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Facebook is known to be one of the biggest and growing social media currently with some kind of unique features, and has about 1.3billion users.

  1. CHANGING YOUR NAME TO SOMETHING ELSE, this has really been one of the most annoying sort of things you can’t just tell to on Facebook, we will now have to start searching for your picture before we know whether it is you, how can you imagine calling yourself SLAY MAMA, SLAY PAPA, OLORI SLAY, KING SLAY etc… on your account, and I will just start imagining if mankind as reach its lowest limit, because I don’t know how you want us to start looking for if we really need to chat you up or quickly ask you something. What we know you for yesterday is CICI SLAY and today is now MUMMY SLAY for cry out aloud, if not for anything pity those that are you friend at least save them the time to start searching for your picture.
  2. TAGGING PEOPLE UNNECESSARILY, I am a very huge victim of this particular part of the whole issues, how can you just choose to be a disturber to someone’s page, yeah we all know you are a fan of snapping pictures anywhere you go and it is nice you just snap and flaunt the pictures on your page, but why disturbing your friend’s page, who probably is not with you in the picture or at the place, can we just have peace of mind on our page. If it is not relating to me or concerns me then why should you tag me unnecessarily on the post? I tell you you’ve getting many people annoyed with this unknowingly.
  3. ADVERTISING YOUR EMOTIONS, this has been one of the most rampant attitude on Facebook, many has cultivated the attitude of expressing their emotion via social media. And the truth is that there is no sale for anyone’s emotion. If you have a broken heart or you have a broken situation and all sort of, the next thing to do is not to post them online. There are some matters that are supposed to be confidential not posted online. Exposing it won’t bring the solution but there should be an aspect of you taking it to yourself and think out for solution, rather than giving access to mockers or people that are not even happy with your stuffs initially.
  4. POSTING PICTURES TO INTENDING TO MAKE PEOPLE ENVIOUS, many do this unconsciously but we cannot over write the fact some still do this intentionally. It is good thing that you got an admission and we are happy that you finally made it to university, or visiting a new place, now we have your pictures on Facebook every now and then, picture in lecture theatres, pictures in laboratory, pictures in your dean, H.O.D, V.C office, pictures at senate building. As a matter of fact you’ve been making your friends get sick of this if you don’t know, and trust me you been making people without admission feeling like something else, I don’t say you shouldn’t post pictures about your school but don’t be too excessive with it.
  5. POST COPY AND PASTE STATUS UPDATES, sometimes my news feed is just stuck with different type of posts both unnecessary and necessary post, many are found of coping and pasting all sorts of news, I do wonder if people are not going through what they are even posting, as a matter of not every news or updates on internet is not always real, don’t just bang on every post and share, it makes you looks like a fool, do your proper finding before copying and pasting anything.
  6. POSTING PICTURES SNAPPED IN THE TOILET, this makes me feel very more like hmm! Who does that? You visited ShopRite or a hotel and the best place you felt you could snap is the toilet, that’s kind of disgusting to me, I don’t know if you’re feeling the same. It is not even an issue to snap there, but posting it in on Facebook that’s not fashionable enough.
  7. THING THAT COULD PUT YOUR PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL SECURITY AT RISK, things like your mother maiden name, telephone number, your full home address and stuffs very important should not be posted o Facebook.
  8. CURSE WORDS, sometimes it may look to you as if it is not funny, but trust me not everyone see it as a funny thing you just have to be very careful with what you post, just a single or one slip of word may spoil your reputation, your need to be very careful with how you use words, you don’t know who might visit your page.
  9. TOO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT SOMETHING, some people has even take Facebook to be something else, they come there to say all sorts of things about their relationship, family, work, health, how much they hate their job and all sorts, this things are to be confidential.
  10. OTHER PEOPLES BIG NEWS, you are not the one to let it out, you are not to be the one to upload or post it, you might be privilege to have it but you don’t know if they want people to know about it, so let people share their big news or anything themselves, not you.

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