5 Things you should do during NYSC service


As a Nigerian youth, we all know after the successful completion of the academic program, the next thing is NYSC, National Youth Service Corp, a program where you are given the opportunity to serve your nation Nigeria, this platform gives you so many opportunity to serve the country at various levels and also qualifies you for many offers.

Today, I will be sharing some very important things you should do during your NYSC program, these are the things that will matter at the end of your program and will prepare you for the future destiny ahead of you, this one year can set you apart for the future, if it is well utilized.

So many people don’t seems to take note of the potential in this one year and what it has to offer, they end up wasting the one year, wasting the alawi and other opportunity that comes with it, simply because they are not well groomed yet, they still have some iota of undergraduate remnant in them, this is the time to wake up and rise to the demand of life and destiny, we live in a ever changing world, as much as your academic progress is appreciated, it is never enough and it can never be the only yardstick for your success in life, there are so many more things you must put into consideration and we shall be looking at them in this article.

5 Things you should do during NYSC

  1. Develop quality Human relationship: If I will be honest with you, your relationship with others can position you above in life, it can create room for you at the top, it can be the answer to your 10years prayer, relationship is a critical part of destiny fulfillment, some of the people you meet during your service year, will end up as the president of this Nation, if you treat them badly, you have a closed a door to your own greatness indirectly. I know Africa glamour so much on prayer, but do you know, God will never come down to answer you when you pray, he will send men your way, that has been the way God does things all through scriptures, because men are God’s tool for operation, even if you fast for 21days or 40days, if you have bad relationship with people, you will really delay the answer to your own prayer by yourself, it is that serious, use the opportunity wisely, by meeting the right destiny helpers, even those you just greet yourself today, can become a doorway to your rising tomorrow, so don’t trivialize men, develop good relationship, follow peace with all men, because they will always be used by God for you at the end of the day.
  2. Start a Business: This may not apply to everybody but if you want to experience financial freedom in Nigeria, you must have a Business idea you are working on, or start a Business, the honest truth is, there is no Job out there, especially in this generation where AI and robots are coming to take up many things, you cannot afford to depend on the nonexisting job, painfully the ones that are currently doing the Job are not gainfully employed, many are looking for better opportunities and things they can do to make the most of their lives, this is what can make a medical doctor, trained professionally to venture into fish farming, or like we see it some years ago, when some doctors applied to work as a driver at Dangote company, this is the country you are living in, let this reality dawn on you early, you can get a Job, but it cannot guarantee your future and also,  we have the population advantage in this country, you can provide goods and service for millions of people and make good returns from your business, than from a salary, the economy is not stable, but business is more better than Jobs, the truth is, computers and robots are fast replacing Job in many sectors today, think of what people need and how you can provide it, in your business line, you will be rewarded with funds and also appreciated for providing solution.
  3. Be a Solution Provider : If you are thinking of securing a Job, either in the hospital or bank or any organization, they wouldn’t just pay you salary for nothing, you are basically been paid to solve problems, you must develop that skill from now, and it is very easy to do, it starts with been concern about your immediate environment, what are the problems people are facing, how do you think you can position yourself to solve that problem, this mentality alone makes you an asset in any organization. Live your life to be a solution provider, a light giver, not just someone who is seeking to get from others or collect from people, the question is, what are you bringing to the table too, this is to paramount. Some of the little things CORP members do during the service year, actually position many of them for leadership in the future, ranging from providing solution to the need of the community, like health care services, building public toilet and so on, continue to engage them, at various strata of your fields; contend for mental transformation, read books on leadership that will position your mindset for the future you envisage, you must be a solution provider, if you must find your place in destiny. This reminds me of the story of a young geology graduate who went to work at a construction site, he was there, when Bishop Oyedepo visit, he greeted the bishop respectfully and was speaking correct English, so Bishop called him, what are you doing here, he said, am a graduate but I don’t have a Job, that was how he was given a Job and asked to resume the next Monday, Imagine if he had stayed at home and refuse to work, because he is Jobless, he would have remain Jobless, be  a solution provider anywhere you find yourself, go out and do something, every great future starts with one step.
  4. Dating or Marriage based Relationship: I know most young people at this stage are busy building career, securing a Job, trying to get their left from right and so on, but let me tell you something, you don’t have eternity to fulfill destiny, you don’t have forever to make the most of your life, you just have to start from where you are, many of us had parents who by one reason or the other married late, it is hard for them to see many generations of their lineage, because of time constrain, you don’t know the beauty of securing your own life partner early enough, it is of tremendous advantage, it keeps you focus and help you to run the race of life with speed. It is so unfortunate to see many young ladies wasting away their precious time, sleeping with various guys, as though they will never be married as a woman in life, little did they know that, it is even more worse for women, because you don’t have forever to be fresh and beautiful looking, as you grow in age, your value system and priority changes, at certain age and stage of life, you shouldn’t be praying and looking for life partner again, it should have been sorted, because after a particular age and stage of your life, if that aspect is not yet fixed, you may not be able to fix it anymore, I know the country is hard and everyone wants to be successful, but you don’t need to have all the money in this world for you to settle down martially, you just need mental maturity, and other things to prepare yourself to be a good husband or wife to your partner, marriage and child bearing is time bound, there is a phase of life where you won’t have the opportunity to raise your children, as you would have love to, do it when you are still young, you’d be glad you did, get rid of unserious relationship, ask your partner, where are we going, how can you stay in relationship for 5yeras, 7yrs, 10years and you both never talk about marriage, you may be heading for a great shock, if by any means, the other person announce his wedding to you, it will be the greatest shock of your life, during your service year, be prayerful and watchful, God can lead you and show you your partner, either during or after, but prove to GOD that you are ready, by been conscious of it, reading books and gathering the necessary things for that phase of your life to be a good success.
  5. Serve God dedicatedly : Finally, as you develop yourself in human relationship, career and mental development, please do not trivialize the place of your spiritual growth and development, don’t say because you are free from parents and other people that supervise you, you can do anyhow, this is not wisdom. This is rather a time to be very much closer to God, this is a time to build your walk with God and make it stronger, because there are many things God will reveal to you, that will help you journey in Life and Destiny, but when you don’t know God, you don’t fear God, you live your life recklessly, smoke anyhow, drink anyhow, go to nightclubs, parties and everything that is of the world, but you never take time to attend church service and worship God, listening to the word of God to learn the ways of God, you will not be able to hear God or know what he is saying concerning your future. A spiritually robust life remains an asset for any man or woman in destiny, when you are close to God, you are close to good things, you are close to divine direction, you will not walk in darkness, you will be led to the right spouse, the right location, the right Business and career pathway, God will be showing you the way to go to make the most o f your existence on the earth, It is a beautiful thing indeed to be connected to God, it amplify your journey of Life and destiny, I pray God will grant you the wisdom and Grace to separate yourself from the ways of the world and seek his face even during your youth service in Jesus name.

Let me close on this note, nobody seeks God and go down, Nobody seeks his face and go down, anything that brings you closer to God, you are closer to greatness, to glory and a life of exploits, there is a wisdom and sound mind that comes only from knowing God, you are heavily defended and shielded from the wickedness of the enemy in your generation, all because you know the lord (Daniel 11:32) and stay glued to him, I pray for everyone reading this article, you will not miss your way in Destiny in Jesus name, God himself will lead you and order your steps in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you.


Written by Pastor Matthew.

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