10 Ways to make money while Sleeping

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Making money is one of the ultimate goals in life; some people spend years in preparation of making money through series of educational training in a particular field, some for trades and other entrepreneurial activities. Some people make money as much as they work, while others income is stagnant, no matter their efforts.

There are several opportunities in the world today, that can make one rich without much ado; this kind of opportunities are obscure and esoteric, they are identified by fore-sighted and astute individuals. These individuals will always make money while they are fast asleep and even after their death.

Examples of such people are: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, to mention a few.

These people make money while sleeping. But do you actually know what it takes or means to make money while sleeping?

It means such person has worked while others were sleeping, such person has crossed many hurdles of failures, such person has displayed high degree of tenacity that their long time investment now pays in manifolds.

However, as the world grows, opportunities become more explicit and ubiquitous.

You can also start making money while you sleep too. The color of your skin or your race or family background is not a yardstick or determinant in this case, your focus and mindset are what determine your chances of making money while sleeping. It doesn’t come as easy as it’s said but with great determination and perseverance, you will break even.

There are several ways you can make money while sleeping, but I will elucidate top 10 easy ways you can make money while sleeping , if truly you wish to.

Prepare your mind for a long term investment, prepare to invest and sacrifice everything that is precious to you because this investment is a long term investment with unfathomable return, to make money while sleeping you need to invest, your time and comfort, in any of the following trades:


  1. Blogging

Yes! Blogging is very common, it is a common term in the world today. As simple as the word “blogging” is, it has made lots of young people rich over night. Blogging is a very lucrative online business you can invest in to make money, I mean real money; it requires nothing but your time. Blogging entails continuous discussion about a particular way of life. The way of life is termed “niche”. Everyone wants to blog but they want to do it probably because of the prestige attached to it and not passion. Passion is the fuel of every blogger; it makes you want to do more. As a blogger, what you should develop from the outset of your blogging career is passion, after which you belief strongly in the blog and see nothing but future breakthrough. You face scrupulous challenges as you grow in the blogosphere but with strong belief and passion, you will always land on your feet. Blog on what you have penchant for and be consistent with it, make use of the opportunities that abound blogging like: the google AdSense program and affiliate marketing ; these alone are enough to make you earn while sleeping. But it doesn’t stop there, build a formidable audience that is enough to convince any investor to advertise on your blog. This is one of the surest ways to make real money through blogging. Build a huge audience with quality and resourceful posts on your blog, you will make money while sleeping.

  1. Create a forum or membership community

One of the simple ways to make money while sleeping is to have a platform where people converge and discuss about a particular subject. Supply people information about this subject as much as you can to gain their trust. Once they trust anything coming from you, then, you can monetize your intellectual property and make money with ease. You start making money from your invested time; aside from selling your products, you as well help clients sell their products too if you feel your audience need it; you can put it up to them and you make handsome cash from this while you are fast asleep.

  1. Selling your product

Do you have any products you sell? Then you can actually make money while you sleep from it. If you have any idea or products and you know people are in dire need of it, you can actually make money from it, no matter how little it looks, once you believe in it, it will take you far. All you need to do is to create a market for your products, penetrate many creeks as much as possible. Once the products have found their feet in the market, just sit back and let the products work for you. This takes a lot of perseverance and determination but once they are marketable, the return is eternal.

  1. Investing in forex trading

Forex trading is one of the ways you can actually make your money work for you while you are sleeping. It is all about trading in foreign currencies, buying and selling. This business has turned many to millionaires on just a single transaction. However, it has impoverished some people, it all depends on your astuteness in the business. Every business has its bad side, but there are measures you can observe before investing, the current economic status of the country in relationship to the value of the currency you are intending to trade on is the greatest factor you should always consider. A successful transaction on the forex trading can change your life for good; but be foresighted and cautious when dealing in forex trading.

  1. Invest in shares

There are companies advertising shares to attract investors to the business. Companies share shares for different reasons, either to expand the business or to sustain the existing administration. You can buy shares from any reputable company and sit back to get your returns as scheduled. Its is a passive way of making money too, your money does the running while you just relax and watch it multiply in manifolds within a short period.

  1. Installation of an Auto responder

This is another way of making money while you sleep. Auto responder is a software that automatically does what you are supposed to do manually. If you have a product online or service you render, installing an auto responder becomes imperative for you because it saves you the stress of responding to multiple customers or clients in need of your product or service. It does that for you and you get paid. It allows people in need of your service or product drop their email to make order; they will receive an automated email containing the link to download the product or service you render and mode of transaction. This is a very nice initiative as it can attend to various clients or customers at the same time, without any interference in the service.

  1. Equipment Rental service

One of the easiest ways to make money now is through rental service; it is a passive way of making money. People use some materials or equipment on a daily basis for their economic activities, these equipment or materials are, at times,  very expensive. But if you have the financial strength to procure such material or equipment, it is as valuable as gold for you. You just make little publicity about them and watch people troop in daily to get their service at a price that is pleasant to you. This is a long term means of making money; as long as the material or equipment is in good condition, you make money when you sleep.

  1. Real estate business

One of the basic needs of life is housing, people need to have a place to keep their heads after the long and enervating economic activities. Real estate is a huge business that the return is eternal, in as much as the structure is still intact. People work to earn a living but most people work from hand to mouth, leaving no room for savings. Those that eventually save, do that not for mortgage reasons but to supplement their financial obligations. It is very difficult for people to have their own building in this generation; that is where the business opportunity comes in. A real estate business can fetch you a stable and regular income, if your building is decent and of plausible standard. You just relax and let your money, now converted to a structure, work for you and you get the pay.


  1. Offer a middle man service

For every successful trading or transaction, there is a force that connects the seller and the buyer. Everyone doesn’t have that acumen to convince buyers or make their product or services marketable, even though the product or service is of good standard. This is where the need for a middle man comes in. In our normal parlance, we call it “connection” to effect a trade successful. As a middle man, you don’t need to have a skill or render a service but what you do basically is to harness products and services to reach their potential buyers or users and you get paid. For example, you can get an offer to supply some goods, which you already have the contact of the seller; you just contact the seller, at your convenience, to attend to the offer and you get paid after delivery. It is as simple as that, you are just in charge of marketing of the products or services.

  1. Design a mobile application

One of the most laudable ways to make money is through designing a mobile application or game; either of the two fetches a lot of money when they are of good reputation and outstanding performance.

You can make money from an application through in-app purchase and ads, depending on the number of downloads recorded. You earn money on a daily basis from it.

All these are passive ways of making money, they call for great creativity and investment, in terms of time and idea.

Also, you need to exhibit a lot of perseverance, so that you don’t quit when you are about to break even.

Many of life failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

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