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Nigeria is a nation of many virtues; the environment facilitates the exploration of all kinds of business ideas. She has flexible policies that favor any business opportunity, irrespective of the kind or nature of the business. There are some ways one can make money in Nigeria without much ado; all it require is the fore-sight and tractable feasibility study. Here are some ways one can make money in Nigeria;

  • Eatery and Restaurant Business

Owing to the busy nature of Nigerians, eating at home seems herculean; they prefer a fast food joint to keep them fit for the day’s activities.

Eatery business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Nigeria is a populous country where about 70% Nigerians work up to their eyebrows for survival.

Most Nigerian workers eat breakfast, lunch and at times dinner, in cases where they have to work till the eleventh hour at their respective workplace, outside their home. The teenagers and youth, both boys and girls, prefer eating out; especially in Lagos state, the heart of Nigeria.  

With a restaurant or eatery business in Nigeria, you can make regular and steady income; especially when your outlet is located in the urban area of Nigeria, you are sure of making cool money. However, Nigerians love decent places; they can pay any price so far the vicinity of the eatery beacons their curiosity. Ensure your outlet is decent and vibrant, they will travel miles to start a day from your eatery.

  • Tutorial

Education is a very prominent priority in Nigeria; managing tutorial classes is another creative way to make money in Nigeria; it brings regular income and respect. By the virtue of the busy schedule of Nigerian parents, they need a place to keep their wards busy pending their arrival from their respective work place. A tutorial center is a good avenue to serve this purpose. Parents see tutorial as an avenue to keep their wards upright intellectually.

Also, supplementation of school work with tutorial classes is a tradition amongst Nigerian students. They view tutorial classes as a place to fine-tune what they have been taught in school over the week. They implore their parent to give them this opportunity.

With a good tutorial structure, you can make good money in Nigeria.

  • Relaxation centers

It is a custom in Nigeria that after a tedious day, probably at work or during the odd hours of the day, they tend to chill out at a center to shed off tensions and pressures accrued over the day. Relaxation center is a want for Nigerians. A lively place where all sort of merriments and jokes are cracked, with music oozing out from every corner of the center, a place where friends meet to have fun before returning home to their family.

Nigerians spend huge in relaxation centers. Relaxation centers are good and promising sources of money for anyone in Nigeria.

  • Mini importation business

Everyone craves for classy and quality goods in Nigeria, especially the fairer sex. Mini importation of clothing, accessories and household material is a lucrative business that can fetch you cool money within a short period, provided you understand your market and your audience. Shoes and bags thrive best if your target audience are the ladies; however, for men, shoes and belts are common. Household utensils like fridge, pots and the likes are good to start with. You can make good money in Nigeria with mini importation business.

  • A school business

A school is a long term investment that can turn you to a millionaire within a short period in Nigeria. School business thrives better in Nigeria; Nigerian parents value education so much and crave for standardized education.

If you want to make money in Nigeria, consider a school business and let standard be your focal point. Standard in terms of structure and function; Nigerians will patronize you, irrespective of your location. However, school is best in an urban area to get more audience. Get qualified personnel to man your duties diligently, this credits the school profile, thus, luring more students to the school.   

Also, your fee should be affordable and competitive; device a payment system which makes payment convenient for the parents. These are what you should garner and put in your system.

  • Transportation

The humongous population of Nigeria makes transportation business a very lucrative one in the country. The high population of Nigeria and the conducive means of transportation, in terms of good roads and friendly policies, make transportation very lucrative in Nigeria. Nigerians love to use commercial transport; most of them cannot conveniently drive to their workplace, especially during huge traffic situation. Commuters make good money in Nigeria; it is a huge investment and a passive way to money in Nigeria.

The roads, being a major tool of the business, are in good conditions, thus, reducing the risk of accidents with the aid of various officials that coordinate and maintain orderliness on the road. Also, there are stringent penalties for any malpractice on the road. All these curb inhumane activities on the road and make transportation a good business in Nigeria.

  • Cyber café

As the world is gradually embracing technological and digital way of life, Nigerians are as well not left behind. Most of the economic activities in Nigeria are done online; people send and receive mails relevant to their business.

A cybercafé is the place where people do all these activities. Not only for business purposes but also to connect and interact with distant friends. With a standard cyber café, located in a conducive environment, you can earn steady income in Nigeria.

  • Cleaning services

There are many cooperate firms in Nigeria. One of the factors that increase productivity of any firm is a clean and alluring environment. These firms are in dire need of cleaners to manage their environment; to make it fit and conducive for economic activities. Setting up a cleaning agency is a very lucrative idea; it also serves as a source of employment for unemployed Nigerians.

In this business, presentation matters a lot; your workers need to be corporate always and materials to be used should not be crude ones. These make people crave for your service.

  • Event management

In Nigeria, weekends are designated days for merriments and events. To make the event a glamorous one, the need for an event planner or manager becomes crucial. Event managers or planners plan and design the program of the event such that it appeases the owner of the event. Have a good network for your service and hire like minds to work for you. You will definitely break even with event management in Nigeria.

  • Blogging

Blogging is now a global business; it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make huge money within a short period in Nigeria. All it requires is a subject, that is, what you blog about. Nigeria is a glamorous country that is full of activities; Nigeria is a good source of blogging subjects. You can blog about celebrities, fashion, event, news update etc. study your environment and dish out something creative for the world to gain large audience. Once you have large audience, you are on the verge of making good money. You make money through numerous ways.

Google AdSense is the most prominent way of making money through a blog. You can as well sell ads space on your blog to any investor within Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Interest, perseverance, creativity and consistency are major factors to making money from any venture. You need these before delving into any means of making money. They keep you alive and strong during cold stormy weather in the business. 

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