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Sometimes, when i correct people’s english, i hear stuffs like, am not from england, english is not my mother tongue, it may be true but then, it doesn’t mean you can’t know english well, it all depend on you and your corresponding determination to learn, whether at the academic level, student, examination, interview, and even after you have been employed by a company, you need the knowledge of english to communicate effectively and also to be efficient in your writing.

Grammatical Errors: 170+ Common Grammar Mistakes in English • 7ESL

Toay, I want to show you 8 common grammar error in English, that seems to be very common in our society today, i will also show you the correct statement and how to do it right.

Here we go;

  1. Today Morning I woke up Late; The correct one should be This morning, I woke up late.
  2. What’s there different? The correct one should be, what’s the difference.
  3. I met John two years before, the correct one should be, I met John, two years ago.
  4. This is a six-months course, the correct one should be, This is a six-month course (without the s).
  5. Thank you I really enjoyed, the correct one should be, Thank you I really enjoyed myself.
  6. Did you loose your cell phone? The correct one should be Did you lose your cell phone.
  7. Yes I have a free time the correct one should be Yes, I have free time (without the a).
  8. Thanks you, God bless you, the correct one should be “Thank you, God bless you”

I believe you have learn some lessons today, that can help you better perform with your english language in both spoken and written english?

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