Owodaily Review: Is Owodaily Legit or Scam?


What Is OwoDaily

owodaily Review;

As per them; OwoDaily is a computerized positions local area where its participation gives its clients admittance to numerous surges of pay on the web.

Nonetheless, I accept the stage goes about as a middle person between suppliers of administrations and clients hoping to purchase a help at a specified cost.

This stage unites two people; the one that needs to finish a task and the other that takes care of business.

The person that needs a help pays OwoDaily and OwoDaily, thusly, pays the people that take care of business.

For each occupation you do on the stage, there’s a sure measure of cash you’ll be paid when your occupation is checked and endorsed.


The cash paid to clients goes from N5.00 to N2,000.00 per task upon finishing. Also all that will be attributed straightforwardly to the client’s financial balance.

OwoDaily gives the stage to clients that need to advance their business on Social Media then, at that point, pays its clients for doing the assignment.

Suppose I need to advance my business page on Instagram. Or then again YouTube page to get more mindfulness and contact more individuals through Owodaily stage;

How I’ll treat pursue a record on Owodaily as a business (more this later) then, at that point, purchase credit and determine the sort of advancement I wanted for my business.

Assuming what you need is sees, shares, preferences, remarks or just adherents via web-based media. Owodaily will separate it and make the undertakings accessible for its clients (laborers).

OwoDaily Review; How it Works

Essentially how OwoDaily treats offer administrations and adverts to people that need to advance and market their business; which is the essential worth or motivation behind the stage.

Prior to any client on the stage (Owodaily) can straightforwardly bring in cash from Owodaily, there should be a business or individual hoping to advance their business through the stage.


Assuming all clients joining with Owodaily do as such to bring in cash straightforwardly from the stage and there’s insufficient individual (business) to run advancement then the specialists (clients) will be more than the undertaking.

This essentially implies the cash will not go round!

But you’re willing to allude individuals to the stage and I accept that doesn’t come simple for everybody.

Be that as it may, assuming it’s the alternate way round when there are an adequate number of people running advancements or hoping to purchase administrations, then, at that point, everyone (Business and Workers) ought to return home cheerful.

So I feel it’s practical for you to realize this prior to making your record either as a business or as a laborer ready to bring in cash straightforwardly from the stage.

I’ve really made a record with them and re-appropriated the assignment to somebody to do it for myself and I without a doubt brought in cash.

Before long, I’ll be investigating posting a task on the stage for my site and perceive how successful the undertaking will be for my business.

Sorts of Services and Jobs on OwoDaily
For those hoping to bring in cash straightforwardly from Owodaily or those hoping to advance their business or purchase administrations.

The following are the arrangements of occupations and administrations accessible on the stage:

Application/Website Review
New site or App designers can post the occupation of Web or App audits on Google play store on OwoDaily.

This implies assuming you have another App and you need positive surveys and remarks for the application on Google play store for better rankings you can post the occupation on OwoDaily.

For those that need to bring in cash straightforwardly from the stage, for each survey and remark, you accommodate the application on Google play store, you’ll get compensated in like manner.

Making Articles
Content makers or blog proprietors who need articles composed can likewise post the occupation on OwoDaily and have clients intrigued compose it for them.

Clients with a strong fascination with article composing can compose such an article and get compensated for it in view of the specified cost.

Facebook Promotion
As an entrepreneur on OwoDaily, you can advance Facebooks pages, posts, gatherings or any such utilizing the stage.

Notwithstanding, you really do have to indicate the sort of activity you need the specialists to complete. This could basically be a; Like, Follow, Share, Comments, Join Groups and so forth

Whenever this is determined clients as “Laborers’ ‘ on Owodaily will be the one to complete the undertaking and they will be paid by their activity.

Instagram Promotion
Same as Facebook advancement, any entrepreneur or those hoping to develop their business on Instagram could pursue Owodaily and have them advance their Instagram pages.

Just determine the activity you need the specialists to complete be it remarks, likes, shares and so forth and all that will be done in like manner.

Twitter Promotion
Very much like the past two, to develop your twitter following or make mindfulness for your business image on Twitter, Owodaily can undoubtedly do that for you.

Laborers will follow your record, as and remark in light of the activity you need them to do.

YouTube Promotion
As a YouTuber, myself I know the initial 48 hours of posting your video on YouTube has a great deal to do with how your YouTube video will turn into a web sensation.

