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It’s been a great year and we return the glory back to God for his help and his mercy so far, I always love to reference and acknowledge certain vessels of God that has been of great help towards my spiritual growth and advancement, the building of the church is essentially a spiritual one, been able to erect the altar of God in the hearts of men.

This year 2021 has been a great year, the Lord has helped me in no small way, and I return the glory back to God. I have come to realize that God is not limited in any way, but the dimension of God we can experience most times is at the mercy of his knowledge that is at work in us, it is highly dependent on the level of growth we have enjoyed, by knowledge you can see God in various ways, for instance; someone who knows God as a provided, will enjoy his provision GRACE, someone who knows God as a protector, will enjoy his protection, this is so true. If that is the case, then we continually need Pastors, servants and ministers of God who will continually equip us with the working knowledge of God, you cannot teach or pastor yourself, you are limited to the scope of your knowledge, you need God’s authorized system, teachers, apostles to teach you the ways of God, they are the one that can help you to maximize your spiritual experience, growth and wellbeing.

There are a number of them that God has brought my way this year, and I will list them openly in this article as a way to honor and reference their impact in my life and towards my spiritual development.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo: God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo has been a blessing to my life over and over again, I believe one of the best decision I took in life many years ago, was that I joined winners chapel while I was in campus, that brought me under his tutelage and mentoring and it impacted my Christian faith in no small way, without doubt both his sermons, books and ministrations have blessed my life tremendously this year. I can assure you, the kind of people that you listen to, associate with and follow determines how fast you move and how much you can do, may God continue to strengthen his servant in Jesus name.

2. Apostle Joshua Selman: I don’t think there is any young Christian in Nigeria who is serious about God that doesn’t listen to Apostle Joshua Selman, if you are truly serious about growing in the Lord and in your knowledge of the kingdom, then Joshua Selman is the man, he always bring us the word of GOD with accuracy, the messages are strategically designed to power your spiritual growth and development. Connecting to koinonia and listening to the teaching of Apostle Joshua Selman as impact me with unusual wisdom and insight into the word of God and the things of the spirit.

3. Dr Pastor Paul Enenche: I have been following Dr Paul Enenche since I was in 200L and that’s some years ago, to the glory of God, I have never regretted it. It has been very impactful for me and fortunately for me, I encounter him in person this year, when he came to kwara state for the Ilorin Gospel Crusade; it was such a powerful encounter. I encounter the power of God like never before, and I saw those miracles that use to happen when we connect to dunamis online, it happened for real in my very eyes, Dr Paul is something that God is using in a mighty way in our generation to ignite a revival and zeal for the Lord in our generation.

4. Pastor Adeboye : This is my grandfather in the faith and trust me, daddy G.O  as ministered severally this year all across the world, I have connected to his ministrations many times and have been so blessed, I have learn the wisdom of God through him and the pathway of the kingdom that makes for dominion. Without any doubt, we are greatly blessed in this generation to have a prophet of God like Pastor E.A Adeboye in our time and in our Nation.

5. Pastor Israel Aderonmu : Finally, this is my resident Pastor at Winners chapel New Jerusalem, Ilorin kwara state. He took us during Wofbi this year and it was impactful, he has blessed me severally and the blessing is speaking, he has also taught me the ways of God, and his teachings every Sunday, has helped to strengthen my walk with God and my committed to growing in the faith, May God continue to strengthen him in Jesus name.

The bible says, I will give you pastors after my own heart who will teach you in wisdom and knowledge, one of the dangerous thing that can happen to a believer is to exist without a Pastor on your head, you become so vulnerable to the devil and manipulations, but when you are submitted you are guided and taught the ways of God.

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