50 Prayer Points for Nigeria You should Pray Everyday


Praise the name of the Lord, amen. If you are a Christian and you are based in Nigeria or you love Nigeria, I welcome you to this vital information, because we need to rise and pray for Nigeria, it is time for us to stand in gap for this God’s own nation, the wickedness, evil and atrocities going on in this Nation is too much and trust me, it demands the prayer of the saints, it require that we stand in gap praying always, remember the bible says, Resist the devil and he shall flee (James 4:7). We are not to look and celebrate the works of the devil, we are to resist him totally and completely and send him out of Business, when we see the devil at work in one area of the other, we are to rise as soldiers and put an end to that work of the devil, the bible speaking in Isaiah 62:6, said, I have set watch men on your walls, they will pray day and night continually.

Someone maybe wondering, why do we need to pray for Nigeria?

I will give you some few reasons before we list the prayer points out for today;

  1. To stop the forces of wickedness and destruction ravaging the Nation and the people, there is too much wastage going on, kidnapping today, robbery tomorrow, unknown gunmen, various ethnic conflicts leading to bloodshed and loss of lives, to make it worse right now, even the security are not safe, Police stations are been attacked anyhow right now, officers with uniform are been killed and destroy, this is the forces of darkness at work, we must pray and stop this wickedness.
  2. To Redeem the Land : Nigeria belongs to God, the bible says in Psalm 23, The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein, this includes Nigeria and the nations of the world, right now in Africa, Nigeria seems to hold an integral part of the move of the Spirit, the revival is emerging from Nigeria to the end of the earth, this is a major reason why the devil is uncomfortable with the peace and progress of Nigeria and he is literally throwing all manner of things to hinder the destiny of this nation, we must rise to redeem the land and her people from the hand of the Enemy. Especially the prayer of salvation of souls, to turn men to righteousness and restore them back to God, this must be our heart cry as a Nation.
  3. To Fulfill Destiny Assignment and Prophecy: Nigeria is pregnant with prophecy, is loaded with divine mandate, major Generals of God who has passed on to glory in this Nation gave various prophecy for this age and dispensation, we must not be an onlooker, we must rise and press in prayer to see those prophecy fulfilled in our nation and in our lifetime, God is ready to move if there is a people willing to move his hand.
  4. To Rescue those under the captivity of the Devil : We must pray to rescue the land and people under the captivity of the devil, this is one of the reasons why Jesus came to die for humanity, the bible says; for this reason was the son of God made manifest that he may destroy all the works of the devil ( 1 John 3:8 ). The devil is not meant to be in charge but when we are quiet, passive and silent, he can be having a free day, but when we rise and pray, we can put an end to the operation of the devil across our land.
  5. Finally, we pray for Nigeria to establish the counsel of God for this Nation, God is a God of purpose, counsel and agenda, he wants us to be a righteous nation, a revived people a redeemed people, a God’s own people, but there are just too many things that seems to be hindering this from becoming a reality, so we stand in prayer to stop the forces of the devil and contention of hell targeted against the smooth running of God’s counsel for our Nation, this is a kingdom battle and we must contend till the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of God and of his Christ ( Revelation 11:15).

