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Day Four, Morning Session

Father thank You for this morning. Thank You for this awesome presence that we feel here. Oh God that You will anoint my lips. Father, I ask oh God that You will give direction in utterance this morning. Lord, I ask that every heart will receive what is needed for every life, destiny and ministry as it is necessary in Jesus’ name.

Praise the Lord.
Please give Jesus another clap and a shout of praise and you may be seated.

Thank you Sir for this privilege. When he said to me, “you will talk about your experience”. I said, “Me? I am not a visitor”. He said, “No, you are the first member”. Praise the Lord.

We thank God for His faithfulness to us and like I’d said, everything I have the privilege of standing on this altar, throughout this Convention.

I want to knee down to say Thank You Lord for how You have helped us and we give You praise and worship, in Jesus’ name.

It’s been 25 very glorious years. I’m going to try as much as possible to see what can be communicated by the leading of the Holy Ghost in the next few minutes. Now, the vision for Dunamis International Gospel Centre came up in May of 1996. It was the last weekend of May, around 28, 29 of May and God’s servant came very restless and said he needed to go, take time to pray and seek the face of God.

So, I knew that this was a destiny journey – he was going to pray. So, I decided to take a fast as well. Barrister Deborah here was a baby and so, I couldn’t take it dry because I had to breastfeed. We didn’t want her food to finish and so, we did that while he took his dry, went out somewhere in the wilderness, Gana Ropp, where the CAPRO Ministry is located and took time before God and God spoke on either side.

This is the interesting thing, as his typical manner was, he came back and said: “So, what did God tell you?” And I’m like, “You didn’t even ask me to pray.” What if I hadn’t?So, I brought out my parchment, he brought out his and God helped us to see confirmation of what He was talking about. It was so amazing. As at that time, neither of us had been in Abuja for anything.

I had come in one night to do NYSC things, he had passed through, he flew into Abuja and drove through the City to come into Jos and God said, “Abuja”. So, in obedience, by the next, we embarked on our first missionary journey. It was so exciting. We were like, you know, it was really exciting. I remember the energy and the excitement.

He came into Abuja, did the prophetic action. You’ll probably watch that in the documentary that we will be having later before the Convention ends and then, ministry started. One of the things that I noticed from God’s servant, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, is his passion for God and a desperate desire to walk in the will of God.

Never to assume and never to do anything because that is what is popular. If we were to do what was popular or acceptable, we would probably stay in Jos or in Markurdi or as it was at that time, we had job openings and also training openings in the UK, somewhere in the middle East and also here in Nigeria.

My father by the help of God, a professor of Physiology had secured us vacancies for internal medicine at the Hammersmith hospital in London, UK and when he, pastor Paul told our pastor then, the Pastor of the University Chapel, he said, “If you want to do ministry, go and do it in London. Is it not better to do it in London than to do it here?” But he said, this is what God has instructed and that is what we are going by.

Now, he came in for that first apostolic invasion and then, we came in for three more meetings and the first service held at the Option Two restaurant at the Arts and Culture at Area 10 on the 10th of November, 1996. After the grand finale of the three consecutive evangelistic outreaches, we had that meeting. We had 54 persons in attendance, including our mothers, sisters and a few brethren that had come from around. So when they left, we came to like 30 something in the next Sunday.

Two weeks later, they said we can’t use that Option Two restaurant in cultural center and then, we had to prayerfully consider where to move to and then, I went to Sheraton and said, “I want to see the Manager” and they said, “which manager?”

At that time, I didn’t know that there are different managers in the hotel. I said, “Well, we want to use the hall in Sheraton” and so, they said okay, that would be the F and B manager. Come this way and then we said, “we want a hall” and they gave us the price. “No problem, God will provide”.

We did that and then, church started. After a few months in six months there about in Sheraton, they said we couldn’t use the place again and then we moved around and then we had a meeting in a hotel somewhere and that morning, this I will never forget. God’s servant preached a message, he said, “The Wondering and the Wandering is over” because we’ve been moving, rented places and he said the wandering about and the wondering, where we’ll be is over?

That day, after the meeting, the first miracle I observed was that we had an income in the offering like never before. We said, this is a confirmation. I’ll be talking later about financial practices in the Ministry from the beginning.

Then, we drove to Sheraton and that day, we met some people, a man with his staff. One of our relations is one of the staff. I don’t know why we went to the restaurant that afternoon but as we stepped in, we met them and then, “Sir, Dr Paul, it’s good to see you. What are you doing here?” Then he explained; “We are here for ministry and so on and so forth.” “Hey, you left medical practice and you are here?” We said, “Yes”.

