1. Bitterness and hatred are the opposites of love and forgiveness and these are the opposites of the nature of God and of what God stands for.
  2. The study of the Word opens up your mind, it opens up your mentality. It puts you on the cutting edge of that which you lay your hands to do.
  3. Whenever you go before God to pray or worship in a state of resentment, He sees you wearing a garment of bitterness and a cloak of unforgiveness.
  4. Never take your husband for granted. A lot of women take their husbands for granted, but if anyone will take your husband for granted, it shouldn’t be you. The day you agreed to marry him, you agreed that he should take the lead, you agreed to be secondary to him; even if you are biologically older than he is.
  5. In order to attain healing from bitterness against self, you must purposefully prepare for yourself, purposely acknowledge your weakness and ask for that forgiveness.
  6. When you are a person of prayer, you are not easily a person of sin.
  7. Many women enter into prostitution because they are not satisfied with that which is available to them and that which is at their disposal is not sufficient for them. You are a woman that becomes outstanding when you don’t allow the things of this world bother you. Accept you status per time and trust God to change your level at His own pace
  8. Those who seek God and His Word don’t struggle to see His promises come to pass in their lives.
  9. The husband is the head of the home. There can’t be two heads in one house. Anything that has two heads is a monster; the marriage that must succeed is the marriage where there is only one head – the man.
  10. If you harbour, even for a minute, the act of bitterness or unforgiveness, you are indirectly putting on the nature of satan the devil.
  11. Until you learn to serve, you can’t be served.
  12. Daughter of God, refuse a competitive mindset with your husband. Put your hands on deck to ensure that you are a critical part in the actualization of his vision because in his victory, your victory is guaranteed.
  13. You must understand that, God loves you so much to bring you to the point of delivering you from the great swelling pit of destruction of bitterness
  14. God’s love for the world is what made Him send His Son to die for us in order to effect forgiveness.
  15. Refuse to follow the negative things people say about you. If you continue to listen to the wrong people, they will suffocate your potential and choke your strength.
  16. Until you learn to be on the giving side in service, you don’t expect to receive service.
  17. The craving to show off is a reason why many are in ugly situations that have proven difficult to get out of. Be humble and focused.
  18. The devil is afraid of your potentials and what you carry, he is afraid of your abilities and capabilities because they are a threat to him. Refuse to be distracted.
  19. Never come to the point where you date people for money. Instead develop yourself; get a degree, learn a skill – become productive. Being productive will attract the right kind of people to you for marriage.
  20. Consciously take good care of your health, your weight and your vitality until it becomes a habit.
  21. Never despise what you have; start from where you are and work your way upward.
  22. No matter your age, you can still find the right man for you. Clothe yourself with an amiable personality and always wear a smile – it lessens your age by several years when people look at your face.
  23. Don’t just wish to marry a successful person, go ahead and become a success yourself.
  24. Don’t undermine spirituality, it is your greatest distinguishing factor in life.
  25. You should have your personal dignity, self-worth and self-respect but when it tilts to the extreme of the scale called pride, arrogance or pomposity, then there is a challenge.
  26. You have no business being close friends with someone who doesn’t share your values or who isn’t going in the same direction as you are.
  27. Some people get so comfortable with unhappiness that they forget what happiness looks like, or don’t feel like they can do better. Don’t be this person. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate things before you say “I do.”
  28. The woman who bends to serve her husband will certainly rise to receive his affection.
  29. Work for God with passion and He will give you one of His daughter/ trusted sons as spouse.
  30. To be a carrier of God’s Presence, Power and anointing, your life must always exude gratitude, thanksgiving and joy.
  31. It takes a positive form of desperation to attain whatever you seek in life.
  32. Never relent; continuously stay ahead of your adversaries.
  33. Marriage is a marathon not a sprint.
  34. In your relationship, marriage, work and everywhere you are, refuse to be dispensable. This you do by being useful, timely and excellent.
  35. Be dependable. That is how to connect favour for the next dimension.
  36. What do you do for a living? Ensure that you develop your skill(s) in that area to remain relevant.
  37. Don’t be vain. Also, don’t ignore your looks or grooming. Make some effort to dress well and look sharp; and you would benefit from the response it evokes everywhere you go.
  38. If you desire to stand out in the coming year, then make excellence your signature.
  39. When you encounter challenges, it is not time to pack up. It is time to re-evaluate methods and re-strategize. Pick yourself up and keep keeping up.
  40. Refuse to compromise your faith here on earth and endanger your eternity for anyone or anything.
  41. When you think of quitting, don’t do it. Instead, take a break. Rest, get refreshed then refire.
  42. Take daily steps towards achieving your goals – and nothing and no one would be able to stop you.
  43. You shall finish big – if you keep keeping on.
  44. Correct your team members when the need arises. Also praise them abundantly when they earn it – always balance up reprove and commendation.
  45. Avoid the company of morally loose people and avoid being taught or encouraged to sin.
  46. Never attempt to disconnect your spouse from his/her family members. It is an error.
  47. To acknowledge God for what He has done for you, is to move Him to do even greater things as you seek Him. Be thankful.
  48. Life cannot give you what you deserve but what you demand. What are you demanding for? Define it and go for it.
  49. Life is governed by relationships; guard and cherish yours.
  50. Give that task all it takes and it will give you all it contains. Work long hours if you need to – it will always pay.

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