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5 Things that are more Deadly than Sexual Sin

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There are many Sin that people commit secretly or even daily but they don’t see anything wrong in it, maybe because it is a daily thing, but the bible makes it clear that these things are sin, no matter how much it as become a lifestyle, they are from the devil and should be rejected.

We have a generation that exalts or magnify some sin and seemingly overlook some other ones, like sexual sin as been given high attention, like making it feel like a major or the only sin, but it is actually not. We are not trying to justify sexual sin, but we are leading a righteous and most lifestyle that brings Glory to the name of the LORD.


The Will of God for we his children to live a life that brings glory to his name, a life of victory over sin and a life that conquers satan.

1. Unforgiveness : This is a sin that deprives you of many things, it hinders your forgiveness from God, because until you forgive others, God cannot forgive you. It removes the covering of God on your life and make you vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. The devil needs you to do something against the word of God before he can attack you. Don’t live in unforgiveness, release anyone that offend you.

2. Anger : It is normal to be upset, as long as you are on earth, people will offend you for many reasons, they will do thing that will make you angry, but you must not allow anger, because anger enhances the work of the devil. When you are angry, you take destiny destructive decision, and steps that you will always regret, anger amplifies the works of darkness and it is even the operation of the evil spirit.

It makes you sin to God easily, it also makes you to disobey God conveniently.

3. Indiscipline : This is what makes you to be the same with Unbelievers, it is a terrible thing for a Christian to be indiscipline, it makes you so vulnerable and makes your christian faith questionable. Discipline is what makes you to say that…. “This may be the norm or the trend but m a Christian and so, I will not do it, knowing that it is against the will of God, so it doesn’t matter who is engaging in it, i refuse to join them, i will rather pleas God than please men.

Discipline amplifies your integrity and Christian dignity, while indiscipline makes you vulnerable and timid.

4. Bitterness : Bitterness is an habit that brings hatred and darkness to your life, bitterness is the name of the offspring that come forth from unforgiveness, when you live in Unforgiveness for a while, bitterness begins to creep in, you are holding something against someone so much that you don’t want to see them, you don’t want to hear from them, you are even angry when you hear that they are successful. This is a trap from the devil, if you do not release that hate and bitterness in your heart,it will attract bitter things to your life.

These are the works of the flesh and you must avoid them so that you can live in the spirit pleasing God.

5. Envy : This is a state of hatred for the well being of others, you are feeling why does this person has this, why is this person blessed, why is this person successful, you are comparing yourself with another person and you will not have peace of mind that way, because envy always graduate into unhealthy competition which as ruined many people, it forbids contentment.

Envy will always make you feel you are not good enough.

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