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  • Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor at Kingdom Wealth Conference, Day 3 Evening Session
    I don’t know why the devil sometimes does so much damage in the Black man’s land.

I don’t why. Sometimes I am puzzled.

A young man came to me not too long ago and was telling me something pathetic, his grandfather was a father without a farm.

Okay, let me explain what that means, he was supposed to own a farm but he had nothing to plant.

His own father was a farmer without a farm. Among all his siblings, he was the most educated, he dropped out of school in form four, i don’t know what they call that now. Okay, SS1.
He was the most educated of all his siblings, he stopped school in form four.

Now, if the most educated dropped out in form four, do I have to tell you the stories of the others? I don’t think i should. You should follow it up.
So, he ended up with this “Keke” (tricycle).

They call it ” balance and take” in Warri, that means they give you and as you work, you keep returning money as the day goes. You keep paying until you have paid completely and the tricycle would be released to you. You keep ‘balancing until you take’.
And from nowhere “the Keke go dey spoil” (vernacular).

The small thing to balance, Mechanic has taken it. So, it got to a point where he had nothing to be balancing.
So the Owner of the” Keke(tricycle)” took back the “Keke (tricycle) ‘” because that was part of their agreement.

What this means is all the previous monies he had remitted was termed void.
The young man came to me and said, Pastor, please pray for me.

I placed him on a 3 day fast. To cut the story short, then finally something happened.
That is why I am here tonight. The same “Keke” (tricycle) that was going to mechanic every week, suddenly everything was working well.

The man just called him one day and said, “see I like you, take it back, try again, and see whether it will work and he wasn’t going to mechanic anymore. And he kept balancing until finally, he owned it.

He bought another one and he bought another one and he bought another one and then he bought another one. From one tricycle he got a car.

I said, there is greatness looking at me here presently.
I gave a motorcycle to a blind man. He got someone else to be driving for him.
In less than 3 years, he owned about 3 to 5 cars. A blind man?
Satan hit him with blindness to cover up his greatness.

The woman was great but she had no child.

The devil wanted her to focus on her challenge.
Your greatness shall manifest.

It will manifest, it will manifest, it will manifest, it will manifest, it will manifest.
Elisha has been coming to this house, has been eating bread until one day she said to how husband, let us build him a special apartment.
I said, ” something triggers something”.
I was in my office one day, a man brought a gift of two million naira cash and put it in my hand.

I was excited, I started making plans on using the money. How many of you know how to make plans? 30 minutes later, another man showed up and told me his problem and his problem amounted to two million naira.

But fortunately, he said Papa, he didn’t know that somebody had come to check on me 30 minutes ago. So, he said , “I should prayed for him.

So, I said knee down for prayers. As I was about to pray, the Holy Ghost said to me, ” stop the prayer”. He said, the two million is in your drawer. Give it to him.
Every time I tried to lay hands, the voice will say don’t do that.

Pastor Olumide, I have been in ministry, this year will be my 49 years in preaching, next year 50 years by the grace of God.

So I know that voice. ” I know say na God dey talk ” ( vernacular) but I was just deceiving myself. The money is in the drawer, take it out and give it to him.
After about 30 minutes, I took out the 2 million and I gave him and he fainted.

Because he just came for prayers, he never asked me for a dime but in the real sense the money was his, it was not mine. God just brought it and wanted to give it to him through me.
So, all those beautiful plans I was making “na wayo” (vernacular), it wasn’t my own. He fainted, I had to revive him.

But ladies and gentlemen, 3 months later, somebody gave me a Bullet Proof Jeep that cost 40 million naira at that time, that was seven years ago. And the same voice said to me, it said son, do you see the difference between 2 million and 40 million?

It said, do you see why I said give it out? Something triggers something.
When God starts moving you to do something, do it.

The Mother of Jesus said to the servants, “whatsoever He says unto you, do it”.
He said something that didn’t seem to make any sense, He said, ” fill the water pot with water”, and they remembered what His mother told them and they did it.

It doesn’t matter how crazy, if He says do it, do it.

Because something triggers something.
Satan always goes after great people. You may not look great but you carry greatness so he knows and he goes after great people.
2 Kings 5:1.
He gave Naaman leprosy, so that he could divert his greatness with the leprosy.
Nahum 3:10.
I know of a family where four brothers had mental problem.
There are communities that are completely bound.

l know a community in Delta State, once you turn forty something will start calling you wherever you are in the world, telling you to come home.
One of my sons in the Church from that village, he said he went to the home to see his father, he said he came out one early morning around 6 am, he saw this elderly man and greeted him and they started charting.

The man’s English was very good, so he said, “sir, the way you speak you should not be here”.

He said, the man laughed, ” he said I studied in the UK, I have a PhD”. He said, ” but what are you doing here? He said, “I don’t know”.

I am telling you, I see great people in this Church.

The thing now is you must manifest the greatness. But sometimes something must trigger something.

This woman, Elisha has been coming to this house, never said anything.

She said to her husband, “let’s build this man an apartment”. She furnished the apartment then Elisha came and slept only one night. Ladies and gentlemen, the next morning Elisha said to Gehazi, ” what can we do for this woman?

Why did he not ask that question all this time? He has been coming, he has been in that same house but this apartment was something. Something triggers something.
2 Kings 4:13-17.
When Elisha spoke to her, she said man of God please do not lie to me. She wasn’t accusing Elisha.

Some Bible Scholars said that woman had been barren for 30 years.
Now her greatness is complete. People who don’t like you always look for what you don’t have. And they magnify what you don’t have. They know that what you have is bigger than what you don’t have so they try to magnify what you don’t have and make you concentrate on what you don’t have.

So you start looking at what you don’t have and not magnifying what you have because what you have contains your greatness.

Do you understand what I am saying?
This woman’s greatness was not complete.

Look at it, she built an apartment for the man of God.
May your greatness not pass you by.
May your greatness not die in your hands.
May your greatness be manifested.

Did you know that at a time, the governor of New York was a Blind Man? Most Blind people in Nigeria will want to sit on the ground and beg.
A Blind man that carried greatness became governor of the greatest State in the United States.


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