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Love and attraction is an age long thing, it didn’t start in this generation, God is the author of Love, because the bible says, God is LOVE, so it all starts from God, when God made Adam, he gave him a woman, an helpmate, a lover, someone who is to compliment the man in various ways, God made man, he knew there are many things the man will not be able to do on his own, that is why he gave him a woman, Love is one of those things that makes Life very beautiful and worth living, it makes Life more productive and pleasurable, but there seems to be some level of abuse of Love in this generation, and that is why I am writing this article now.

To help Guide the young generation on how to love the right way, and not the wrong way, many things are going wrong and it needs to be corrected, so that we don’t raise a generation of lawless people, who doesn’t live according to the standard of God, but they just live as they please, that way, we cannot please God and pass the right thing to the next generation.

Note: This is an admonition from a Biblical perspective of Love.

If you meet someone and you desire to love them, be in a relationship and end up in marriage, this is one of the strongest decision anyone can make in Life, remember the decision we make in Life as a way of coming back to make us aswell. ’Your decision will always determine where you end, and how far you go, many times government have set up standard and laws to guide on the issue of Love but in all honestly, their own system doesn’t go it well, because, it is not based on truth. Even after registry, people still go to court and scatter the whole marriage thing, less than a year or 6months after marriage, this is a terrible condition.

That is why we must be intentional about who we marry and how we go about the marriage thing, it all starts from relationship level, if you truly love him or her, you should be able to stay glued and faithful and committed to the person, this is very  important, it is very heart breaking, to discover that someone you passionately love and give priority to is having an affair with another person, their heart is not true to you, this can be very provoking, disheartening and frustrating, and it is the norm in our world today.

It is actually better not to love someone than to end up playing smart on them and breaking their heart. Most times, when I am privilege to counsel couple and married people, I discover the cheating tendency has been there and it started since while they were dating, this is a bad tendency, it must be eradicated by all means.

Emotional trauma and breakdown can be very offensive and frustrating as it affects every other aspect of human life and endeavors, immediately your mind is not compose, your life can not be in order. God gave Adam ‘eve’ a woman, not many women, that is a standard that should understand, the God that created you understand how h wired the human emotions to function, you are not design to be emotionally attached intimately to two people at the same time, it is perversion building on your inside but you did not know.

I read a news on the internet today, someone committed suicide because his boyfriend, broke up with her and married another person after 5years of relationship, this is wickedness and evil, even though it is the norm today, it is still evil to engage in such lifestyle. I will sharing with you today, 5 reasons why you should not cheat on your partner, you need to be faithful, so as not to bring certain consequences on yourself.

This applies to Marriage and Relationship,  I know many people will say, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, this is true, but it depends on when it is broken, you cannot date someone for 5years or 11years, when she has gotten used to you and then, you come and say you are no longer interested in the person, so have you now wasted her life for all these years for nothing?

Let’s build our lives with wisdom, so as not to attract the wrath of God, and the law of life against ourselves.

  1. Love is as Strong as Death : In Songs of Solomon 8:6, The Bible makes it clear that Love is as strong as death, this will tell you why people can do very terrible things when their heart is broken, some could kill themselves or even give their partner that break their heart, this is not right, but is due to the fact that Love is a very strong force, so if you are in Love with someone, do not break their heart, if you know, you don’t love them, don’t play around with their heart, time and commitment, it can be very frustrating and can cause a lot of evil, you never imagined, another form of cheating is for those who are married, this can be very disgusting and devastating, it is even the worse dimension of it, because the bible says, what God as joined together, let no man put asunder.
  2. It can bring Shame: YES, your marriage and relationship supposed to bring, glory, honor, peace and blessing to you, your partner and humanity as a whole. I remember a scenario in a church; it was during a wedding ceremony. Everything was going on just well until this lady ran in from nowhere and scattered the church service, she went to the groom and held his cloth around his neck to his throat region as though, she wants to kill him, she screamed his name and said, after all these years, you promised me marriage and here you are with another woman, that marriage will never succeed, it was such a shameful incidence for both the couple and even the church, the pastors felt bad and almost couldn’t bring the situation under control that day, it was that bad. Can you imagine how many people were part of the shame that one person caused? That is what cheating on your partner can cause, the Bible says, let your YES be Yes and Your No be No, if you know, you are not interested in a person, tell him or her early, to save and rescue the calamity and shame of tomorrow.
  3. It is Unrighteousness: When you are deceitful, liar, full of lies and you are not straight forward in relationship and marriage, that is unrighteousness, and this will make you an enemy of God, when you are not a friend of God, how do you want to excel in Life? How do you want God to answer your prayer when you do what displease him? The quality of your Christian Life is supposed to be reflected in the way you relate with people around you, the people that surround you, this is so important. Anything that makes you an enemy of God will bring you into afflictions in Life, do away with it.
  4. It May Bring Curses : When you are not doing things right, you are inviting curses, I remember the story of a man, who had a wife, himself and his wife struggled so much in Life before God eventually lifted him and he became very successful, guess what he did? He left the wife and started chasing after another woman, out there in the name of been a rich man, he claims that the wife is now old school, so he need new set of ladies that can match up with his new status. The wife was shocked and almost running mad, she cry many days and pray with tears in her eyes, reminding God how they have struggled and went through a lot together before the man became very successful, do you know what happened afterwards? The man came down crashing, everything about him stops working, he went to zero level, and it was a terrible situation. It got to a point, the new wife, left him alone, because he became a shadow of himself; it was that bad, simply because he forget the wife of his youth and unrighteously deny her.
  5. Two is Better than One: The Bible says, Two is better than one, for they shall have great reward for their labour, when you cheat on your partner, especially in marriage, you have disobeyed this law and it will cause many things to begin to work against you, people have come into disfavor, financial hardship because they are against the covenant God gave them. The Bible is meant to be our light, guiding us and giving us direction on the way to go about life situation and marriage is an integral part of Life that should not be taken lightly. I am not saying you cannot make peace with your partner when such happens, but am saying be intentional about your marriage from the onset, desire to be true and faithful, faithfulness makes the blessings to abound greatly.

I pray that God will guide you and give you wisdom require to make your marriage a huge success.

For the singles, take your time to prepare sufficiently for marriage, get marriage books and study them enough so that you can be equipped with knowledge, ignorance can be very destructive, you are majorly a victim of what you don’t know. The first darkness that must be conquered in Life is the darkness of ignorance and the only way to conquer it is to introduce the element of light which connotes ‘Knowledge.

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