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What Are The Best Niches To Get Into If You Are Just Starting Out As A Blogger In 2022.

1. The Pet Niche- You can choose to focus on one pet or create a category of pets in WordPress. Cat, Dog, Iguana, Piglet, etc.

2. The Metaverse and NFT Niche: Cryptocurrency would continue to rise. People are constantly looking for information on crypto related news.

3. Cooking Niche: There is no limit to what you can do in this niche. Write about cooking recipes from every country in the world. Best xxx to use when preparing xxx, etc. You just can’t miss it with this niche.

4. Study Abroad Niche: Believe it or not, people are constantly looking for information on how to travel abroad. And I am not just talking about Nigerians. All over the world, people want to leave their home country and experience life in another country. Can you create highly informative articles in this niche. Then you should probably jump on this.

Of course their are many more Niches you can go into.

In another post, I would talk about how to get any niche to work for you and get page views even if the niche is competitive.

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