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5 Reasons why you should not Post Nude Pictures on Social Media

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It’s awful what our world is fast becoming, the social media came with so many advantage and benefits but it seems the youth are beginning to abuse the effect of this great facility. It has caused more havoc than it ought to, the media is of great importance to most of the human daily activities in the world today, the ease of communication, sales of products and services, networking with your customers, buyers, clients and even getting a Job is much more easier now than ever before because of the invention of the social media, but it seems some people are bent on using it for the wrong reasons.

Today, I want to discuss majorly with the youth that seems to be subject to the harmful effect of this tool, It will shock you to know how much I the name of catching fun or keeping up with their fans, what they post, especially am talking about ladies.

It has even become a normal thing today for ladies to post their nude, either to their boyfriend, sugar daddy, or as a way to sell their body, some who don’t post nude also post indecent dressing, what they could regret in years to come, I believe the information that you will read in a moment from now, will be an eye opener and it will help you to be more cautious in the manner with which you post your pictures on the media.

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I was shocked when I saw a popular Music celebrity called Tiwa savage posted some so called ‘sexy’ mini nude pictures of herself on the media today, you can see them below; this is very wrong, things like this diminish the value of womanhood in the society, it also makes the younger generation think it is alright to go out half naked or to post the pictures of themselves in that way on the internet too, this is a very wrong influence.

Tiwa Savage

Why you should not post Nude Pictures on Media;

BBNaija: See sexy pictures of Angel, the 2021 housemate with 11 tattoos »  Koboinfo

  1. It is Wrong:  It is not right to post nude pictures on social media, because what you post tells people a lot about whom you are, your post are a reflection of your thoughts and mindset, so if you come out and post nude or almost half naked pictures, you are giving the world a wrong impression of yourself, and the worse part of all is that, you have no idea how many people are actually connecting with you on social media, with the media in our 21st century world, you are accessible and available to the global world, showing wrong things about yourself to the world is a negative lifestyle that you should trash, there are more better and relevant ways to use the social media, than polluting it with your nude. Our social media should be used to reflect our value system and not to display carnality, sexuality and nudity.
  2. Your Future: Many young people don’t think of the future, they often times focus only on today, as though, there is no tomorrow, some of them, when they become adult and saw what they have posted years ago online, they will regret it, because by them, they have a better understanding and world have wished they behaved in a better way, and this can even affect many things. Another category is those who send their nude to people online, this is very bad, it’s so worse that some elderly ones are doing it too, it’s that bad, what if the person decides to post it on twitter, what you probably posted to him or her on whatsapp, what if a fight took place between you guys? You will be left in serious regret, but it is wisdom to avoid it now that it has not happened yet.
  3. Job Employment:  Young people, let me tell you something today, there is a place for you at the top; but there is a way to live and a path to follow in order for you to get there, there are so many people with great dreams and aspiration that never get accomplish eventually in life and they are forced to live in regret and shame of their past and failure to reach their goal, do you know there is not international organization today, that will employ you without first going through your social media handle? The things you post now matters a lot, it goes a long way to even determine if you are qualify to take up a Job or not, don’t disqualify yourself ahead of time, watch the things you post online today. Most ladies  are caught in the web of posting nude or semi-nude online on their birthday in the name of celebration, this also is wrong, your value system as a person matters, and is largely reflected in the content of what you share online.
  4. Your Marriage: Do you know that you will not be single forever? Do you know that one day you will be married and have a family and children? What legacy are you living behind for your wards? Some of the pictures you are posting online right now, that are revealing sensitive part of your body, if your children see them in the next few years from now, will they be happy with you? Some ladies post terrible seductive and sexy pictures online in the name of looking for lifestyle, do you know that, the kind of person you are will determine the kind of person you will attract? If you are Godly person, you will attract a godly person, if you are not a good person, you will also attract a bad person; that is how it works in life, so be an example of what you want your partner to look like. Another thing, some of the pictures you post for fun, it may not go down well with your partner, I have seen marriages crash down because the husband discover something about the wife long after they have married each other, and he was highly disappointed, this is so true, young people need to learn to secure the future ahead of time and not destroy it.
  5. Fear of God: Lastly, is the fear of God. The bible says, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; decency is what supposed to be the foundation for your dressing and appearance at all time. It should be decent enough. Because your dress also tells people how much reference you have for God. Don’t let your appearance bring shame to the name of God, the bible says, righteousness exalt a nation, sin is a reproach. The rate, at which young people post immoral dressing and nude on the media today, is fast becoming very alarming and unpleasant. Let us not encourage the wrong thing to become rampant, let us rather embrace righteousness.

I pray that God grant you the wisdom to live a most excellent and effective life, Amen.

Kindly share with others, let it inform and transform them.

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