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Ogboni, also known as Osugbo in Ijèbú, is an indigenous fraternity of Yoruba people, this society is a gigantic one that takes part in virtually all the affairs of human, ranging from political affairs, religion and other functions. Its inmates are noble and affluent personality of the Yoruba race.

People have different perceptions and notions about this fraternity club, some feel its sacred while some feel its profane. Here are some facts you need to know about Ogboni fraternity:

  1. Ogboni fraternity is a secret society: Ogboni is the oldest secret society in Nigeria, today we have other secret and dreadful societies like Illuminati, Aiye, Eiye, Alora and others. All these are progenies of ogboni. Brotherhood is the motto of this society, the love the members have for each other unfathomable. They can go extra mile to protect the interest of each other.

In September 1959,  a Nigerian journalist by name Nelson Ottah, conducted a research using Ogboni as a case study. After the completion of his research, he conclude by saying;

“ The secrets of the Ogboni are closely-guarded from the uninitiated. Laws of morality for the Ogbonis are derived from the Earth and the ancestors and not the gods (orishas). Ogbonis worship and sanction the Earth as a Spirit and protect their secrets from external inquiry. They believe that the Earth existed before the gods and the Ogboni cult, before the kingship. Some believe that the Ogbonis are so old that they came before the earliest inhabitants of Yorubaland. For the Ogbonis: ‘The eyes should see, the ears should hear but the mouth must be silent.”

“A member of the Ogboni Fraternity, for example, is always safe in an office in which a fellow member is in charge. Inefficiency won’t lose him a job. Neither will insurbodination. He is safe in every possible way, as long as the big man at the head of his department is a member of the Ogboni Fraternity too, and takes his membership more seriously than his job. He could even steal from his employers and get away with it, because the police would not be called in without the sanction of the head of his department, with whom he is in cahoots by reason of their membership of the Ogboni Fraternity”

  1. Ogboni has its own communication pattern: In any society, communication is key, it is one of the features that make them different from the populace. The members of Ognoni fraternity have a particular way they commute, this is contrary to the conventional communication pattern. This communication pattern is in form of signs and not utterances, they are secretive as they can only be deciphered by Ogboni members only. Not only to converse but the signs serve as an identity of each member.

Ottah recounted; “…even in court I have seen a member of the Ogboni Fraternity, brought up to the dock between two policemen, look around casually and then knock loudly three times on some resonant surface. That is an Ogboni sign. Who was he trying to influence by showing that he was a member. Perhaps he had never met the police prosecutor before, and perhaps he thought that the prosecutor was a member who might help him by presenting his crimes more leniently than otherwise to the court…”

The sign sighted above is one of the numerous signs of the Ogboni. Ogboni has a distinct handshake that is different from the common one, to greet an ogboni member , you use the left hand to shake, you extend one forward and extend one in the middle.

This is referred to as the sacred handshake of the Ogbonis and it means that all the members are bred and suckle from the breast of the Great Mother. 

  1. Theory of the left: In the Ogboni society, the left is key. All their rites are done giving left preference. Their handshake is done with their left hands and their dance steps are oriented towards the left. An Ogboni elder explained this saying:

‘The right is used by humans, the left is for the gods‘.

  1. Supernatural women are behind Ogboni: As it is commonly said, behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. There are prominent women of ages behind the ogboni, they include; the Ajes, Awon Iyami Oshoronga, Iya Mapo, Iya Nla, Edan (aka Iya Aye) and other prominent female member.
  2. Inversion (Odi): This is another concept endearing to the Ogboni as they are accustomed to wearing their ceremonial clothes inside out. It seems ridiculous but this is just their culture
  1. The love of “3”: The ogboni so much give special preference to 3 amidst other numerals, This buttresses why they use three concentric rings or circles as one of their symbols.
  1. Ogboni has huge impact on Yoruba race: Though Ogboni is an indigenous Yoruba society, it has also played a great role in the reform of Yorubaland. the Ogboni used its power to curb the members of the Oyo Mesi from asking the Alaafin to commit suicide. Also, the Ogbonis checkmated the excessive use or abuse of power by the Oyo Mesi.

the Ogbonis also played a great role in the reform of places like Egba, Ijebu, Egbado and its environ before the 19th century. They control and corrected the mischievous attitude of the rulers of this places.

It is worth noting that Alafin Atiba brought Ogboni into Oyo state in the year 1837

  1. The scope of Edan: Edan is in form of a pendant and made of brass. It is a common custom among the ogboni to use brass. It is used for their shrine furniture. It is noted that brass signifies incorruptible. Another fascinating thing that needs to be mentioned is the making of . Edan Ogboni. This material  can only be made by blacksmiths who have had children because it is believed that the making of Edann requires complex rituals, incantations and spells which  can affect the potency of younger men. Edan is usually used as chain and its an identity of all Ogboni members.
  2. The Ogboni is ubiquitous: Truly, it originated for Nigeria among the Yoruba’s but today, it is everywhere and has gone viral. Ogboni is now across the world. Its membership is open to both male and female but predominantly male.
  3. The law of Nigeria clearly states that any member of any fraternity cult cannot hold any leadership position, this implies that any member of the ogboni cannot take part in Nigeria politics.

The Truth is, you need to know that there is no benefits in been a member of ogboni fraternity, it is a very useless thing to do, it is a good way to waste your life and destiny, both here on earth and in eternity, i encourage you today, to give your Life to Jesus Christ, that is the only source of true and reliable power and confidence needed to make the most of your life on earth and end up with God in heaven.

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