5 Steps that can Accelerate your Progress in 2022


So you want to make progress in 2022?
Let me share with you, basic truths that I think could help.

  1. Start by asking some questions. What do I think God is leading me to do? What am I naturally gifted in? What do I do with less effort but with beautiful results? Most of the times, the answer to our destiny is within us, not outside of us. We only need to bring them out from us. Our future is not really ahead of us; it is within us.
  2. Start from where you are. Whatsoever your hands finds to do, do it with all your might. That principle has worked for me. Yes, there is the burden of accuracy; we don’t want to miss it. But I have found out that accuracy comes from staying in the job.
  3. While you are doing what you are doing; keep trusting God for more opportunities. Most of the times, a bigger platform will come from your faithfulness to your present platforms.
  4. Keep growing. You can’t control your opportunities but you can control your growth. Read more books, learn a new skill, invest time in learning from mentors.
  5. Lead a life of personal worship and surrender. Worshippers don’t miss their ways. Because their hearts are stayed on God, their opportunities locate them. Worship helps us to be God-ward. It takes away the burdens of life from us and enliven our spirit for rest and restoration.
    Pastor Morakinyo Olumodimu (Ph.D)
    Senior Pastor
    The Upward Church
    Columbia, Maryland, USA

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