Then, I don’t know how the conversation went and then the man told us, “I have a land somewhere in Area 1, would you like to take a look at it?” We said, “Why not?” He said, “When do you want to go?”. If it is now, Pastor would have said yesterday. That is, we should have done it since, since. So we said, “We can go tomorrow, on Monday”.

On Monday, Honourable Dogara and some other people were assigned to take us there. So we went and saw the land and he said, “This is the land”. We used it for two years and then we paid for the land. Then, we were in Area 1 till we moved to this place and God has been so gracious.

For me, I believed that that declaration on that Sunday was a prophetic declaration and the angels rode on the wings of that declarations and by the next day, the wondering and the wandering ended for us as a commission.

The Church was expanded several times and then, we got in here for the ground breaking in September, 2014 where Papa, Bishop David Oyedepo did the ground breaking and it moved with unprecedented speed and by November, 2019 the dedication of this Glory Dome Sanctuary.

At completion, it was totally debt free.

Again for me, I saw amazing miracles of supplies. It was beyond comprehension. A week to the dedication, there was still a lot that needed to be done and I don’t know if I have the permission to give the exact amount that came in but Pastor has preached it before.

Enough money came in, everything was done. He insisted, everything must be completed paid for and it was paid for by the time we stepped in here for the dedication.

Papa, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E. A Adeboye, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the former President of the Nation, President Goodluck Jonathan, the current Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and a host of others were present at the dedication.

Throughout these 25 years, one of the things that has never cease to amaze me is the intensity and the quality of the miracles, signs and the wonders. I’ve tried to enumerate them here. If I’m to speak about these miracles, I might be able to say anything else.

I’ll keep them aside a little and just say a few things. What are some of the things that I observed about God’s servant and how God has helped us, the grace of God that has been made available to us in these 25 years. I already mentioned number one, the passion for God.

2. Desperate desire. He would want an anointing, a shift in a dimension and he would go for it until he attains it. I remember like one year or two years into the Ministry, he wanted to see more barren issues handled and other things he wanted to pray about.

Then he went on seven days fast on maybe only water and when he used to do it, the first three days will be just dry and then the rest with water and pray. He has told you about, that it was in that meeting that God told him that, it is not hard for that to happen but ensure that you do not share my glory for the things that will be happening and that is what God did.

3. I noticed insistence on the will of God. He would ask God, what do you want us to do. He’d wait until he has that direction and then move on with it

4. His spiritual sensitivity and obedience. Many of us do things because that is what everybody is doing. We put up a handbill for a program because everybody is now doing handbills of so and so program. Everybody is now doing this kind of event and that kind of event. He insisted on being led by God’s instruction. I remember a lot of those kind of things.

For instance, we were travelling one day and in the air, he had this revelation (it was like a trance) and there was a widow, it was getting towards September and a widow woman was crying in that revelation as he told me and said, “the school is about to resume, how am I going to pay children’s school fees?” As soon as he came out of that revelation and we got back and landed, he instituted the wings, I’ll be talking about some arms of the ministry that were instituted and that arm helps to cater for widows that are registered there, that are part of it, that we can identify.

Sir, please can I say some figures? Please Sir.
Okay, praise the Lord!
Now, there are times that 15, 30 million thereabout is released at a go personally for scholarships, for these orphans and co.

You’ve heard one of the testimonies that was shared here, a widow woman that testified about her son, who was a beneficiary of one of those scholarships and was in a school in Barkin Ladi area and went out on a project with his colleagues and then, the terrorists apprehended them, surrounded them, about 14 of them and they shot the gun at them and the guns refused to fire. Then, eventually they collected their phones and they released them to go, wondering what kind of human beings are these?

Later, the gunmen, the head of the team saw him two weeks later and said, “What charm do you use, what do you do? Since that day, our guns have not been able to work again.

The guns, not engine at the instance of the anointing of God and the mystery was; he’s, how do I put it? “Under a scholarship that cannot be killed? The mother testified here, just numerous testimonies.

There are times, somebody is greeting and I turned to Senior Pastor and said, “Oh, this is Mirabel, the sister of this. She has just graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and her sister has also graduated” and he said, “who is that?” I will tell him, “She is one of the people on our scholarship”.

He even has no idea who they are and they are all over and God has been so gracious and so on and so forth. But that came out of a revelation and divine direction.

5. His brutal integrity. Insistence on things been done with integrity.

Insisting on integrity as a key to destiny fulfillment.

