60 Fold is the Harvest You Get When you Sow to your Pastor – Pastor Adeboye



  • Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG November Divine Encounter, Redemption Camp
    Thank you Jesus, Thank you Father. Let’s lift our hands to the Almighty God and bless Him holy name. Give Him thanks for bringing us to a new month, the eleventh month of the year. He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, Give Him glory, give Him praise for there is no one like Him. Thank you Lord for ever more. Thank you Lord.
    🎶 Blessed be your name, blessed be your name. Blessed be your name oh Lord. Hallelujah. Blessed be your name, blessed be your name. Blessed be your name oh Lord.
    🎶 Jesus is your name, Jesus is your name. Jesus is your name oh Lord. Hallelujah. Jesus is your name, Jesus is your name. Jesus is your name oh Lord.
    Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the One who was, who is and who is to come. The Almighty God thank you for January, Father accept our worship in Jesus name. Thank you for bringing us to the first day of the eleventh month. We are here again to have an encounter with you, Please Lord this month let our appointed time come in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
    Genesis 8:20-22
    Harvest must come, it is a settled matter. It is by the decree of the Most High, as long as there is day and night, there must be seedtime and harvest.
    Galatians 6:7
    Divine decrees, once God speaks it is settled. Now Harvest time depends on certain things. When is the appointed time to harvest? That depends on certain things :
  1. The Quality of the Seed Sown
    The quality of the seed determines when the harvest will come, for example if you sow corn, you will reap after three months. If it is yam that is sown, you will have to wait six months. That is why yam is more expensive than maize. If you sow cocoa, you will have to wait three years. I am talking from experience. I am a farmer’s boy so I know if we sow corn, within three months we will be eating fresh corn.
    Yam, within six months, Cocoa at least three years. Quality of seed sown determines when the appointed time for harvest will come. The cheaper the seed, the sooner the harvest. The more expensive the seed the longer it takes before the harvest. However, once you begin to harvest your cocoa the harvest goes on for life.
  2. When You Sow
    John 12:24
    You do not begin to count the days until the harvest until the seed has gone into the soil, until the seed leaves your hand and goes into the soil. As long as the seed remains on the shelf, you can’t begin to count the days until the harvest. It is when the seed has been sown.
    In 1 Kings 17:8-16, Elijah said to the widow of Zarepheth, you want a harvest? Sow first. Do my own first. You say you have only one meal left, Congratulations that is enough seed.

Sow it first. You cannot begin to make for you and your son until you make for me. Don’t expect a harvest until that which you have has left your hand. Until you sow you cannot begin to count the day to the Harvest.

  1. The Season
    There is a season for sowing corn, there is a season for sowing yam. You sow in the wrong season, there will be no harvest at all.

Isaiah 55:10, Ecclesiastes 11:1-3 says If you want a harvest load your cloud until it is full of water and then it falls down as rain. If you plant your yam in the dry season it goes into the soil, it stays there waiting for rain, it is when the rain comes that the yam begins to sprout. Then you can begin to count the time to the harvest season.

  1. The Soil
    Mathew 13:3-8
    You can’t sow on the rock and expect it to grow, why? There will be no root. You can’t sow on the highway where people are passing and expect a harvest, it is not going to happen. The sowing must be on a good soil and the Lord makes it clear that soils differ. Good soils also differ, some will give thirty fold, some sixty fold and some hundred fold. I have explained it to us before that thirty fold is the harvest you get when you sow into the lives of fellow brothers and sisters. The Bible calls them “the household of faith”.

Sixty fold is the harvest you get when you sow into the life of your pastor. I am not saying that because I am a pastor, the Bible makes it clear that when you give to a prophet in the name of the prophet, you will receive a prophet’s reward.

When Elijah said to the Widow of Zarapheth “your barrel will always be full, there will always be food in this house”. It was a prophetic utterance and it will produce results. The truth is if your fellow brother or sister says “God bless you” he is merely greeting you.

Brothers can’t bless brothers. It’s like saying Good morning. When a prophet speaks, he has a backing of God. I hesitate to tell you this but it is the truth, hundred fold is that blessing you get when you bless your spiritual father. I am not saying this because I am General Overseer, that is the truth.

