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From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near. Matthew 4:17

If the Lord have called you as an apostle, He will surely give you a task.

Paul was an apostle to the Gentiles(non Jews).

Peter was an Apostle to the Jews.

Johnson Sulaimon is called the apostle of restoration.

Apostle Arome Osayi is sent to Reproclaim the Kingdom gospel.

Ele Adejoh is an apostle to Recover and reclaim lost territories.

Great Ayo Babalola is an apostle of liberation.

Daddy Adeboye is an apostle to the nations.


What kind of apostle are you?

What are you sent to do that no one is seeing?

God didn’t call anyone to be an apostle of nothing.

We are pretending not to see the bastardilization of apostleship.

The ship is wrecking while the church is watching.

Look around you, there are too many apostle sent to do nothing.

The question is who sent them?
Who are they sent to?
What are they sent?

Someone said God sent him to raise billionaires, we all know that’s a lie.


God is more concern with eternal purpose than sending men with what an ordinary university graduate can do to the world.

Do you think ministry is anything near secular job.

The world is under the invasion of apostles of nothing and propheliars.

Some don’t even know where they belong, today you’re an apostle and tomorrow s prophet, don’t you think you should repent.

Don’t be like that man Ahimaaz who ran faster without any message to David.
2 Sam 18:23.

The siege created by the Ahimaaz must be broken now.

How come everyone is either an apostle or prophet yet there is no visible transformation.

Calculate our success ratio, you will realise that we have not started at all.

Christianity have never been in the majority but its so amusing that it’s in our generation and there is no corresponding effect of it in the society.

Don’t be surprised that those who will attack me in the comment section will be the so called Christians.

The revival of 1930 effect was visible in the society.
The 1900 revival effect was visible in America and Europe society.

How come there many apostles and Prophets with less than 2% impacts on the society?

Charles Finney preached in cities and there is zero rate of crime, we host revival meeting and people’s phones and belongings are missing.

Even children are kidnapped at revival meeting and someone keeps shouting revival is here.

Revival tarries because there are few revived men.

Let every man retreat to his tent now and ask God for his assignment again.

The world is tired of Ahimaaz and Balam.

We gather in thousands yet there is no visible impacts of even hundreds on the society.

Acts 11:26 is a verse to consider again.

Forensic prophets that see nothing outside things that make the world happy.

A prophet is not sent to make people return to their vomits.

God didn’t call any man to be prophets to thieves and yahoo boys.

Outside cars and luxury things there is nothing else most prophets possessed.

Prophelying is the new trend, how long will you accumulate wealth in the name of the Lord.

An herbalist told one of my sons who is a missionary that he will soon disgrace a prophet because he has not been remitting his shares of the proceeds of his ministry.

He gave him a charm to see visions and hears people problems.

The Lord is saying REPENT.

Repent, Repent, you must Repent now so that the time of refreshing may return again.

God is not happy with the ministry of Ahimaaz.

His ministry is not acceptable.

They are time wasters and resources destroyers.

The Lord is saying Repent.

A.T Joel.

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