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4 Things You Should Know As A Beginner Blogger

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1. Never Ever Use Blogger.com:
I know it is free but don’t do this. Unless the reason why you are blogging is not to make money. Blogger.com lacks the tools to help your easily grow your blog.

2. Blogging Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme: Dedicate 3 – 6months to your blog before you even think of getting tangible results. The good thing now though is even in the first 1 month, you could start making some side money depending on your niche. And you can sell the blog after 3 months for some good money. But 6 months should be the bench mark.

3. AdSense Is Not The Only Way To Make Money From Blogging: I see so many people cry about how Adsense is not approving them. As a matter of fact, Adsense should be the last thing you think of when thinking of earning money from your blog. This point should be a topic on its own so I won’t dwell too much on it here.

4. SEO Is Not Hard: It might sound technical but trust me it is not as hard as people make it out to be. Your problem is, you want to know everything about blogging before you start. Why don’t you start and learn as you progress.

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