10 things Nigeria achieved in the past 2 years


Despite its many challenges, Nigeria does make progress, and sometimes a lot of it.

Here are some facts to delight your day and encourage you:

1- For six years Nigeria has not had a commercial air crash. This a major shift from what was used to happen multiple times yearly.
This is a result of over 153 strategic projects done by the ministry of Aviation. Some of these projects have inciuded safety systems graining some Nigerian airports the highest global safety standards.
In fact for the first time I can remember, a Nigerian airport recently won an international award in its category.

2- Yesterday, according to the world poverty clock, Nigeria relinquished the obnoxious toga of world poverty capital. According to the report, Nigeria moved from 87 million to 70 million people living in abject poverty.
Still a very large number but certainly a move in the right direction.

3- Yesterday, the International maritime Bureau removed Nigeria from the list of global piracy hot spots, noting a 77%improvement in maritime safety. This a direct effect of the Israeli coastal maritime security initiative and the efforts on the armed forces and social institutions.

4- Last week the Global Terror Index announced 2021 as recording the lowest in terror for Nigeria since 2011.
The report said Boko Haram killings reduced by 72%.
Nigeria moved from world number three to number six, a major jump considering that Nigeria was at one time had the world’s number one terror group.
Another step in the right direction thanks to the authorities and security agencies.

5- Three days ago, the latest reports show the Second Niger bridge was officially linked from end to end.
It is the largest project in the history of the South East of Nigeria and one of the largest in Nigerian history. It fills a 55 year need.
This bridge is one of Nigerias most important and strategic projects considering the regions it connects and the volume of trade, investment and social traffic it facilitates.

6- Following the Russia Ukraine War, Europe is now turning to Africa for gas. Guess what?
Nigeria has been busy with the multi billion dollar AKK pipeline which runs from the gas fields in the South to the North and eventually onwards to Morocco and Europe.
Perfect timing!
Indeed contrary to prevalent narratives Nigeria does sometimes display visionary thinking.


7- Nigeria has introduced a program for those in the Diaspora to be able to get mortgage loans and buy at home in Nigeria.

8- At 3.4% growth in 2021, the Nigerian economy had its best growth since first quarter 2014.
In addition, by a wide margin, this result beats IMF estimates of about 2.7% for that year.

9- In 2021, the Nigerian armed forces was rated among one of the most improved globally, ranking very high on the acquisition of new equipment, training and capacity building.

10- Lastly, instead of going broke as many economists predicted, Nigeria stands to rake in billions of naira every day owing to crude oil prices.

Nigerias 2022 budget was planned with a $ 62 a barell benchmark, today oil prices are double that amount.
Given its recent history of commiting over N 8 trillion to infrastructure projects and its embarking of over $ 50 billion with of infrastructure development, more money will mean more development of modern infrastructure, which will translate to more jobs and more opportunities.

Indeed, many times Nigeria falters and yes Nigeria can do much better, but being unaware of these positive developments puts a lot of Nigerians in a disasvantage as it prevents them from doing their bit to be positioned to benefit from these things.

A balanced perspective is strategic.
When perspective is balanced, we are able to become strategic participants by investing in Nigeria.
On the other hand when perspective is predominantly negative, we get discouraged, turn away and relinquish the opportunities to others including Chinese, Lebanese, Indians and South Africans who till tomorrow are still reaping billions from Nigeria

May God bless the Federal Republic of 🇳🇬 Nigeria.


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