50 Daily Prayer Points for Nigeria

  1. Father we thank you for your hand and help over Nigeria and her people, to you be all the glory In Jesus name – Psalm 100:4.
  2. Father, we thank you for your love towards Nigeria and her people – John 3:16.
  3. Father we thank you for your mercy and Grace that has kept our Nation Nigeria till now, in Jesus name – Malachi 3:6.
  4. Father, we thank you for your mighty hand upon our Nation, for the Light of the Gospel upon Nigeria and her people in Jesus name – John 1: 5.
  5. Father, we thank you for your counsel over Nigeria, because we know it shall stand, the devil not withstanding – Isaiah 43:13 .
  6. Father, we thank you for the salvation and redemption of souls in Nigeria, that as recued the people from destruction in Jesus name – Acts 4:12 .
  7. Father, we thank you for the outpouring of your Spirit upon Nigeria and her people, for the Apostolic and Prophetic Revival sweeping across the Land in Jesus name – Acts 2:17.
  8.   Father, we thank you for springing forth global revival from Nigeria to the world in Jesus name – Isaiah 11:1 .
  9. Father, we ask for the release of your mercy upon Nigeria and her people in Jesus name – Romans 9:15 .
  10. Father, we ask that you cleanse Nigeria and her people by the precious blood of Jesus and redeem her from destruction – Psalm 51:2 .
  11. Father, we ask for a fresh outpouring of your spirit of upon the people of Nigeria, let sons and daughters of God emerge like never before in Jesus name – Acts 2:17 .
  12. Father, we establish your counsel for Nigeria, your agenda for this Nation shall stand in Jesus name – Isaiah 43:19 .
  13. Father, we declare that Nigeria is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the people of Nigeria shall serve the Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 24: 1 .
  14. Father, we decree massive harvest of souls in Nigeria from now onward like never before, let multitude come to the saving knowledge of Jesus in Nigeria – Isaiah 2:3  .
  15. Father, let the Knowledge of your Glory and Power fill Nigeria like never before in Jesus name – Habakkuk 2:14  .
  16. Father, we come against the principalities and Powers in Nigeria, we command them to bow to the lordship of Jesus Christ – Romans 14:11.
  17. Father, we pull down every evil altar, altar of wickedness sponsoring destruction in Nigeria in Jesus name – Psalm 7:9 .
  18. Father, we pull down every stronghold targeted against the lives and destinies of Nigerians in Jesus name – Psalm 68: 1 .
  19. Father, we pray for the churches in Nigeria, let there be a revival, a quickening like never before in Jesus name –  Acts 19:20 .
  20. Father, we destroy every occultic Power, manipulation and divination deployed against the progress of Nigeria in Jesus name – Job 5:12.
  21. Father, we decree let every agent of the devil in Jesus be visited with your judgment in Jesus name –  Psalm 35;1.
  22.  Father, arise let your enemies in Nigeria be scattered in JESUS NAME –  Psalm 68:1.
  23. Every forces of darkness hindering the move of God in Nigeria, be destroyed today in Jesus name –  Acts 13:11.
  24. Every forces deployed against the church, her people, let them be scattered in JESUS NAME –  Psalm 68:1..
  25.  Every Evil Leader in position of Power that is bent of destroying the lives of Nigerians, Oh God arise, slay them even right now! – Deut 32:39.
  26. Father, every forces of hell deployed against the youth in Nigeria, let them be frustrated in Jesus name – Job 5:12.
  27.  Father, we decree the release of the Spirit of Wisdom upon the leadership of Nigeria for effective administration geared towards progress and good governance in Jesus name – Proverbs 8:12.
  28. Father, everyone in Authority fighting the agenda of God over Nigeria, let them be wasted, shoot at them at unaware –  Exodus 15:4.
  29.  Everyone in Authority hindering the Gospel of Christ in Nigeria, let them be destroyed suddenly in Jesus name –  Matthew 21:44.
  30. Father, we declare that the gate of Hell will not prevail against Nigeria and her people in Jesus name – Matthew 16:18.
  31. Father, we declare preservation over Nigeria and her people in Jesus name – Psalm 12:7.
  32. Father, let every blood sucking demons in Nigeria be destroyed by the blood of Jesus – Psalm 35:4.
  33. Father, we pull down the forces of darkness across the length and breadth of Nigeria in Jesus name – John 1: 5
  34. Father, let there be an emergence of Apostles, Prophets and battle axe of God across Nigeria for the endtime harvest in Jesus name – Ephesians 4:11.
  35.  Father, pour out your zeal upon your People in Nigeria like never before in Jesus name – Psalm 69:9.
  36. We decree a rescue for those under the oppression of the devil In Jesus name – Obadiah 1:17.
  37.  Father, let your healing Power begin to flow across the length and breadth of Nigeria and the hospitals in Jesus name – 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  38. Father, we rebuke the spirit of death in Nigeria, every forces targeted at wasting the lives of Nigerians, let it be destroyed right now in Jesus name – John 10:10.
  39.  Everyone looting the resources of Nigerian to their own pocket and custody, let them be exposed and expelled in Jesus name – Psalm 68:1-2.
  40. Every wicked leader that takes pleasure in the blood shed of Nigerians, let them be judged without mercy in JESUS NAME – Isaiah 49:26.
  41. Father, we decree peace on the Nation of Nigeria, let the peace of God abound in our land in Jesus name – John 14:27.
  42. Father, we command every battle, bloodshed and unrest to cease in Nigeria in JESUS NAME – Psalm 46:9.
  43. Father, let there be abundance of Peace, blessings, progress and prosperity in Nigeria – Psalm 122:6.
  44. Father, keep and unite us as a Nation, bind us together with your love in Jesus name – Psalm 133:1.
  45. Father, baptize the people of Nigeria with the spirit of the fear of the Lord; empower us to live in righteousness and integrity in Jesus name – Proverbs 14:34.
  46.  Father, grant us God fearing Leaders in this Nation, let them rule the people in the fear of the Lord, – Proverbs 9:10.
  47. Father, restore us back to yourself, let the people of Nigeria begin to call upon the name of the Lord – Psalm 9:17.
  48.  Father, let your zeal and passion for your Kingdom rest upon our Nation Nigeria in Jesus name – John 2:17.
  49. Father, let your Word continue to increase, grow mightily, abound and be glorified in Nigeria – Acts 19;20.
  50. Father, prepare us for eternity with Christ in Jesus name, Amen – 1 John 3:2.

If you read this post and you have not given your life to Christ, you can do so now, by saying after me; Lord Jesus, I come to you, I am a sinner, I ask for your mercy, forgive me my sins, wash me with your blood, I receive you as my lord and savior from today in Jesus name, Amen.

Congratulations, find a bible believing Church, be planted and grow in the faith, and I pray, the lord will keep you till the coming of his glory in Jesus name, Amen.

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