselves to a mother of 2 with failed marriage or so, it’s terrible, we live in a spiritual and wicked world, you must be fully armed if you must take charge.

7. Study the Bible Together : Nothing changes people like the word of God, when you are far away from scriptures, you have opened door to be oppressed and afflicted, you have also open door to walking error, it amazing how many people live their life doing the wrong thing and they feel, it’s okay and normal, since everybody is doing it.

I remember in a church, oastored by a friend of mine, he said, one day, a woman came to meet him in the office and to,d hi, how that the husband is cheating on her, (the husband is also a member of the church) and she confronted the husband, and the man said, its no big deal, afterall i didn’t marry a second wife, so you can enjoy it at home, let the other person enjoy it out there, this is nothing but error, and such happens when people are far from the word of God, the Word suppose to be a guide to our lifestyle, character, habit and decision making.

8. Help Develop Your Wife : This is another truth that we must be embraced, it is not good that 5years or even more into your marriage, your wife is still at the same level, this is bad, help her get better, if she needs to get a degree, let her do so, if she needs to get or learn a skill/trade, enlist her in an apprenticeship program, don’t be comfortable with complacency, be deliberate about improvement and development, have zero pleasure in mediocrity, there are women who are very lazy, you can impact her anc change that nature by helping her to be hard working and productive like you are.

9. Be Faithful ; We living in a generation, where it seems the devil is making it more and more difficult for people to remain faithful to their partner, this is so wrong!!

MArriage is not for small boys, if you can not stay faithful don’t marry, don’t cause pressure for your wife, women are fragile, look at the burden and responsibility that comes with been married, from childbirth, pregnancy, child upbringing and many more, if she had to add the mental disturb of her unfaithful husband to it, then she may spend the rest of her life in jeopardy and regret, this is not the will of God for a Christian marriage, your home is meant to be a blessing to your wife first, your marriage is not design to be a burden, it is not meant to be endued, it is meant to be enjoyed.

The 10th marriage hack every supernatural husband should have is CREATIVITY.
 Because no two marriages are the same, we all come in our uniqueness,  this means you are going to have to figure out what works best for your marriage and try to work on it intentionally. We cannot teach everything. 
Many husband get so boring and their marriage becomes stale too soon because they stop building, they stop chasing, what’s the need pursuing her right?
 Afterall she’s already your wife. This mentality right here is a divorce enzyme, it speeds up the frustration in any marriage. Flee from it.
Anything to keep your marriage flourishing, right?  
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