So to advance your video on YouTube, you can post the occupation on OwoDaily and have the laborers watch, similar to, offer and remark on the video for you.

The more your preferences and remarks on your YouTube video inside the initial 48 hours will help support the “virality” of your substance.

What’s more as a specialist on OwoDaily, you get compensated appropriately for each undertaking did that is assessed and supported.

Music Promotion
You can likewise advance sharing and downloading of new music on the stage and the specialists will do as such across their online media stage.

Drives SignUp
For those searching for leads or email pursue their business, they can likewise post the occupation on OwoDaily and have the laborers do as such for them.

Online Surveys
There laborers/clients of OwoDaily need to answer a poll about a specific point.

By doing this, the proprietor of the study will get their information and you that did the work will get compensated for it.

Step by step instructions to Make Money With OwoDaily
Since you see how the stage functions, we should view the sort of ways at which you can really bring in cash from the stage.

1: As a Member

You’ll be conceded admittance to OwoDaily upon fruitful enlistment and you’ll have the option to complete every one of the accessible positions on the stage.

In any case, enrollment cost a level charge of N3,000 that could not be overestimated to utilize the stage. When you make your record and make the installment, you’ll have the option to utilize the stage to bring in cash on the web.

2: As a Business

When your entrance is conceded and your record endorsed you can likewise utilize the stage to advance your current business.

Thusly, you’ll be one of the business presenting occupations on be completed by clients of the stages across web-based media which can prompt deals for your business.

Posting your business on the stage for advancement can help rapidly share your image across a few web-based media destinations and similarly makes enormous mindfulness for your business.

3: As a Partner

As an OwoDaily accomplice, you’ll have the permit to make and disperse gift vouchers on the stage for new and existing clients.

Be that as it may, for this, you really do have to present an application to get your permit supported before you can begin disseminating gift vouchers on the stage.

To begin as an accomplice essentially send an email to “jobs(at)owodaily.com

4: As a Digital Marketer

You can likewise bring in cash with OwoDaily as an advanced advertiser. On the off chance that you have clients utilizing your administrations to advance their brands.

Along these lines, you can exchange the administrations on OwoDaily and save the benefit for yourself, not exclusively will this make you cash yet additionally increment your conveyance rates.

Furthermore, you can likewise sell your item be it a computerized item or physical on the OwoDaily commercial center and influence the OwoDaily crowd. This mean offshoot on OwoDaily will actually want to advance your item on the stage and acquire a commission.

5: As an Affiliate

Very much like any offshoot programs in Nigeria OwoDaily likewise pays their partner for alluding different clients to utilize the stage.

They pay more than half associate commission when you allude another person to join the principal plan that cost N3000. Different plans on the stage like OwoDaily Plus will procure you N3000 level offshoot commission.

At the point when you likewise allude individuals to shop on the OwoDaily commercial center you’ll likewise acquire a commission from it. In any case, each part is an associate as a matter of course.

Step by step instructions to SignUp For OwoDaily

When you’re prepared to get everything rolling utilizing OwoDaily, just head over to their site by clicking here to make your record.

owodaily information exchange structure
On the enrollment page, as you can see above, you’ll have to enter your full subtleties including your ledger.

From that point onward, click the agreements to continue.

An email notice will be shipped off your email address after your sign-up. In the event that you didn’t see it. Really take a look at your spam organizer.

The following thing to do now is to enact your enrollment account by paying the initiation charge.

OwoDaily Activation Fee
owodaily initiation charge
OwoDaily participation charge comes in two plans. This incorporates the default participation plan and the OwoDaily Plus.

1. Participation (N3000)

The default participation plan is a lifetime enrollment on OwoDaily. With this arrangement, you can allude a few group to OwoDaily organize to acquire on the stage to telecommute or anyplace of decision with simply a web empowered gadget.

OwoDaily fundamentally plans to give real means to telecommute for people particularly those with a premium in Digital and Affiliate Marketing.

Here are a portion of the things you expect while enacting your Lifetime Membership.

Admittance to Thousands of Workers
Full Access to Our Digital Academy
Admittance to Unlimited Digital Jobs Offers
Valuable chance to Earn as A Network Affiliate

Access to 24/7 Professional Online Support & Member Benefits
To get started, you will need to complete payment for your one-time membership fee of ₦3,000 which grants your lifetime access to exclusive offers on OwoDaily Network.

