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As a Christian, you are meant to read and study your bible daily, as a prove and symbol that you desire to know God, it is also the greatest evidence that you are spiritually healthy, it is a prove that you are growing in the Lord and in the faith.

There are many benefits that comes from reading the bible, which ranges from knowing God for yourself, knowing God for whom he really is, knowing the truth about life and the world generally, knowing the will of God and his ways, walking with God directly and doing his perfect will, growing in the love of God and the relationship of his love, understanding how to pray to God and hear God directly, knowing how to prepare for the kingdom of God on the earth and in heaven, knowing how to live your life to bring Glory to the name of the Lord.

Today, I will show you 5 things that you miss out when you don’t read your Bible.

  1. The Bible says, “God is a spirit and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth” – John 4:24 KJV , there is a need to know God personally, you need to have an encounter and personal revelation of who God is, it it will help you to relate with him, the Bible says” The Ways of GOD was made known unto mose but his acts to the children of israel – Psalm 103:7 ” , we need to understand the ways of God so that we can command his acts.

2. The Bible says in Daniel 11:32, They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits, there are things you know about God and what he as provided for you that empowers you to command supernatural exploits in Life and Destiny. The Dignity of the children of God is activated by knowledge, and the bible says, my people perish because they lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

3. There are things God as already gave you, that you only need to activate them, for instance, divine health, prosperity, thehly spirit, they have been made available for you at redemption, but you need knowledge to activate them, you need the working principle of God to make the most of them. If you don’t read the Bible you will not be able to maximize the things God as provided for you already.

4. The same way, your phone and devices comes with a manual or your T.V manual, your life also comes with a manual and that Manual is the Word of God, the Bible, thi is what contains the truth about your Life, every other information you receive is not reliable and can not stand the test of time, like what the bible says.

5. This Life is subject to a timeframe, it is not forever, you need to be sure of where you belong and where you are going after the end of time as come, and the only way to do that, is to give your Life to Jesus, read your bible, be planted in a church where you can be taught the ways of God and grown therein. The Bible tailors you through your journey on earth and help you to end in eternity with CHRIST.

May God give you the Grace to read the Bible today and every day of your life in Jesus name, God bless you.

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