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10 Things the Anointing will do in your Life -Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 5 (Part 3)
Royalty is our heritage in Christ. 1st Peter 2:9. David supernaturally ascended the throne after he was anointed. 1st Samuel 16:13.

The anointing empowers us for supernaturally enthronement. Our kingship and our reigning on earth is a function of the anointing. Revelations 5:10. Our royalty will only take full course when the anointing of the Holy Ghost is our lives.

Anointing has the capacity to destroy inferiority complex and reinstate your royalty. When I appear anywhere in the world I don’t have a complex, I am not kidding, no matter where. I am privileged to travel round the world, when I appear anywhere I have no complex.

I will shake you and if you say I am from Nigeria can you help me, I will reply them that I need to help you. I have met who is who in the world. I have sat beside an American president, no complex rather they were taking round the whole complex. Please, anointing has power.
Today, someone’s royalty will emerge.
The anointing upon you today, people have despised you in the past, after this anointing today they will host you with a red carpet.
Your royalty will be seen by all.
I am speaking to someone who was despised, before this meeting is over. They will give you a red carpet treatment.


1st Samuel 10:1. The anointing makes the captain out of captives. A captain is a commander, the one in charge of the realm of affairs.

When the anointing comes, people stop grieving you, they start greeting you, when you issue a decree even the devil is forced to obey. From today what you say will become a law.

From today what you say, Heaven will back you up. When you say go it will be so.
Become the captain over any issue of life.

Very uncommon. Isaiah 45:1-3. Why did God call us anointed? That is not for today’s teaching.
Some nations have been so tough for you, some of you even getting a date for a visa interview has been difficult. Today, that nation will give you a date.
I decree that no gate will be shut against you. If God goes before you, can anybody shut the door?
From today anywhere you appear, doors will be opening. Before you go for your business they will be waiting for you.
Before you arrive they will be waiting for you in the name of jesus.
All obstacles will be broken.

The anointing enables us to destroy barriers on our oath and grant us access to uncommon breakthroughs.

There are some heights that naturally you can obtain but when the anointing of God comes upon you, it takes you up, gives you divine enablement for supernatural speed. It places you on high and you become unstoppable.

Whatever barrier may be standing against your breakthrough, I command it to be destroyed right now.
That barrier that made them not to approve your paper, your immigration paper has not been approved for years. Today, that barrier is broken.
Hear this, one of our new pastors in the United States who started to be a pastor, his younger sister in the UK nearly committed suicide because after so many years they refuse to give her paper, so she drank to kill herself. They came to the conclusion that instead of her dying they would rather bring her back to Nigeria. Then, this God whom we serve stepped in, the testimony was shared. Just as I am prophesying, the thing they thought they could never give to her came and was approved in 2 days.
Against all natural laws. Today she is a full French citizen.
Listen, I decree anywhere they have stopped you, I command those gates open now.
Anywhere they said no the doors are opening now in the name of Jesus.


Every child of God is bound to enjoy favour, it is favour that ends labour. In the world they have a labour union but in the kingdom we have a favour union.

Labour is suffering, Peter laboured and when Jesus met him he was favoured. Labour is about suffering, you will agitate before they increase your salary.

But favour you don’t agitate no riot, for thou oh Lord will bless the righteous with favour. Nothing stops the door of favour when the anointing is upon you. They will call you and desire to bless you.
After today people will see you and desire to bless you.
1st Samuel 10:1,3, 4. They were carrying three loaves of bread and another was carrying a bottle of oil. How can a stranger take two and they themselves took one? It should have been the other way round, they should have given him one and they took two. But they give him a bigger portion.
From today anywhere you enter, favour will change your story.
Prosperity is by favour, after you sow seed you need to be favoured. When anointing comes upon a man they stop grieving you, they start greeting you, you become dignified, you start to enjoy honour and respect. Anywhere there is favour there is honour from today they will call you alias favour.

I honestly enjoy favour everywhere. If you travel with me you will laugh, I am a very funny person.

One day I was in Washington DC and I was in the line waiting as a visitor, they have a citizen and visitors line separately. So, I stood in the visitors line as usual, I didn’t dress anything close to a pastor, I just dressed like any other person.

I was standing in the middle and the border woman on duty beckoned me to come and I brought out my passport to let her know, I showed her again and she still said I should come. She removed the rope and said go that way. She ushered me to the citizens line, she didn’t say I should queue, she said I should go to the front.

Everybody was frowning their faces. The way the woman gave the order you will know she is the most senior person. The man looked at me and saw who gave the order, he didn’t ask me any question.

He said you’re welcome when are you leaving? I said Friday he said that’s all and he stamped.

But when I got to the Church in Maryland I asked if it was possible for a foreigner to be on a citizen line. They said no. So, even the Church people did not believe, sometimes you can say amen in unbelief. I told them that I entered their country from a citizen’s line. All of them kept quiet.
Protocols will be broken, laws will be suspended. You will be favoured in the name of Jesus.
Please, don’t play down favour in your life.

I went with a young man of blessed memory, he went with me to London, he held my passport, I held his own passport and we got to the immigration. The man asked me who is that? Because that is my passport, they just granted us access.

The man said Papa I will be travelling with you. This is the first time I am entering the UK and they didn’t ask me when I am returning back? He said is that how you travel? He said they will ask him a series of questions on a normal ground, when are you going? What are you here for?