If You wish to get OwoDaily Plus to promote Affiliate Offers for commissions and cash-back on their marketplace, choose the OwoDaily Plus.

2. OwoDaily Plus (N13,000)

OwoDaily Plus grants you access to unlimited product and service offers listed on OwoDaily Marketplace.

As an affiliate, you’ll get to earn affiliate commissions for every successful sale and cash-back for personal purchases you carried out on the platform.

With the OwoDaily Plus, you’ll get your dashboard real-time reporting and a personal affiliate manager will help you as a:

Content Creator
Affiliate Marketer
To monetize your online traffic by selling Products & Services listed on OwoDaily Marketplace to your audience.

With this package, you get to partner with brands on the platform to earn good commissions on all products and services listed in their marketplace.

This comes with top-performing offers in Beauty, Health, Travel, Real Estate, Fashion & lots more. So basically, your annual subscription allows you access to the following:

A Personal Account Manager
Real-Time Reporting For All Sales
Get Cash-Back On Personal Purchases
Access To All Offers On The Marketplace
See Global Top Performing Offers Available
Higher Network Commission On Owodaily+ Invites
To activate your account, you can do this in two ways:

1: Pay With GiftCard

This will require you to buy a gift card from an OwoDaily partner that will generate a 16 digit code for you upon successful payment.

Once you have the code, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately.

2: Pay Online

This is the most recommended method as it’s safe and faster, all you have to do is pay with your ATM card online and your account will be activated immediately.

Either way, both methods work perfectly fine.

Now, that your account is active you’ll have access to the digital jobs on the platform that you can do and get paid when completed and approved by the platform.

How To Carry Out Task On OwoDaily
Upon login, you’ll have access to tabs that can help you find your way around the platform. This includes but not limited to:

Find Jobs
Finish Jobs
My Jobs

1 Find Jobs

Under this section, you’ll have access to the available jobs on the platform that you can do.

available owodaily jobs that you can do
You’ll also see the progress of the job, that is, the total numbers of users that have applied for the job already.

All of the jobs have been pre-approved already, just simply click the “Apply Button” to apply for the job.

The next page will bring out the necessary information about the job and the proof that needs to be submitted after you’ve finished the job.

job details on owodaily

Once you’ve finished the job simply enter the required information as proof of job done. This could be the name of the account you used or a screenshot.

2: Finished Jobs

At this section, you’ll see the jobs you’ve done that are approved and yet to be approved. You’ll also see the rejected jobs as well.

your finished jobs on the platform

3: My Jobs

This section is for business users or advertisers that want to use OwoDaily to promote their business.

From this section, you’ll see the progress on the jobs you’ve posted on the platform and how well the job is progressing.

OwoDaily Pros & Cons
Obviously, this Owodaily review won’t be complete if we didn’t look at both the benefits and shortcomings of the platform. There’s nothing like all GOOD right?

There’ll always be shortcomings

Earn Extra Income Online (Pros)
For those with extra time and willingness to carry out tasks on the platform as well as promote the platform to others can make an income from it.

However, as with any business – your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.

Chances To Win A Brand New Car
As one of the perks of the platform, you’ll stand a chance to win a brand new car by promoting the platform.

To achieve this context, you simply need to complete a total of 1000 OwoDaily plus invites on your account which you can monitor from your member dashboard.

You are also allowed to promote the OwoDaily platform to people who wish to make sales or promote their products and services.

Bad Sides (Cons)
Well, one major shortcoming of the platform is that it’s relatively new! Time will tell how strong a business is through the test of time. Let’s look at other shortcomings of the Platform

Low Number of Jobs
Apparently, it seems like the number of jobs on the platform is for “first come first have”. But this may be attributed to the fact that the platform is relatively new.

I believe more jobs will be added to the platform on a daily basis. So you can expect to see more jobs on the platform.

OwoDaily Review Conclusion
If you have the time and you’re willing to spare your N3,000 then you can give it a trial.

I did sign up to test the platform then gave my account to someone to carry out the task and I did make money.

So if there’s enough time to spare why not?

As usual, what do you think about the platform? Is it working for you or you’re yet to get started?

Here’s a link to Sign-Up!

Also, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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