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All humans are equal but the chaste ones are more superior, revered and respected. The pride of anyone is nothing but their virginity; losing this is two sided; one is losing at the right time and at the right place and the other is losing at the wrong time and at the wrong place. The latter brings nothing but figments of shame and loss of self-respect. Virginity is so cogent that most of the global cultures repose this as part of their fundamental ethics and anyone that upholds this honor is often placed on the pedestal.

In this contemporary world; this value seems to have gone into extinction as youths of nowadays no longer value this pride that they lose it at ridiculous ages with no iota of remorse; what a shameful world, we live. Virginity is a covenant that is hard to abjure; losing it, in whatever way, is always unforgettable. It brings pleased memories for the chaste ones and peeves others, when they later in life know the worth of the pride they shambolically dashed away.

On the verge to breaking this seal, virginity, it is imperative you have some ideas at the back of your mind; they are the bitter truth about virginity and give you the inkling of the aftermath of your action.

Having sex for first-time? Here are five things to consider | NewsBytes

They are:

  1. There is no behavior that prompts the loss of virginity: We hear youths seek solace after losing their virginity; on this note, they tend to accord their compromise to some erratic behaviors. This is a fallacy; everyone knows what is good and bad at any point in time but the free will that humans have is always the beginning and end of human’s malfeasances. It’s a personal conviction; everyone knows the best and celebrated way to lose one’s virginity is after marriage, any time aside this is a personal decision and not any behavior or pressure. If you are thinking of losing your virginity or your present behavior is prompting you to do it, then be prepared to regret it for the rest of your life.
  2. You bleed during this cause: Yes! You can’t do without bleeding; it is a divine seal you are about to lacerate, the hymen. The sight of blood brings joy and respect, if you have kept it for just one party alone; he respects you and treats you like a queen. However, if you have not kept it for anyone but one way or the other you lose it, you will never be celebrated or respected but wallow in shame and regret.
  3. Hymen check is not a reliable test for virginity: Truly, hymen is a tissue in the vagina and it contains lots of layers so it’s possible the first intercourse does not rip it fully. The bottom line is once you have sex for the first time, you are no longer a virgin, irrespective of the thickness of the layers of your hymen. The first approach is the end of your life as a virgin, so think twice and make the right decision.
  4. It doesn’t hurt: Yes! It doesn’t hurt the body physiologically, especially when done at the right time, it’s always pleasurable but when done at the wrong time, it brings emotional pain with no remedy.
  5. Do not rush about it: This goes only to ones that have successfully kept their pride till the ordained period, this is an advice to correct your naivety in this pleasurable game; do not rush about it. You need some foreplay to reduce pain and make it more pleasurable as research has proven that foreplay before sexual intercourse makes it easier for both the man and woman to orgasm.
  6. Use lube when it becomes harder to penetrate: Sex experts have advised that the use of lube before sexual intercourse makes it more easy and less strenuous but more pleasurable.
  7. Having an orgasm should not be the goal: Sex is meant for couples that have submerged temptations outside wedlock. After marriage, it becomes a need and an obligation. Sex is above reaching an orgasm; it is a way to understand how things work out between the both of you. This makes the union everlasting.
  8. Be your partner’s friend physically and emotionally to enjoy your sex life: When you get attached to your partner, physically and emotionally, it makes your orgasm attainment easy. Orgasm is the apogee of pleasure during sex.
  9. Quick ejaculation is normal during the first time: Don’t be dismayed if you experience a quick ejaculation; it is normal being the first time in the activity, turn the table and make the moment more enjoyable.
  10. Erectile dysfunction is normal: To the man, it is normal you experience erectile dysfunction irrespective of your age. It is normal, just take a deep breath and remember the good days you’ve been having. You are healthy and fit; it is just a normal experience.
  11. First intercourse can lead to pregnancy: Pregnancy is clandestine; no one knows when it’s going to happen.  If you are thinking your first intercourse can’t lead to pregnancy, you are very wrong. Wait for your time and make it a good news.
  12. You can still use condom: Condom is a means of family planning. Couples need to plan their family to know the numbers of children the want in the family but they need to have sex regularly. Since no one knows when pregnancy will come up, the use of condom is necessary to be on the safest side of the action.
  13. Don’t watch pornographic films: As a naïve couple, do not watch pornography to enhance your sex life; it is unholy and not required of you. No matter the way or manner you both engage yourself, it is blessed.
  14. Do not masturbate: One of the sinful acts in life is masturbation. As couples you both do not need to masturbate, you can approach yourself at any time; it’s all about mutual understanding.
  15. Your experience during your first sex is unforgettable: This goes to anyone; you can never forget it and it doesn’t affect your personal life in form of defect. It’s only brings sensational memories when you have lost your virginity in the most precious way, marriage; and regret and remorse if you have lost your virginity in a shambolic way.
  1. There is no right time to have sex: You can have sex anytime only if you both or one of you is not healthy. Sex is a free gift for couples; it has no particular time, it is a dividend of your patience and perseverance.
  2. Its normal if you are nervous: Losing a long time asset is always cold; but it has to go when the time comes. It is normal, just give in and leave the rest of your life as a king and queen.

Virginity is a culture to be preserved till the last day. It have several benefits both on earth and hereafter.

Finally, remember there is dignity in virginity as a lady, do not lose your virginity cheaply, when you know you are not yet married, keep yourself for the future days to come and for your husband, you will be glad you did and it impacts dignity on the longrun.

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