6. His marital dignity. Taking your wife, your children along in what you do and in how ministry is carried out.

7. His strict covenant practices. Before I come to that, let me jump to number 8.

8. Brutal personal development. I’ve noticed over the years that God’s servant has not agreed to remain where he is. Before we stepped into ministry, he has prayed for the deaf and the dumb; ears opened, their dumb tongue loosed and all. But at every point in time, he wants to shift, a higher dimension even of deaf and dumb healing.

Then he wants to shift dimension of healing for cripples, dimension of healing for this. I remember for years, you will find him, buried his head inside books; T. L Osborn, Oral Roberts, just name it. He’s looking at those pictures, reading them, then the videos, he’s watching them. He has watched the videos, Morris Cerullo outreaches, T. L Osborn outreaches and he’s watching them. By the time you are even seeing those crowd, it becomes internalized and becomes a manifestation.

During lockdown, many people spent it whiling away time, sleeping, eating, getting fat or whatever it was you are doing. He would be awake through the night, minus his usual prayer schedules.

He was developing himself, improving his skills, he was doing things. He would do courses, do things, learn, study, he would be engrossed in those videos of miracles and those kind of things – Aggressive development.

I remember we went for a meeting in Jos some years ago and before he was to preach, a young man came up and was playing the saxophone. The atmosphere changed. It was filled with the presence of God. He said, “I’m going to learn that instrument”.

I turned and looked at him, if he told me, it is keyboard that some of us have been trying to learn since I was a child. We had a keyboard in the house, my father bought for us.

So, all of us, playing keyboard then. Till today, I have not come and play keyboard and say, I’m doing special number with keyboard. Are you hearing what I’m saying?

This man, one day saw somebody playing saxophone.

Saxophone is an instrument that even frightens me, I’m looking at all those features, what are these, how does this function? He said, “I’m going to learn that instrument”. We got back to Abuja the next, he sent to Lagos, we bought a saxophone, he said send it by air. Not night bus.

That is, we arrived yesterday, sent for saxophone today and saxophone arrived tomorrow.

He started learning it, then we had a night vigil on Friday of that week. Five days Sir, my mouth dropped. “What am I seeing?” And here he was, playing this saxophone like a pro.

Oh my goodness.

Sometimes, let me not go there.

But that is insistence on developing himself.

Singing, you know, permission Sir. In those days, when we first got married, when he comes to preach, he would call me. I will come and sing and you know, the atmosphere would change. I remember the program we had immediately after we got married. People were falling under the anointing and I’m wondering, what’s going on? Then we went for a program. He saw somebody singing with a wonderful voice.

He said, “I want that anointing”. So overnight, by the next morning.

As usual, Barrister Deborah was in the car with us.

You know how it is for programs, I finalized the dressing of the baby in the car.

I was sitting, finishing up, wearing the socks in the car and he was driving. Because I can’t afford to delay God’s servant entering the car to get on time for the meeting.

So, I was concentrating on what I was doing, then I heard somebody singing. I turned, as in, what am I hearing? I told my children and said, that day the engine of my singing, knocked engine. I said, “What, who, how?
I’m talking about his desperation.

That singing has kept on improving, kept on improving until he’s singing now and said, it is his only profession as a music singer, music minister, is that the only thing he does for an assignment? Developing.

Songs, how did the song issue come up? You know how he loves to worship and we grew up with Hosanna Integrity, Maranatha Music and all those kinds of songs and these songs that were like his favourite and there was one, the first music album we had, we wanted to include one of those his extreme favourite (I don’t want to call the name) Inside the album.

So we had to write to the U.S for copyright permit and they said; “No! You can’t put it in your album”. We said, we are not… and they said, No!

So, in that desperation, he sought God again and then, the windows of Heaven opened and a flood of songs, such as the one you just heard this morning, “My life belongs to You” and those songs started flowing.

I don’t know the count. Me, I stopped counting when there were about 200 songs. I stopped keeping a record and where I hear some, fine. Okay, I’m good and some, I’ll say, “Is that one of your songs?”
Praise the Lord.

9. People development. Me, I am number one people developed (Is that correct English?) When we got married, I was a proper complete sanguine. All my melancholy and choleric was just under the carpet. So, I will see somebody, “Hello, how are you?” Smiling, I will tell you all the stories and everything and he would say, “No! You don’t have to talk and give all details.

You don’t have to do this; you don’t have to do that and he kept on training me from day one. When I was pregnant, the first pregnancy, you know, as a doctor, I’d seen all the pregnant women that come for ante-natal and all. So, I was arranging a container that I was going to be spitting inside and then, I’ve already prepared the container, a nice handy, that my hand (you know my hand is very small) can go around it. Very beautiful container.

