– Bishop David Oyedepo
Evening Session, Day Three
Church Growth Conference, 2022



Let’s first understand that God is the umpire of transference of spirit. He said, “I’ll come down and I’ll take the spirit that is upon you and place upon them. I will come down. If I leave it to these people, they will only do it for the people they want. I’ll come down in person and take it from one person to another.” Somebody will be here now and choose not to receive. Somebody is in Japan, he’s swimming in it already.
(2 Chronicles 16:9)
Are you interested?
Then, listen to the process;
where must I stand to qualify for that transference?

We have that episode of the first thing I mentioned here; Numbers 11:16-17, 24-25.
Apostles are also commanded, not admonished to freely release whatever He has given to them (Matthew 10:8). No hoarding.

No one lacks what he gives; he only lacks what to keep. My entire desire tonight is that no one leaves here with less than that measure of the Spirit of faith at work in my life!
– That no one leaves here with less in the name of Jesus!!!

1). Identify a carrier. Go to them that sell and buy; go to those who have it. You want it, go to those who have it. That’s the only place you can get. Go to those who have it if you’re interested and get it (Matthew 25:9).

Go to them that sell and buy, not with money. All these I buy into the anointing is not correct; it’s not biblical. I did not give one seed to Kenneth Hagin before I collected the baton.

I couldn’t even see him, so they don’t use money to buy these things. You remember what Peter said, “your money perish with you.” (Acts 8:20). Don’t buy with money.

When I received the Spirit of wisdom by Heaven’s direction, I didn’t give a seed. You can just open your heart where you are; oh, everyone that thirsteth – that is the cost, let him come (Isaiah 55:1). If I have the opportunity, I’ll advise you, don’t let anybody come and buy into your anointing; it’s not correct. To stand on the altar and they are bringing money to you as if you are an idol; it’s not correct and all that money goes to you because the altar has become your shop.

They are not normal! I think most part of the world, they are tired of it; they are not doing it again. I don’t see they are doing it much, although I’ve not been going out. It’s not right. There’s nothing wrong in honouring your father, but not to buy the anointing. As in water, face answers to face, so the heart of man answers to another. Spiritual connectivity is far more important in this regard.


2). Receive the person and the ministry of the carrier (Matthew 10:41). Receive the person; you are not part of those who go around to slander. Nothing flows without connectivity.

The Holy Spirit is likened to a river; you can’t stand somewhere and then expect river to come and meet you. You go to connect, whatever you want from the river.

That was the place that Elisha stood; “I know it, hold your peace.” His master was known to be a troubler of nation, the sons of the prophet disserted him and only Elisha was left. He became their subject of mockery.
2 Kings 2:9
You can turn your back on the carrier and connect with what he carries; it won’t work.

3). Crave for what he carries.
What do you want?
“Sir (2 Kings 2:9), let double of the Spirit that is upon you be upon me. Let a double portion of the Spirit be upon me.

Let me tell you what drew me to the man, Kenneth E. Hagin. I will see him talking to a crowd like speaking in his bedroom. What kind of relaxed ministry is this? Before then, when I preached, there will be sweat from the inside to the waistcoat, to the outer coat and I saw serenity, impact; I want this kind, I covet this kind.
– You truly want it; you will have it!

4). Cheapest way out; engage in the sonship tie with the carrier. He just shares his DNA bodily, you are not struggling. A good man leaveth am inheritance for his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22, Malachi 4:6).

God is restoring fatherhood and sonship and daughtership in His body, everybody tracing his DNA to somewhere and replicating after the same order

2 Kings 2:12
Elijah become the spiritual father of Elisha and he connected to that and what a wonder he become. You see him standing tall against those wicked kings. You don’t pray for the DNA of your natural father, it’s just a natural endowment flowing through you. That’s the beauty of spiritual sonship.
All the mockers came back and bow before Elisha.

5). You have to keep feeding that Spirit of faith with the Word – it is the food of the Spirit. The Spirit of faith will die, it will get sick, it will get weak and if it is not treated, it will die. So, feed the Spirit of faith in the Word. That’s how to keep it equipped, alive and healthy and strong. That’s why some receive it today and they can’t find it again in one month.

No, it feeds on the Word. Every gift of the Spirit thrives on the Word; the quality of the Word you feed into those gifts is what determine their capacity to perform. Don’t collect the gift and think it is like something you keep in box and then you want to use, you will come and pick, no! You keep it alive, healthy and strong by feeding that treasure on the Word of God.

What a night!
– No one’s life will ever remain the same again!
– No one’s work here will ever remain the same again.
– The next instruction from Heaven, you will not trash it!
– Unbelieving will not rob you of it!
– Your faith will be up to take delivery of it in the name of Jesus Christ!
– As the Lord lives, every church has capacity to be doubled where they are now before the end of this year.