If you read Genesis 27, I have explained that to those of you who are workers, God showed me afresh January this year that When Isaac said to Esau “go and get me that kind of meat that I love”, Isaac was not saying I am hungry. Isaac wasn’t saying there is no food in the house.

He is saying “Spoil me that I may spoil you with my blessings”.

You remember the story very well, that after he blessed Jacob in error, Esau came and said I have brought the food and he said my stomach is already full.


Somebody has collected the real thing, I have blessed him and he shall be blessed. I bless some of my children on credit and I tell them this is what you will do to produce a hundred fold result. Because if you come with zero, hundred fold of zero is zero.

I have told you the story before, I was going for a walk and as usual some people will come and say “pray for me”. I am praying for everybody and you are already included but so that they will leave me alone, I will say “God bless you”.

One day I was close to the water there and a young man driving a bus saw me, he went forward and parked and then I don’t know whatever he had in his bus he tool it and gave it to me. That is “God bless you”. There is a difference between ‘God bless you’ and ‘God bless you’.

  1. Divine Intervention

God is the controller of harvest
In Amos 4:7, He said I can rain on one part of the city and leave the other part of the city dry.

To say it locally, rain can beat one part of a tree and leave the other part of the tree dry, the same rain, the same city but different divine intervention. When Divine Intervention comes in, all the other factors whether it is season, soil will not matter.

Genesis 26:1-14, The Bible said there was famine in the land, famine means no rain and yet Isaac sowed in that that land where there was no rain and that year he reaped a hundredfold. While everybody was crying famine, Isaac was shouting super harvest.

The harvest was so super that the King of the City came and said you have become bigger than us, Go away”.

I have said it before that it’s possible for one person to be richer than a nation. If you look at Nigeria very closely, you will see one or two persons, I know one person but I will not mention his name but he is repairing roads for Nigeria.


When I asked him why he was doing that, he said he reached an agreement, I will repair roads and you will collect no tax from me. He is dictating to the government. You can’t ask me for tax but I will use your extra money to build your roads.

  • A day is coming when somebody reading this now would tell Nigeria you don’t have to borrow, any deficit in your budget I will fix it but in return you will allow me preach the gospel without resistance.

Brethren God won’t die, up till now when I think of what God choose as the theme for this month, “THE APPOINTED TIME” and what he choose as the theme for the Congress ‘THE SEIGE IS OVER’ I begin to tremble because God is about to do what He has never done before.

  • I am confident that there is someone reading this that your appointed time has come and the siege of poverty in your family is about to end.

What is it that brought the appointed time of Isaac? Obedience, Simple Obedience, Complete Obedience. He wanted to run away because there was famine, God said “Sit down here, I want to use you as an example of how great I can be, Stay”.

He obeyed and he became greater than a nation. There are those of you who think that they are wiser than God, they begin to argue “How can you say that?”. I told a story of a friend of mine a Chief, a lawyer, he got born again and we were talking about tithing and he sat me down and said “you are a mathematician, I am a lawyer both of us we deal with logic, when 100% is not enough for me to meet my needs how then can 90 per cent be enough. I said Sir, I have no answer, all I know is that God does not deal with Logic and he said “Okay, ask him to prove to me” I said “God prove to him”.

He lost three cases in a row. He was a very famous lawyer and if you are a lawyer and you begin to lose cases like that you know what it will do to your reputation. He had a bakery and the bread was quite famous in the city and Christmas period is when people buy bread the most, because everyone will come home.

Few days to Christmas all his bakers resigned, he called them and asked the problem, he even agreed to increase their salary. They said there was no problem, we don’t want salary increase, we are leaving you.

Then I visited him and he said “You don’t know what is happening” I said “I think I know, you said 90 per cent was too much, how about 100 per cent of nothing?” He said from now on I will pay my tithe”. He appealed all of the three cases and won all of them.

One week later, he had six bakers before but now twelve came begging for employment. Simple obedience, don’t use your little brain to understand God. The appointed time for you to harvest in Now if you are going to be obedient.

Now you can cry to the Lord that this month should be a very special month in your life, let this be your appointed time for Harvest.

  • Every one of us here today my Father and my God let our harvest come.

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