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The ultimate goal in life is to live a healthy and blissful life; this is attained through one’s financial activities or engagements. There are several ways to amass wealth in life today; the most common and conventional way is through earning salary. Over the years, this means has proved to be sustainable as it is regular; the Achilles’ heel of this is that it is not secure. One can be fire at any time.

As an approach to make wealth secure and long-lasting, the gospel of entrepreneurship is now globally preached to encourage ebullient youth break the ice. However, only few have been able to hearken to this gospel; others are naïve and sternly abhor change in their way of life. Entrepreneurship is the most secure way to earn stable and steady income.

Everyone has individual potential to make money with one or two ideas that have been inherently bestowed by nature; funny enough, some people die with this potential and while on earth, they wander about looking for means of sustenance. They neglected what was given to them by nature to make wealth just because they were not willing to be an entrepreneur; they were not ready to rock their boat

Identifying a business and developing it from cradle till it becomes an empire is just the meaning of entrepreneurship; most of the successful people on earth today have gone through the process of transforming their miniature business idea to an empire, that feeds people on a regular basis. At this juncture, I find it very imperative to be honest with you; transforming your business idea to a successful venture is not a child’s play. It comes with excruciating pain but with great perseverance and determination, you will surely breakeven; success is only for the tenacious ones.

Being an entrepreneur comes with soothing experience; the life of an entrepreneur is an envious one. It is exclusive and full of gleeful moments; here are 5 reasons why you should be an entrepreneur:

  1. You control all resources: One of the greatest and happiest moments of man is taking a role of leadership; as an entrepreneur, nothing by-passes you by default. You rule your world in accordance to your whims; you swerve the steering of your business to any direction, if need be. Everyone looks up to you as a role model and revere you astuteness. Being an entrepreneur brings a joyful and sensational moment.
  2. Freedom of time: One of the essential and the most valuable things on earth is time; only few people have control over their time, it is being substituted with money. Time is money as it is commonly said; if you have control over time, it means you have control over money. As an entrepreneur, you have the whole time to manipulate; you design your schedule the way it suits your time and enhance your enterprise. Entrepreneurs are time keepers.
  3. Unfathomable earning: This is the most interesting aspect of being an entrepreneur; workers take home salary but an entrepreneur take home profit. There are clear distinctions between salary and profit; salary is fixed, earning is unlimited; salary is a fraction of profit, profit is the source of earning. As an entrepreneur, you earn profit, unlimited and undisputed.
  4. You feel fulfilled: Entrepreneurship is a goal, achieving goals brings fulfillment and inner peace. You live the life you desire and not a custom life.
  5. You make impact: One of the joyous achievements you earn as an entrepreneur is the impact you make on people’s life directly and indirectly. You feed people and make people happy; your community and family will be proud of you as you make input to the environment at large.

This is a type of life everyone should aspire and crave; being an entrepreneur is very sensational and it takes great determination and perseverance to actualize this dream. Once you conceive the idea, put it in ink to make it a plan and ensure you work on it daily to make it achievable, then you become a successful entrepreneur.

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