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Scripture :Luke 21: 15. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! Yesterday, we established that one quality every leader should possess is communication skills. And it takes wisdom of communication to be able to communicate wisely!

It will interest you to know that many have mouths that lack wisdom, but what Jesus promised us is a mouth and wisdom which is wisdom for effective communication! Today we shall briefly examine few examples of men that operated a mouth with wisdom!

What does it means to have a mouth with wisdom as a leader?

1. It is opening your mouth and speaking words that can build and heal(Prov. 31:26): Generally, women are more blessed with verbal power than men! However many of them lack wisdom in their mouth.

So instead of opening their mouth with wisdom and allow healing virtue to flow, they rather open the tap of poison that can bring out the beast in a man.

So, to open your mouth with wisdom and allow words that can turn things around flow from your lips is what we call a mouth and wisdom.

2. It is opening your mouth with gracious words:
Luke 4: 22. And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, Is not this Joseph’s son?

When your words are seasoned with grace, like a soup that is seasoned with salt and Maggi, then you have a mouth with wisdom!

3. It is speaking words that are above your age! (Lk. 4:22): Most people assume that it is only grey haired men that possess wisdom, but such wisdom comes from experiences of life!

This one is referred to as backsight but there is one who hasn’t experienced life much that you can say he is not speaking from experience yet he has something to offer more than the aged men, that is Insight! That insight can only be wisdom from God

Examples of men with a mouth and wisdom

1. Jesus Christ(Jn. 8:3-9): they presented a situation where if He said yes it would have landed Him in trouble and if He said no would be a problem! It was a great trap!

But wisdom bailed him out!
Beloved, have you ever been in a situation where your yes or no is a problem?

That is when you need wisdom in your mouth! Because there are times when men will set you up and then ask a question of which if you answer yes, it is a problem and if you say no, it is a problem too!

2. Stephen :(Acts7:1-56): When Stephen opened his MOUTH to give a delivery of his message, the wise men of his days couldn’t stand him.

Acts 6: 10. And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.

Infact, Stephen’s delivery was too sharp that it cut deep into their hearts that they rushed out and stoned him.

3. Apostle Paul (Acts26:24-28): When Paul made his defense before Festus and king Agrippa they thought he was mad because of excellence in delivery. Paul possessed a mouth with wisdom.

4. Solomon (1kg. 428-34): God gave him such a mouth and wisdom that he was able to put a song termed Songs of Solomon. His words were magnetic as men came from all walks of life to hear him talk (1 Kings 4: 32-34)

5.The virtuous woman (Prov.31:26): This is a woman who has caught the secret of maintaining a peaceful home.

She opened her mouth with wisdom! Wao! Many Christians marriages are collapsing now because wisdom is missing! Many relationships end up abruptly because wisdom is missing!

How do I contact such a wisdom?

1. You must be born again (Jn. 3:3-5)
2. Be passionate in love with God (1Kg.3:3)
3. Ask for it (Jam. 1:5)

Remember this : Heaven is real and hell is real, where do you want to spend eternity? Jesus loves you! Give your heart to Him today!

Prayer points:
– Father thank you for your word to me today,
– Lord, I receive a mouth with wisdom with which to rule and reign in Jesus name.

Prophetic Declaration:
– I prophesy a mouth with wisdom, receive it now in Jesus name.
-The last time you missed it with your mouth shall be the last for ever

From your brother Alex
God bless you.
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