4 Things To Know About Coccidiosis: How To Prevent it From Your Poultry Farm


Before there can be an effective solution to a problem, the cause of the problem has to be figured out.
Coccidiosis is a intestinal disease that thrives in wet, warm and crowded environment.

Most of the times the farms in which birds are been brood have been infected with this disease or it came with the birds to the farm, another possibility is that it can also be passed from Birds which were ones raised before unto the present birds on the farm if the farm was not well sanitized after the last batches were disposed.

Birds that are infected with this disease often drop blood coloured faeces.

Coccidiosis is a common disease among birds reared on the floor, its occurrence among caged birds is very low.


1 Be Observant In Your Farm : every now and then in the farm farmer should make sure they monitor their poultry birds closely this includes how much they feed,Their physical appearance, Colour of their droppings, their movement and many more. For Coccidiosis, birds that are infected with these disease drop blood coloured faeces.

2 Biosecurity Measures : To prevent this disease before its occurrence

(1) Firstly the farmer has to be highly responsible, the farmers or workers must be ready to Clear out wet litter or bedding of the farm as soon as they start getting wet and wash both feeder and drinkers occasionally, Because it thrives in Wet environment faster.

(2) Cold ventilation/ Fresh Air must be allowed on the farm this disease thrives more in warm environment 3 There Must be enough space in the farm to prevent overcrowding

3 To prevent diseases make use of natural herbs to boost their immune system before they come in contact with the disease but for now let’s talk about herbal cure for Coccidiosis. There are herbs that can cure Coccidiosis such as bitter leaf, Paw paw leaf and moringa leaf. So many people underestimate organic approach to cure poultry diseases, but I can tell you many that did such in the past paid for it dearly. These leafs can be boiled all together and given to the birds after it cools down.

4 Vaccines And Oral Medication: Their are vaccines also available to prevent Coccidiosis in the farms which are purchased from vet pharmacies and oral drugs such as Coccifor, coccinor, Embazin Forte, Embacox and many more.

If a farmer can apply these principles and many more their will be assured success on the farm.

My next write up will be about The Cause Of CRD and its prevention.

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