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5 Reasons you should listen to Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon and be Under his Ministration

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If you are a Youth in this dispensation, and you are a Christian, I congratulate you, because something good is about to happen to you, and your life will never remain the same again, if there is a man of God with special call from God, who always bring the word of God of a truth and for real, then it is Apostle Joshua Selman, I have been following this man of God since Campus days, and trust me, the impact has been tremendous, it has placed me on the path of destiny both spiritually, intellectually and leadership-wise. It will be wicked to deny the impact of this Great man of God in the body of Christ in Nigeria and across the globe today.

There is no doubt, Apostle Selman is indeed a bundle of blessing tour generation, if only you know how much revival spring forth from this man’s message in our campus back in the days, it was really amazing!

Many of us start yearning for God, there was this amazing passion for the Lord that we contacted as we listen to Apostle Selman sermons, our Christian life and experience took a new turn, which everybody around us can see. Out of the passion I contacted from Apostle selman teachings, I founded a prayer team back then in school, where we gather every Friday to pray, there was such a huge to call upon the name of the Lord, no matter the schedule looks like, we ensure we find time to seek the face of God in prayer, and this led to so many transformation, impact, breakthrough in academics, business and other endeavors, it also triggers many people to come to the Lord through our life.  To God be the glory.

If you are an undergraduate and you are reading this information, I have a sincere advice for you, kindly download as many as possible sermons of Apostle Joshua Selman and start listening to them, it will impact your life in great way, prepare you spiritually and other wise for your glorious destiny, it will also foster your passion and zeal for the Lord.

Today, I want to share with you, 5 Reasons you should start following the ministry of Apostle Joshua Selman, (ENI Koinonia) and download the messages and listen to them, this might just be the step into breakthrough that someone has been longing for, because the bible says, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you, free, it also says, I will give you Pastors after my own heart, who will teach you wisdom.

  1. To Build your Christian walk with God: There are many people out there who are just Christian by default or by birth, they really have not encounter the person of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, they don’t understand the place of Christian character development, they just live and do as they please, even salvation, they don’t understand, they just know, they were in church one day, request was made for those who wants to give their life to Christ and the came out, that was the end, nothing more. This is a very dangerous way to live as a Christian, because salvation was meant to be the beginning of your Christian experience and not the end. Apostle Selman sermons will teach you the ways of God, it will help you understand how to live a victorious and fulfilling Christian life, following  Jesus will no longer be a burden, because he will impact you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to stand as a Child of God, and to know what you need to do at every moment in time.
  2. Divine Encounter: This is a major necessity for Christians, if you are following the Lord and you do not know him or encounter him, you will soon get frustrated in this Journey. The ministry of Apostle Selman, is known for great divine encounter and I am a beneficiary of this Grace, you can pick some of his sermons like, Commanding Result,  The Holy Spirit, His Divine Power, The Spirit of Wisdom, The Grace called Favour, or better still, if you can go to Koinonia Abuja on Sunday by 5pm, you will be under Apostle Selman live and direct and you will be bless tremendously, fortunately Apostle ministers and travel everywhere across the Nations of the earth, especially across the states in Nigeria, so you can encounter the Grace of God at work in his life, by attending any of such conference where he is invited. Honestly, Apostle Joshua Selman carries a very special Grace, he brings the word of God with simplicity and with Power, he is so anointed and equip with knowledge and wisdom to raise victorious believers who has proofs to show, and that will take over the mountains of their spheres for the Lord.
  3. To Learn and be Imparted with Wisdom: The bible says, there is a spirit in man and the breath of the almighty, gives him understanding, this is so true, and the good thing is, that spirit can be transferred from those who has it to you, even distance is not a barrier, Apostle SELMAN is not like the mere Pastors you find everywhere, this man of God stands out, he is so filled with wisdom, which is evident in the smooth running of their ministry and his own personal life, he is so passionate about the body of Christ and about God and his agenda for the church in every dispensation.  You can contact the Spirit of wisdom by listening to him, this thing as happened to me before, and many others too, yours shall be delivered in Jesus name, Amen!
  4. He is Passionate about the People: This is another major edge I see in the life of Apostle Selman, he is a passionate preacher, he is very passionate for God’s people, he wants them to be liberated, he want them to be blessed, he want them to be transformed, I have watched him minister many times and you can see his heart is burning for God’s people, many times, he bless them form the bottom of his heart. The good thing I noticed is, he is both Passionate about God, his kingdom and his people, and this passion he has for God can be transferred to you, this happened to me, I saw the impact of Apostle Selman teachings in my life and how it made me began to love God like never before, I took my Christian life more seriously, it was indeed an amazing experience. Infact I have learn so much about God and his ways from Apostle, and I discover many Christians out there, even though they are honest and sincere, yet they do not have the requisite knowledge that it takes to rise in life and in the kingdom, that is why the bible says, my people perish for lack of knowledge, this man of God is passionate about teaching God’s people, the wisdom of God that makes for a life of result and glory, this lukewarm Christianity some of you are doing, it will die, when you encounter God through knowledge.
  5. To Build Rock-solid Christian Character : If there is a dimension where many people are lacking behind today, even in the body of Christ is in the area of Character. This is due to so many reasons, but first and foremost, it is due to rebellious to leaders and authority, immediately you cannot be ruled, controlled and instructed, even though you area still a Christian, you can be living like an unbeliever, because of a rebellious heart. Even, there are pastors with very terrible character; their lifestyle does not reflect the person of Jesus. This is wrong, but it can be corrected, by the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. When I start knowing more about God, even right from my undergraduate days, my character and lifestyle was changed, because the nature of God was finding expression in me. This is as a result of the teachings of the word of God by the man of God, Apostle Selman. There are many principles of the kingdom that I learn from him. Another thing that is notable about the man of God is, DIVINE PRESENCE, even if you are connecting from your room to Koinonia online or you are live in the service, there is a tangible presence of God that is penetrated into your spirit, I have experience this over and over again. Both through the worship, the word, the singing, everything brings God’s presence to the lives of people. All these joined together brings about transformation and divine encounter to our lives and we give Jesus the praise ad glory, AMEN! We also pray for the man of God that he will move from strength to strength, from glory to gory, and he will not be weary in Jesus name, Amen!

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