I say, minimum double or any multiplication you desire. He said, whatever you desire, when you pray believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them. The Spirit of faith helps you to pray it and believe it and work in the reality of it!

Stand to your feet.
Praise the Lord!
I want to see a demonstration of this gift in the work that you have entrusted in my hand. Now, what dimension of it do you want to see? Listen God’s people, “the Spirit entered into me when He spake to me.” As the Word was going on, I know something is happening to you. This is not skill; it is an endowment. Sir, you can’t read your way into the realm of the Spirit of faith. It gets you on that auto frequency, supernaturally. You are not trying to make it up. Your response is scripturally positive, undoubted. It’s not something you can push as an effort to get into.

– So tonight, first lift up your two hands and ask for a fresh enduement of the Spirit of faith.

– You believe the prophet standing before you is endowed with the Spirit of faith? Now, ask the Lord; I want that kind. The kind you gave to him, I want it.

– The Spirit of faith is the Spirit of dominion; through faith, they wrought righteousness, they subdued kingdoms, they stopped the mouth of lions. They quenched the furnace of fire, they turned the armies of the aliens to flight, the waxed valiant in battle.

All those are all demonstrations of the Spirit of faith, they are all manifestation of the Spirit of faith. That means, you have just received what you need to command dominion, where God has positioned you.
“Lord, I desire a raw manifestation of this Spirit as I return back home.”

– If you don’t tell Him specifically what you want, nothing will happen. God delights in specifics. Don’t sympathize with Him; don’t pity Him. He has all it takes. Anything about His Kingdom turns Him on.
I shared before that one day, I said to Jesus, give me a thousand souls this month and he did. Second month, give me a thousand souls this again and he did. I said, okay, give me a thousand souls this week and He did. Tell Him exactly what you want; you go round that mountain long enough; it’s time to pray into new level. Just pray what your faith can catch and go down to take steps towards driving it.

The elder brother of the prodigal son was very upset when the father threw a party for his run-away son and the father responded, all that I have, are they not yours? He never knew that all that the father had was his. Your God is able to multiply you a thousand times, many more.

You need to know it. So, asking Him for twice multiplication is not an issue. The wind blew one day and brought innumerable number of people – one day wind. Your Father has it, all you need is to demand for it.

– In the name of the Lord Jesus, whatever you have called for in truth, for the sake of His Kingdom, without you sharing the glory in it; receive it now!
– A new day dawns on your ministry!
– A new day dawns on your life in the name of Jesus!
– What a personal asset that also is; concerning your affairs in life, puts you over sickness and disease, secures your life from attacks of the wicked, keeps you safe in the air, safe on the ground, safe on water – the Spirit of faith. You may be attacked at the time where you can’t reach nobody, it surges from you and keeps you going.
In the precious name of Jesus, whatever anyone may have suffered here before, never again!
– Everything you don’t want to see again in your life ends here tonight in the name of Jesus!

Whatever appears to be dominating you hitherto, I’ll like you to itemize them; don’t assume them. No, no, no, never again. This temperature this hour, another temperature next hour – never again!
This air of depression hovering round my life – never again!
This flirtiness trying to hang around my life – never again!
You just stand up to it and nail it tonight to the cross.

So, everything contrary to you whether on your health, family, children or anybody and it’s contrary to God’s agenda for your life that you know; it is not part of the redemptive package and know it; now you can engage the Spirit of faith to subdue them and they must obey. You don’t have to manage issues anymore. He’s giving you all things that make for life and godliness. So, whatever is not responding, now itemize it and deal with it.

Listen to me before we round up; impact is not transferable just like success is not transferable. Everyone has to make his way there. So the Spirit of faith is not a license for slothfulness. It is not a license for doing nothing and expecting everything. The Spirit of faith energizes you to go for what you stood for with everything inside you.

You can’t inherit success; you can’t inherit impact. Each one makes his way there. Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac but that didn’t make Isaac; Isaac had to dig, sow, plant to make his own impact (Genesis 26:12, Genesis 26). There was no reference to what the father gave him anymore. He had to make his own. So everybody, you are going back now to generate your impact with that Spirit of faith!
Go and generate the impact ordained for you for the year as you leave here. Not go to bed that now, “I have the Spirit of faith. Okay, what I have is the spirit of faith, why am I working this hard?” He demands it.
– Therefore in the name of the Lord Jesus, whatever is responsible for nonchalant attitude to this Spiritual charges, I bring them under subjection on your behalf!

