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Blogger.com is a blogging platform owned by Google. With blogger, you can build your own blog without worrying about domain and/or hosting since google provides all this for you.

Therefore, it is beginner friendly.

Blogger was created at a time when the internet was relatively new therefore writers were extremely happy just to be able to share their thoughts online. With these said, the features and capabilities of the platform are pretty limited.

If you are someone that just wants to focus on writing your thoughts or testing the waters with blogging, then you can use blogger. When you open a blogger blog, you get a domain ending with .blogspot.com.


This platform is similar to blogger.com in that it is also a free platform. You get domain and hosting for free.

I should point out that, when I say you’d get a domain and hosting for free, It does not mean that they are truly yours.

You’re just renting a space for free on a platform that is not yours. This means they can kick you out at any time if you break their terms and conditions. It also means what you can do with your blog is pretty limited.

However, WordPress also gives you the ability to set up a simple site, not just a blog.

When you open a wordpress blog, you get a domain ending with .wordpress.com.

WordPress.com is mostly for casual writers. Writers who just want to share their thoughts, stories, opinions, etc.

Please note that, both Blogger.com and WordPress.com lets you buy your own professional personal domain if you don’t want to use the free domain given to you.


WordPress.org is the only platform that ensures anything you build on it is actually yours.

However, unlike the two platforms above, wordpress.org is very powerful. It is an open source software you can use to build powerful websites and blogs.

However, this is a little advanced, in that you would need to buy your own domain, hosting and managing your site files. In other words, you are in control of every aspect of your site.

But the good thing about using wordpress.org is, by merely using this platform, you are already setting the perfect foundation for your blogging success.

One thing that makes wordpress.org powerful are its Plugins.

Plugins are softwares that add extra functionality to your site/blog. Think of anything you want to achieve with your blog, I am 99% certain there is a plugin for it.

Now don’t get discouraged if you are a beginner, low on cash and want to start a blog. With a little bit of technical help, you can migrate your site from blogger.com/wordpress.com to wordpress.org when you are ready.

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