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7 Reasons why College Relationship Fail

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Reasons why campus relationships doesn’t last among students, with emphasis on why it ends immediately everybody graduate and find their level

Relationship is the coming together of two or more people for mutual benefits.
When it comes to love, relationship is involves a male and a female coming together to share oneness. When a relationship no more has oneness, then we can say it’s heading towards a break.
The main purpose of love relationship is for marriage, and this most times is commonly seen among undergraduates because they believe after school marriage becomes one of their focus, but in the same vain, some undergraduates misuse relationship or starts a relationship with the wrong motive. Below are some of the reasons relationship among undergraduates don’t stand the test of time.

1. It started with the wrong motive: many undergraduates don’t have full knowledge of how a relationship should be, but they go into it blindly and eventually have to end it.

2. Wanting to feel among: this is also similar to peer pressure, they want to do what their mates are doing, so as not to be the only odd person in their cycle.

3. From wanting to feel among, some girls have misused their body thinking it’s love, and finally after school when the guy has gotten all he wants from the girl he leaves her and moves to someone else.

4. Some girls befriend boys as source of income to sustain herself during school: this might as a result of the girls greed, or even the boys foolishness. The girls will play along as if she’s in love with the boy but her aim is to ensure she keeps collecting money from him then after school she opens up to him that she was never in love but only needed his money.

5. The boy might not be the girl’s spec after school when she has tasted money and vice versa: it’s popularly said that women love money, the relationship between them might have been strong enough but after school when the lady meets another man who is more resourceful she might end the other relationship to follow the new man. This is commonly seen among girls who are resource-minded.

6. They both have a better understanding of life thereby putting child’s play aside:
They might have spend their undergraduate days fooling around in the relationship but after school when they see life differently, they make a U-turn and focus more on what’s important, and pursue what will impact their lives.

7.Lack of parental backing as probably their parents were not carried along: for those who stayed in hostels away from home, they might have done it without the consent of their parents, and even those who stays at home but decides not to inform their parents.

The moment they involve their parents in it, and such parents see traits that they don’t like in the partner of their children, they won’t support the relationship and with that they have to end it.

It’s not in all cases that relationship from higher institution doesn’t last, but it takes the will and determination of both parties for it to work.

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