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All the crypto guys that are still promoting TBC should desist from it before the thunder of Satoshi Nakamoto strike you guys one after the other. 

You people are going on Ekiti, Osun, Ibadan radio stations to deceive millions of Nigerians to sell their properties to invest in TBC after you have succeeded in wrecking thousands of people in Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja with your TBC scams 😨😰😨

Please, fear God and the destiny of those people you are stealing from. 
You have succeeded in spoiling the concept of Cryptocurrency initiative all because you want to be rich over night ? 

See, We are no longer living in stone age, there are over 800 legit coins in the world and TBC is not among.

To investors, always use your brain and do your research very well before investing your money into any thing called coin, make sure that the coin you are buying is listed in coinmarketcap, has good whitepaper, an achievable roadmapand is doing well before investing your money into it.
Let’s join hands together to stop cryptocurrency frauds!
Enough is enough!
You guys should repent and promote futuristic coin and not all this Yahoo Yahoo coin without white paper or reasonable project.
Note: You may like me or not, I no care😯
I remain my humble self.

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