You can start by asking the Lord; give me fifty souls and then, you keep increasing. Next time, give me a hundred souls and you go out for it; you are not wishing that it happens. Fishes don’t come out of water to meet people, you go there and you are fishers of men, so go to the sea, town and where they are gathered.

So, you have to make moves, to make things happen. Jacob stole the blessing but he worked tired – 21 years of solid work. Even stolen person will not work the way he worked. 21 solid years living in fear perpetually; you better live right!

No impact without labour, so faith is not a hiding place. What do you want to see and how prepared are you to see it? What are you putting in place to see? We’ve been working hard on what happens in the month of April, our restoration month, it mustn’t pass ordinarily, so what must resurrect? Now, a lot of plans and strategies, steps to take to make it the best of them we’ve ever had. What are you putting in place to put toward the things you’ve heard in this place?
The first thing to do;
Put it down, action plans towards experiencing the light I’ve caught on this mountain. But tonight, anything concerning your health that you don’t want to see again, must leave you!
– You will not return back to the same place you came from, the same way you came from but with a new zeal and zest to make things happen, to make this year a year with a difference in the name of Jesus!

Don’t assume these things; what don’t you want to see again and now, what do you want to see in their place? You can play games with men; you can’t play games with God. Please wake up and take full responsibility. Everybody is responsible for the outcome of his life.

For those of us running crusades; you will be seeing surges of people, miracles, divine manifestation the way you have never seen it before!
– Every step you take towards seeing soul saved shall flourish and blossom!
– Every step you are directed to take towards seeing soul pull out of darkness shall flourish supernaturally!
– No step shall be wasted again!
– No effort shall be wasted again in the precious name of Jesus.

Pray this prayer;
Passion is the fuel for motion. No matter how costly a vehicle, if it has no fuel, it can’t move. “Lord, enfire my life with undying passion.” I came back from Madagascar one day and I felt, I didn’t meet my target for the week; I landed and took off on the street. I was sleeping, dozing in the vehicle, I said, well this is what they call fainting and fighting. We have to go on. Passion is what keeps a believer in motion.
– Lord, I must leave here with fresh passion in driving your assignment in my hand, undying passion.

He said of all born of women, there was no like John the Baptist but he that is least in the Kingdom, is greater than him. So, we have access to greater order of passion than Elijah. Passion took him on the flight (1 Kings 19:14), passion above the kind that Elijah has, Lord I desire. Let the zeal of your House consume me after the order of Christ.
It’s done!
– God will turn you to a surprise to yourself!
– The things that used to attract your attention is forever gone!
– Jesus will become your only focus!
– You shall not know failure in other area!
– His Kingdom will be your priority for living, yet you shall not want any good thing in the precious name of Jesus!
– Any form of challenge in anyone’s home, I command them turn to a triumphant testimony!
– Every oppression of the devil has finally ended!
– The year shall be a year of good report only for you, family, ministry – good report only!
– You shall not have occasion to weep this year in the name of Jesus!
– As your days are, so shall your strength be!
– Even in old age, you shall still be bringing forth fruit!

Thank You Heavenly Father, blessed be Your name!
– Whatever area of your life and ministry where people mocked you; on this same issue, they will envy you?
– Financial tension is over in your ministry and life in the name of Jesus!
– Any wrong step anyone may have taken hitherto, the humility required to correct your steps and come on the right path, receive it now!
– Be blessed!!
– A number of people have helped us here in ministering the grace of God; you have been blessed by the various ministries. My prayer is that the oil on every one of us who are here and those who ministered in the course of this Conference shall never grow dry in the name of Jesus!
– Your smiles will never dry off!
– Your ministry will not suffer stagnation anymore. It shall be a continuous and an endless motion!
– Your progress shall be a continuous one in the name of Jesus!
– For all those who have come from far and near, God who brought you safely will return you back safely!
– Next Sunday there shall be fire on every altar represented here!
– For those who are with us online, the same grace that has been ministered is your portion!
– Every Word proclaimed will deliver in your life in the name of Jesus Christ!

So shall it be!

Always share testimonies in church, don’t take glory for what God has done. Nothing is small that God did; everything God does is great. When you give thanks for one, He will give you double. Please share your testimonies, it will validate what you are preaching and don’t take glory for it. As they pass it on the altar, you pass it to Him; you are just a passage.

Finally, be careful with money. Get that tape and listen to it again. Listen again, be careful with money. It can mess up any ministry and minister. Be careful with His money; it’s a risk. Be prudent with your own money; program it, plan it. This is life, because you are going somewhere.
– Every little flock here will become a Kingdom!
_ Every seemly little minister here will become a great nation!
That’s God’s agenda, we just have to prepare for it.
God bless you!


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