Day 5, Empowerment Day of Health & Wholeness
It is only great fools that are ungrateful. If you are not grateful, it is not because God has not been faithful, it is because you lost your memory.
You know when we are thanking God like this, some people say ‘Oh, God has been good to him, that’s why he’s doing that’. No,
Someone said, small things are small things but faithfulness in small things is a big deal. Look above your shoulders and bring to your remembrance how good God has been. Why don’t you celebrate the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
God’s plan for us is wholeness; nothing lacking, nothing missing, nothing broken. Now, there are 2 things in this life; the way things are and the way things ought to be. God’s intent for you and I, why Jesus did not come down from that cross, why he chose to take the pain was that He envisaged that there will be wholeness. The Bible talks about it in 1Peter 1: 9-10. Those who prophesied of the grace that would come to us that has now come to us, they were like, when will these things happen?
While Jesus was on that cross, He was thinking of the glories that should follow. One of the major glories that ought to follow is wholeness. If you are from a broken marriage, I tell you the truth, His body has been broken so that you might be made whole. If you come from a people that have been broken, no confidence, you can’t look up, you are down, Satan is always reminding you of your past, your past mistakes, I tell you the truth, no matter how broken you’ve been, His body was broken, His blood was shed, so that you might be made whole.
I’m the son of a politician. One day, my father was made Commissioner for Finance at a point in time in Kwara state, and this woman walked in and said, ‘Sir, I don’t see you there in January’. My father went to harass his friend who was the Governor, and said, ‘Do you want to remove me?’. He didn’t know it was the Buhari-IdiAgbon coup, because 25th of December that year, they overthrew the government. That is to give you a brief history of some of the things the lady had prophesied that came to pass, and she had arranged us before, prophesied to my sister and brother, and came to me and said, ‘This one can’t really make it’. Imagine what that did to me, so in school, I didn’t even try, I didn’t aspire for much until I met Jesus. Until one day, I came across a scripture that says, who is it that speaks and it comes to pass, when the Lord has not commanded? I now found out that I have a new identity in Christ Jesus. Your spiritual identity torpedos other stuffs.
While Jesus was on the cross, the Roman soldiers pitied him, they tried to give him an analgesic but Jesus spat it out. He’s like, I don’t even want to reduce my pain, to take off your pain. He thought about the glories that should follow.

Tonight, you see when they judge a criminal in the court, they take him back to the condemned criminals cell, waiting for the executor to come and execute him.

One of our Kingdom executors is here, what Christ already did, he would bring it to your life, that’s why God called him and tonight we are ready. We are not here with a cup, we are not here with a gallon, we are open, ready to be impregnated of possibilities.

He’s been a blessing to us in 2 sessions, tonight again, he’s going to be a huge blessing. I want you to open up expecting beyond what God budgeted. Tonight, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, your life will not remain the same.

To take us tonight is no other person but Bishop Taiwo Adelakun.

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