Then, I wanted to start maybe that one will progress to the vomiting. He said, “Come, sit down.” He picked his big Bible and put it on the table. He said, “Open that Bible and show me inside that Bible, where it is written that when thou art pregnant, thou shalt vomit?” I was like, “Aren’t you going to pity me, I am feeling nauseous?”

Since I know I have never read anything like that, that means that is the end of that agenda. So, I emptied my container, rinsed it out and kept it aside. That was the end of nausea, vomiting in any of the pregnancy. For me, I think that is people development, if you ask me.

Years later, I said “Why do you that?” He said, “I wasn’t ready to tolerate that kind of thing and is it in the scripture?”

He would see young people and invest into them. He would teach us in minster’s conferences, depth of Words, insights, revelations. Let me tell you, what he teaches you is what he knows. When he knows a new one, he will come and teach it again.

He doesn’t hold anything back. You know, there are people… You know those kinds of students in the University or in secondary schools? They know something, then they will hide that information. They won’t share with you, so that in their minds, they will go to the exam hall and pass more than you. He never holds anything back.

10. He has a highly contagious anointing. If he lay hands on you, how many have experience any of those things? I’m telling you; I am first recipient. Before we got married, Sister Becky… One day in one of those our fellowship meetings, he said, “Let me pray for you”. Gbam, he laid hands on me. Boo, my eyes opened, prophetic, I started seeing revelations, visions, tongues and interpretations.

It was in one of those tongues and interpretations that I saw a very profound revelation which I won’t forget. We were praying and you know, now we have Google map and you know in Google map, it takes you from bird’s eye view and makes the object bigger and bigger and bigger and takes you to the location.

So, I was seeing a round dot and then, God brought it closer to me and I discovered it was the globe of the world, the earth. The next thing I saw was that the earth was covered by a net and as it got closer, I realized that each of those dots in the net was a human being, developing the earth and this is the part: each of those human beings interconnecting as a net over the world was on fire (men and women on fire) and God told us that, He is setting us up to ignite and inflame the world and men and women of fire will envelope the earth and set the world on fire for Jesus Christ.

11. He is a divine presence carrier. I don’t know, in addition to everything else, grace, that’s number one but he is perpetually in tongues. If you see him at any point in time, he is praying in tongues.

One day, he went to preach in somewhere and then, they brought the food for dinner and the people serving saw his mouth (he was speaking in tongues). They said, “Ah, sorry Sir. Is the pepper too much?” No, he was in tongues.

Growing up, his senior brother was very concerned about his disposition. He was always serious.

. In fact, virtually frowning and you know, that’s what he told me. I wasn’t there at that stage. But consistent tongues.

12. Night walk. A short while ago, he said, “This current schedule, has kind of affected my night walk. I’m missing it”. Because at that time, he would…. I don’t understand, I don’t know who is like me. When you want to sleep, I call it log in and they you sleep.

If it’s only three hours I have, I want to sleep the three hours completely uninterrupted. If it’s two hours, whatever. He would come and lie down, 15 minutes and stand up, 1 hour and stand up.

Hey 30 minutes is up. My time is up. I’m sorry, I have to stop.
5 minutes, Okay Sir. Thank you Sir.
Let me do 5 minutes. Please pardon my speed since you are not writing

He would be up and walk through the night and come back to the room around 5:00 am and he’s going to go out with everybody else early in the morning for normal office work.

He has understood and maximized the night seasons. This divine presence carrier I’m talking about, we see it everywhere; in the airports, Europe, US, foreign lands. Here you might say, Okay. It is because people know you in Nigeria but out there, he’s passing and something is happening.

We were in an aircraft one day and he was worshipping (it was a long flight to the US) till virtually when we landed. I couldn’t understand it and so, when it was time for lunch or something, the air hostess came to serve and I wanted to tell him, reduce your volume and she said, “no, no. Leave him. Please let him go on. We are enjoying it”. Apparently, the atmosphere has spread into the cabin.

Sometimes in the airport, on land, he’s sitting and worshipping and maybe, you know, I go to the restroom and somebody say, “is that your husband that has been singing” and I’m like, yes. “It’s so wonderful, I feel the presence of God” and so on and so forth.

You are on the queue, you know, maybe you are about to board and they will point him out and say, “please come” and we would step out of the line and come and go in ahead of people. One time we were in the Caribbean area and, I think it’s a Delta flight or so and then, it’s all coach.

But apparently, they have an arrangement where there are certain set of seats that they give to people who at their discretion, they think should have been on premium cabin and so, those particular seats, they don’t put anybody with you.

