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If you are from Nigeria, you will agree with me that Saturdays has been strategically designated for ceremonies of all kinds, which largely is made up of wedding, this is the norm right now.

Nigeria love to celebrate and party as much as possible, there are many sides to this, but in this article I will mention some of the reasons why Nigerians love parties and ceremony. In every ceremony, we have 85% women in attendance, to show you that women love the ceremony more than men.

As the tune of music is going on, you’d see those eating and having a good time, and also those reconnecting with old friends, those taking pictures, and lots more.

Lagos has the largest population in Nigeria, and they host the highest volume of ceremony annually, it is said, that Lagosians spend over 2Billion Naira annually on parties, ceremonies and such outings.

Why do Nigerians love owambe (parties and ceremonies) so much?

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  1. Fashion: If you have a ceremony in Nigeria and you have not choosen a particular kind of cloth for the event, you are still joking, every major event is characterized by  a special cloth that serves as a uniform, everyone can sew his own style as he or she desires, but it’s still the same thing, and so, on the day of the event, you see people in the same dress which brings uniformity, this is a major reason Nigerians love to be present in a ceremony. The sense of fashion and the ladies also love to be in attendance because, it’s an opportunity to put their beauty on display for all to see, so you discover that there is so much make-up and everyone is looking super attractive.
  2. Music and Party: Nigeria is one of the happiest people in the world they are music crazy, a lot of people come to events to enjoy the sweetness of the atmosphere the Joy and rejoicing, the sound of music, dancing and melody is a major attraction for many people, that is why you cannot attend a wedding event in Nigeria without music and dancing going on, even in the case of birthday and other events, the same thing applies, ladies put on their dancing shoes and get on the dance floor to show their dancing skill, especially when the music is a trending one. This brings love and unity among people, makes the event a sweet one and without dulling moment. Ceremonies, both in the secular and in the church are major platform that unites the people in Nigeria.
  3. Relationship: Most ladies like to attend parties in Nigeria because of relationship opportunity, it brings the opportunity to connect with people of all tribes and tongues, many young ladies who wants to get marry or looking for their life partner, takes the opportunity of event to meet with new people, if perhaps they might see their suitor there, this as worked for many people and many more are still trading that path. Events brings people together, ladies do not take it for granted. They tend to meet their husband there and some married people also catch new side-chick there, it serves as a major platform of connecting the opposite sex together.
  4. Food: This is no lie, another major reason why people tend to attend events in Nigeria is the free food shared, and this is enough reason why many people attend. While on one side, some don’t have food to eat regularly, they consider the party an opportunity to get free food, on the other hand, some people just likes party food; it is believe that it has a special taste. There has been many recoding of people stealing food from parties, and when it is even a serve yourself setting, some people will pack as many as possible food to eat, since it’s a free food galore. It is also worthy of note, that many rich people use parties and ceremony to show and lavish their wealth; they put it on display, to let people know how wealthy they are. This is often seen in the quality of the food prepared for the ceremonies, this rich class of people; use the most expensive things to make their ceremony beautiful and memorable.
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  1. Wealth and Status: The wealthy people in Nigeria use ceremony as an avenue to display their wealth and affluence, they do this often, a good example was the recent wedding of the daughter of Nigeria President, the wedding had dignitaries in attendance and they parked 77 Private Jet in that event, it was indeed a splash of wealth. Also when Folorunsho Alakija did wedding for his son, they spray people in Dollars, it was a massive wealth show kind of party, it will be unfair not to mention the cubana mother’s burial, where so much money was sprayed, it was indeed the event for the rich. There are many of such event, that are specially designed for the wealthy ones. However, we have parties among the average ones too, then the one that combines both the rich, the average and the poor, but it is always an avenue to flaunt wealth.

It is not new that Nigeria spend a lot of money on parties, ceremonial events, just to make it colorful, some couple even go the extreme to borrow money to handle their wedding, which does not always do down well, after the wedding has been done. Generally, the major events where Nigerian spend money to display influence, wealth and other kind of things includes; wedding, name ceremony, birthday, burial, thanksgiving, graduation, church and religious events.

Why do you love to attend Owambe? Drop a comment below, let’s hear from you.

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