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Messi fans are not truthful at all. Saying Messi deserves the award ahead of Lewandoski is just pure rubbish and i will give you three pure reasons why messi Shouldn’t have won the Award.

1.Many of you claim Messi won the Copa America and Lewandoski failed to play pass group stage of Euro 2020 or qualify for World Cup.

It is only a dumb football lover that will compare Poland squad to Argentina squad, they are jst simply incomparable. Argentina has a one of the best squad in the world.

Argentina played Chile in the first match it ended 1-1, they also beat Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia to qualify past group stage, then they beat Ecuador 3-0 in Quarter finals and Colombia on penalties in the semi final.

Then they beat Brazil in the final. I would like everyone to checkout the countries Messi played against in this Copa America apart from Colombia and Brazil others are not a big task for giants like Argentina. Chile and Uruguay use to be a good football playing country but right now it seems Peru is by far better than them.

So technically Messi only played Colombia and Brazil as the big countries in Copa America.

Whereas, Poland were drawn against Spain, Sweden and Slovakia in the Euro 2020, i need you to compare the countries Lewandoski and Messi Played against. In the world cup qualifier, Lewandoski played England and magnificent Hungary side, even tho they lost some of the matches, Lewandoski was magnificent(please check his World cup qualifier stat in this poor Poland team) same way Messi was oustanding in Barca’s poor team.

2. Messi in Barcelona can never be compared to any other player in another team. If you watch Barcelona very well in 2020, you would get to know that Messi plays as a playmaker and he is given all the freedom.

Every Barcelona player wants to give Messi the ball which increase his chances of scoring but Lewandoski case is slightly different even tho he is Bayern point man he still as big name who also scores individually. I hope you all get my point.

3. Messi Performance in 2021 is not as great people say.

Messi fans claimed he played well in Barcelona in 2021 but he still couldn’t win La liga best player despite is individual brilliance. His performance for PSG in 2021, also proves my second point about Barcelona centering their ball on Messi.

Finally, i would say Messi winning the ballon dor show it is purely politics, he is clearly the second favourites but not the first. If it was by Countries achievement then Xavi or Iniesta should have won in 2010 because they performed well in the world Cup and also Barcelona. I remembered in 2010.

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