So you can actually lift the handles and then have a couch to lie. So, he came in, the way you see him suited, I remember when in Jos, a pastor came to see us in the house and said, “Haha, Dr Paul, even in the house, you are wearing coat?” He’s going from the room maybe to the living room, he would dress up, wear proper clothes and spray perfume before he steps out and I’m like, where are you going?

He said, “downstairs na”.

I don’t know uncountable times, we were walking in the airport and people will said, “You look so good, you look so nice” and I told him, I think it’s only you they are saying is looking good. I’m going to start dressing properly now.
Praise the Lord!

Divine presence, I remember one time, God opened my eyes and I saw an angel overlooking him as he was lying down on the bed. I said, “Wow! He’s certainly been kept”. So, I turned and slept peacefully. There are so many, many things. I don’t know how many times, mad men and women from early in life, before we became pastors, before Dunamis started.

I remember we were coming from Jos, at around Saminaka. We stopped at a park and standing, over from the other side, a mad man walked right to us, goes on his knees and lifted up his hands. Jos – Terminus area, we were seated in a car and packed at the side of the road and stepped out, a mad man walked from somewhere, came and knelt down, lifted up his hands.

Even to the extent of the vehicle, somewhere in Kogi, the driver went to re-fuel and the mad man sighted the vehicle and came to the front of the vehicle, knelt down and lifted up his hands. Amazing divine presence.

We were in South Africa one time and they’d come to receive us at airport, lots of flowers and everything and so, these bad boys had sighted us, “this must be a very, very VIP” and so they trailed us and at a traffic light, very close to the hotel, they came to the vehicle with a gun. One of them that was holding the gun, touched the car, the driver’s door to open it and he fell backwards under the anointing with his gun.

For me, I think (that’s how I saw it) an angel, lifted the car off the ground and took it across the kerb, you know that dividing kerb because the height in my remembrance is not a Mercedes could climb but the angel lifted it across the kerb and took it across to the other lane and then entered the filling station on the other side and we, going our way went off. One of the diplomatic cars behind us, of course ran one of them down in all this process… Divine presence all over.

12. Generosity towards God and man. Covenant practices, very intense. When we came into this town, by the help of God, we depended absolutely on God, how the hotel was paid for in Sheraton before we moved and all those things.

I know that they had paid doctors an arrears of like two years arrears and so we came with all that. It was in a Ghana-must-go bag. It was in five zeros. That was a lot of money then, several millions in current day amount.

Every one of that money was used for the work of God. When it was remaining one more day to pay for the hotel, then, you know there was a change and then, some people said, “how have you been paying for this place?”

The congregation will give in the spirit of the pastor, of its leadership. During this construction, we came to a point that it’s not a case of separating tithe from offering, from expenditure. 100 per cent went into the work. He has never said it, but I think we need to know it. There are things in this building, every glass here, by the help of God, we dissolved fixed deposit.

Everything on the floor, let me, so that I don’t overstep my boundary. Look at the car parks, every car park, the church didn’t need to be disturbed to do these coal tars and car park work. At the end of the day, we zero the accounts and before we can say, praise… it fills back and as it’s coming back, oya go… more work – heart for God.

So, God blesses, moves and inhabits. When there is sacrifice, God comes down. A lot of divine presence in the commission and help.

Let me just give you four passages that I know, some of his key passages:
a). Numbers 14:21
b). Habakkuk 2:23
c). Philippians 3:10 (This one right from university days. We all have to go and do personal study on this scripture)
If you listen to many songs, a lot of this is inside, the power of His resurrection. Let Jesus Christ’s death not be wasted on me. Let Him not regret that He created me
d). Isaiah 8:18

Arms of the ministry, we have the: Destiny Christian Academy, School of Ministry (DOSM). Destiny Christian Academy started in September, 2005 and it started as a Day Care. He said, let’s provide something that our parents can bring their children to.

Where there is a Christian atmosphere and let them be there. Left to him, it should be a free school. But we said to him, “Sir, we have to pay the teachers”. He said, “how did missionaries do it in those days”. Well, we don’t know but…
So, he makes available amounts of money that goes into the school in order to keep it at an affordable rate. . His philosophy is, “If it is not good enough for our children to be there, then nobody’s child should be there”. So, our children all went through the school.

Then Dunamis TV was established in 15th September 2011. It’s a 24/7 global revival platform, powerful presence of God every day. He said it must start and it started. His Glory Television also. Then the Dunamis Home Church system and then the Word Class Youth Chapel, then the Campus Mission, Children’s Church, the Music Ministry, the Publishing Ministry and so on and so forth.

God has been gracious and we want to give Him all the glory and the praise.

Please stand up on your feet this morning.


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