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1. “Sin paints the picture of pleasure and blinds the eyes and minds from the consequenceces”.

2. “The best way to insure your life is to find a place of service in His house”.

3. “Commit to serving the Lord. When you give God your strength, He gives you back His strength”

4. ” Anytime you are fasting, instead of asking for things, pray to God to gain command of things”.

5. ” If you don’t want to be with them, you must stay above them. You can’t get out of the world; you have to live above it”.

6. “Speaking in tongues is the beginning of the journey into power. It is your matriculation not your convocation”

7. ” The altar of prayer is the altar of empowerment”.

8. It’s not testimonies that validate encounters, it is encounters that facilitate testimonies”.

9. “Until you are free from pride, you are not a candidate for divine guidance”

10. “The consciousness of God’s Presence is the master key to living a fearless life”.

12. ” God’s love is not theoretical. You can’t have a heart for God and not have proof in your life.

13. “No one ever loves God at a loss. The love of God is a story changer.”

14.”No sacrifice is a substitute for obedience and disobedience is likened to witchcraft”.

15. ” If you are not living in the fear of God, your giving cannot cajole God”.

16. “When the interest of God’s Kingdom becomes your priority, favor becomes your natural experience”

17. “One cannot have a heart for God and not have a time for Him”

18. “Don’t let social media truncate your destiny. Settle down with God if you want a settled destiny”.

19. “Don’t load your system with junk. You load your system with junk today, you become trash tomorrow”.

20. ” Every day is God’s day, the day you believe is your day”

21. “Some people have replaced God with godfathers, making them human idols, thereby missing the Hand of the highest God”.

22. “Every of heaven’s instruction is for our elevation”.

23. “Whatever you are too old to learn, you are too old to know”.

24. “‘Dash me, dash me’ is what dashes destiny”.

25. “Excellence only applies to performing hands, productive lives!”

26. “Godliness is a virtue that is profitable now and in eternity.”

27. “Liberty without limits is captivity without knowing”.

28. “When your spirit is starved, it becomes insensitive to whatever God is saying”.

29. “Don’t let your exposure lead you to failure, allow God to lead you”

30. “Don’t build your adventures on guesses. At every point, ask questions from God”.

31. “Any guidance that does not have it’s source in God will lead to destruction”.

32. “Don’t get carried away with civilization. Civilization does not cancel revelation “

33. “Obedience to God is your way forward, your way upward, and your way out of every crisis”.

34. “A lack mentality makes one a pauper, and a success mentality makes one a star”

35. If you let God lead you, your lack and want experience will become history”.

36. “Whatever God tells you to do is ordained to lead you forward”

37. “Not every open door is God’s door; many are traps in disguise”.

38. “Until you are free from depression, there is no hope of freedom from oppression”

39. “Fear is a snare; it brings people into bondage”.

40. “Only a thankful heart can be praiseful”

41. ” A person who is not skilled in his job, no matter how hard he prays, cannot enjoy promotions”.

42. “Only experts excel, and expertise is a product of training and personal development”.

43. “Until you ponder on the truth contained in the Word of God, get an understanding of it and act on it, you cannot display miracles, signs, and wonders”.

44. “Nobody can command signs and wonders without a love for God and the brethren”

45. “A life of impact is not a product of luck.”

46. “My God is not a joker! He means what He says and He says what He means”.

47. “The consciousness of God’s abiding presence with you, entitles you to operate in the Supernatural naturally”.

48. “To disregard the place of the Supernatural is to become spiritually impotent and vulnerable to the attacks of the devil”.

” 49. Facts rule in the natural; however, faith is the backbone of life in the Spirit”

50. “To walk in the miraculous, you have to learn to face faith and not the facts”.

51. “Imagination is a pace-setter for your destination”.

52. “Until you see it, God cannot give it”.

53. “What you have is enough, if only you can think well”.

54. “When men talk of failure, see yourself out of it”.

55. ” No matter how hard you pray, until you think right, you cannot live right”.

56. “When you claim to love God, it must be reflective also in your love for men, otherwise, your claim of love is fake”.

57. “Your mouth is a authority ordained by God to keep you in perfect dominion”

58. “As a Believer, you are a Spirit being, carrying Divine Presence and the wisdom of God”.

59. “The Word of God you don’t receive in your mind and believe with your heart, will not come to pass”

60. “How much of God’s Word you receive determines how much of His character you manifest”.

61. “Until your mind is renewed, you cannot experience true transformation”

“62. You can pray amiss, especially if you are not praying according to His will, but you can never praise amiss”.

63. “When you are intoxicated with joy, it explodes in praises”

64. “Turn over that issue of concern in praise to God and He will turn it into a testimony for you”.

65. “Thanks Givers are never stranded”

66. “The purging of your heart provokes honor from God”.

67. “Life is not a biological accident; it’s a deliberate creation of a great Creator”.


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