25 Prayer Points for Progress, Victory, Spiritual Warfare and Breakthrough

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Prayer Point Guideline;

Pray in full assurance of faith that God answers prayer and his word is ye and amen, and make sure you are born again before you start praying, ensure Jesus is already the Lord of your life.

  1. Father, we thank you for your mercies and your goodness towards us and our families in Jesus name – Psalm 100.
  2. Father, as we have come before you today, we ask for your presence to be made manifest in Jesus name – Matthew 18:20.
  3. Father, we thank you for your protection and for your provision daily in Jesus name – Psalm 68: 19.
  4. Father, we thank you for the Outpouring of your Precious Holy Spirit upon our lives, making us to do exploits – Acts 2:17
  5. Father, we ask for forgiveness of SINs, we ask for cleansing and sanctification by the Blood of Jesus – Psalms 51: 7
  6. Father, give me a heart for you and passion for your Kingdom on the earth, thereby serving you acceptably – Psalm 69:9
  7. Father, endue me with Power from on high, that will make me a Witness for you and your Battle Axe on the earth – Luke 24: 49.
  8. Father, grant me access to the mysteries of your Kingdom through the revelation of your word, that will make me Have Dominion, subdue and replenish the Earth – Matthew 16: 17.
  9. Father, baptize me with the Spirit of Wisdom that will grant me Success in all my endeavors in Jesus name – Isaiah 11: 1 – 2.
  10. Father, Engrace me to live a life that reveals Jesus to the world, that compels men to righteousness, so that I can win souls for you in Jesus name –  Zechariah 8:23.
  11. Father, establish me in Righteousness, Fear of God and Holiness, so that I Can please you all the days of my Life in Jesus name  – Isaiah 54:14.
  12. Father, help me to walk in the Light of Scriptures and in obedience to your word, so that I can be above only all the days of my Life – Deut 28: 1.
  13. Father, help me to put your first in my finances and Businesses, so that I can see your hand of Blessing upon my endeavors – Malachi 3: 10.
  14. Father, empower me with the Spirit of Grace and Supplication that will keep me on the prayer altar, thereby making me subdue my enemies all the days of my Life – Psalm 110: 1, Jeremiah 33:3, 1 Timothy 2:8.
  15. Father, lift my head up, and break every limitations of my Life in Jesus name – Psalm 3:3.
  16. Lord, Empower me with wisdom, discipline, spirituality and diligence required to fulfill my glorious Destiny and reveal your Glory on Earth in Jesus name – Luke 2:40, Deut 34:9.
  17. Lord, I break every Limitation from my lineage, every Battle associated with my bloodline, be broken and destroy by the Blood of Jesus – Revelation 12:11.
  18. Every Evil Altars invoked against my destiny catch fire, every personality seeking my destruction, be consumed by fire right now in Jesus name – Hebrews 12: 29.
  19. Every Sacrifice, incantation, spell, enchantment, divination, invoked against my Life and destiny by the forces of darkness, be shattered right now by fire – Numbers 23:23, Deut 28:7.
  20. My Destiny, Arise and Move forward in the name of Jesus, receive divine push to the next level – Isaiah 60: 1.
  21. Everything I have lost in the past, to the enemy, to ignorance, be restored in the name of Jesus, let the wing of the Lord go forth and restore my portion in multiple folds back to me – Joel 2:25.
  22. I command Light into every darkness of my life, receive the Light of God right now in Jesus name – John 1:5.
  23. Every finished work of the enemy over my Life, be destroy right now in Jesus mighty name! – 1 John 3:8.
  24. My Mind, Receive the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, begin to triumph in exceptional creativity and Exploits in Jesus name – 1 Cor 2:16, Philippians 2:5.
  25. 25. Every Evil utterance and verdict over my life, you are broken right now in the name of Jesus, I cancel every handwriting of the enemy and evil ordinances in Jesus name – Colossians 2;14, Isaiah 54:17.
  26. Father, I bless your name for answers to prayers, this is the confidence that we have in you that when we pray according to your will, you heareth us, lord we bless your name for answers to prayers, thank you Jesus, amen.
  27. Lord, I cover my prayers, my life, my family with the blood of Jesus, we are sealed by the blood of Jesus and I receive my prayers as testimonies in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

The Lord bless you, hear you from heaven, cause his face to shine on you and be Gracious unto you both from now and forever, Amen!

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