Say with me favour.
I have enjoyed favour. I can’t count them all. My testimony of favour is plenty. They will charter aircraft and they won’t carry the person it was meant for and they will carry me, it was when I was still a young minister, so that you don’t say I am well known. Myself and my wife will be travelling and preparing to board on Sosoliso plane that can block your ear and they will usher us into a private plane and they will ask us are we okay? Of course, why will we not be okay?
From today what you have never qualified for will be given to you.
What you didn’t lobby for will come to you.
Psalm 45:8,9,12. This means that people that matter will fall upon themselves to favour you.
After today the rich will begin to look for you.
Job 10:12. God will give you two things: life and favour. When God favours you, emptiness becomes the thing of the past, he will also compel people who don’t know you to favour you.
Israel laboured for 430 years. Exodus 3:21-22, 12:35-36. God favoured them one night and their emptiness ended, so favour eliminates emptiness. The entire wealth of Egypt was handed to them in one night by favour.
You’ve toiled all these years, they have stolen all the things that belong to your forefathers. This night is your night of restoration. Favour will make those things come to you.
Daniel 1:9. He favoured him and everybody loved him.
Let me say this, if you have enjoyed favour even sinners will like you. That you’re saying they don’t like you because you’re a Church man is because favour is not on you.

When Pharaoh blessed Joseph he did not even know his father’s name, it was when he was in his palace later that Joseph introduced his father to him. So, he didn’t ask him who his father was? He had no voting card, he was not qualified to register as a voter and favour located him.

Where you didn’t think of, before this year is over you will be there.
Can I say this to you, property and lands they come by favour. How many people know? If you don’t believe it, please believe it. You don’t have to save to buy. Psalm 44:3.
Studio, can you show the Alabama property?

Listen, the Alabama property, some of you have seen it, some of you have not seen it. This whole property in Birmingham Alabama was handed to Salvation Ministries by favour. A whole property of millions of dollars.

When we were to sign the documents they told us to pay only one dollar ($1) because you have to pay something for legal purposes, then we said let us pay ten dollars ($10). The whole of this property was given to us for free.

In case you’re new, it is in America not in s local place. It was given with all the accessories, nothing was removed. Everything was for free.
Hello! The next property shall come to you by favour.
As we are talking now, they are holding service there right now with Salvation Ministries sign post.
What God will do in your life, I don’t care who is angry he will do it.
You will get the next property by favour in the name of Jesus. No matter how rich I am, favour is part of it. Solomon was rich but they were still coming to give him gifts. So, one of the signs that you’re a child of God is more gift. The queen of Sheba came to give him a gift with his wealth. Before this month is over, something surprising will come to you, something outstanding will come to you.
The next estate, the next property will come to you by favour. In case somebody is doubting, look at us and you’re where the thing is happening. Listen, when Saul entered the environment of the anointing, the anointing of the environment rubbed on him, the anointing of favour upon this commission drops on you now in the name of Jesus.
Favour is powerful, i have never been to Birmingham Alabama, the people that gave us the property i don’t know them. I have never met them, but anytime I go I will meet them.

The problem with people is that they doubt God too much, they will start thinking how it will happen. Do you know I am an elementary school teacher? Papa has been talking about favour since, it is not for people like us who are at the grassroots of life. My friend stop doubting God.

Look, I came with all my heart to minister today, if you want to doubt, doubt yourself.
But to those who believe God will surprise you this year in the name of Jesus.

You command attention with attraction. Look at Solomon in 1st Kings 1:34,39,40. Solomon was anointed. No king was greater than Solomon. Matthew 12:42b. As the father sent him so he sent us, so if the world was at attention for Solomon, we are greater than him, the anointing compels even the most prominent people in the world to take note of you. When you appear anywhere, they will take note of you.
When you stand, people will want to know you.
We were in North Carolina for the funeral of Billy Graham, where we stood. Everybody wanted to know who I am. Prominent people in the gospel and business were there. Somebody invited me and said can you just stay one day, I said is it a Sunday, I am not coming, that is a man of God who the whole world respects. I said Sunday, no way. You know there are people looking for that kind of opportunity. I said for me to leave Sunday.

He said can’t you leave one Sunday for the United States. This is a man everybody knows, I won’t call his name. He was asking for just 1 Sunday. I didn’t go to him, he walked up to me.

Hello! That is what anointing does, it makes everybody want to know you. After today, even in your obscurity God will bring you into the limelight. You’re greater than Solomon.
After this service you will become a center of attraction.

A young lady somebody will marry you from this service. Somebody will marry you in this service. A young man here, they will see you for favour after this service.
9) It Guarantees Total Recovery.
Whatever you have lost can be recovered when the anointing comes upon you. 1st Samuel 10:2. Loss goes into extinction when the anointing comes upon you.
Whatever you have lost in life after this anointing you will recover it back.
Everything you have lost shall be recovered after now, even the years you have lost shall be recovered after now.
The property you lost you will recover them right now.
The money you lost you will recover them right now.
The honour and dignity you lost will be recovered right now. Whatever you lost shall be recovered right now in the name of Jesus.
Oh my God! What a night. The anointing destroys stagnation and compels progress. 1st Samuel 10:3, that means no more retrogression, it is progression and progression. Can’t you see what God is doing, it has been from one glory to another. From night of glory to 5 nights of glory to glory reign by next year we must have covered many places.

Life is supposed to be progressive, you can’t stay in one chaos for 5 years. Today that yoke is broken. By the time you come this time next year you will have moved far.

The Church has gone far, your business has gone far and your own life will go far.

Say I will make progress after today’s anointing, no more stagnation in my life in the name of Jesus. God will change your level. You have been around thousands enter million. You have been around millions enter multi millions.

You have been around multimillion enter into billions in the name of Jesus.

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