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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
*Not every open door is God’s door.
*Many are traps in disguise.
*There are some great employers of labour here who have missed their road to remain employees for life.
*There is a place ordained for you by God for your breakthrough, may you never miss it.
Today is our Covenant Day of Exemption and I want us to please note that God who exempted His people from all the plagues that took place in Egypt has not changed. So He is a God of exemption and He still exempts people today from the horrors of life.
-You are leaving here with the seal of exemption on your forehead.
Exodus 8:22-23; Exodus 9:4
We saw how He exempted them. Flies connote stench, decadence. I will separate my people, they won’t suffer it. I will put a difference between my people and thy people.
Nothing attracts flies like stench, bad odour. He said, “I will separate my people, they won’t know that.”
Exodus 9:4 – cattle connotes their business endeavours.
-No matter how many businesses fall this time, it will be minus your own.
-No matter how many careers crash this time, it will be minus your own.
Then there was gross darkness – Exodus 10:22-23
-No matter how confused the world will become, you will not know confusion.
-You will have direction every day of your life.
-You will not miss your steps in life.
By covenant, God has ordained the exemption of the redeemed of the Lord from all the horrors of the day. He is a covenant keeping God (Psalm 91:1-7).
God is speaking those Words to the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:29).
He is speaking that to the redeemed of the Lord, that your case is different.

    But we must have a revelation of our exemption right, for us to enjoy it. God has translated us from a kingdom of darkness, to a Kingdom of his own dear Son (Colossians 1:13). Darkness can’t stand against light any day (Psalm 74:20). Cruelty can’t access it, you have been translated from the kingdom of darkness. But all these things are deliverable through revelation.
    2 Peter 1:3
    How many still remember the testimony of Deacon Patta in Port Harcourt. There was that inferno, that great fire caused by this tanker that fell, destroyed 2 filling stations, destroyed houses, all the cars were gutted and his vehicle was in the midst of the fire, untouched: that will be your kind of testimony.
    -No matter the evils that besiege the world, you will be exempted from it.
    The tyre was not burnt, there was fuel in the car and he was just coming from Shiloh, ‘My Case is Different.’ All the Policemen that followed him to Church gave their lives to Christ because they had never seen such thing before.
    -God is saying, “I am out to mark you out, no matter the heat that goes on here.”
    Before you carry your luggage and be enslaved in another man’s country, you know here in Lagos, when you are driving, they will say, “this road is blocked.” Not that you have any information of the other road, you went there and you will find out that it is more blocked than where you are coming from. To return is a problem.
    How many understand what I am saying?
    No, let me go that way. This is ‘worser’ than where I am coming from.
    Allow God to lead you, look before you leap my friend. Not every open door is God’s door.
    Many are traps in disguise. So wake up. You know if you are wise, you are wise to yourself. You play the fool, only you will bear it. Nobody will pay for it like you.
    Any time we are travelling and we are going around, I tell my driver, he says, “no, this road is blocked.”

I say: do you know what the other road looks like. Stay on the main road ‘a beg’.
By the time we get to that road, “we are sorry sir.” Sorry for what?
Do you have any information of the other road? At times, everybody has left the main road, they’ve all gone through the side road and they have transferred the whole hold up (traffic jam) here to the other side and it is one lane.

You will just line up.
Siren is useless when there is hold up. Can you fly over the cars? No.
Look before you leap.
-There is a place ordained for you by God for your breakthrough, may you never miss it.
There are some great employers of labour here who have missed their road to remain employees for life, whereas like the case of Abraham, ‘get thee to where I am going to make you great.’ They didn’t ask, so they went down to Egypt without asking counsel.
Please look before you leap, you won’t run your life into the mouth of a lion.

You know, no hospital is far for someone who is sick.
They say: The Specialist of your ear problem is in so and so place. They do campaign like this, like that because you are going to meet a Specialist.
No one’s home is far. Please settle with God’s plan.
We must have a revelation of our exemption rights: a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, we are not like others, your case is different (1 Peter 2:9).
Have a revelation of your exemption right.

    We must keep the love of God alive in our hearts to actualise our exemption rights (Psalm 91:14).
    It doesn’t matter what is happening here, because he has set his love upon me, I am committed to exempt him from the horrors of the day.
    I will set him on high because he celebrates my name.
    We know that all things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28).
    How many things? ALL THINGS. So keep the love of God alive in your heart, to actualise your full exemption rights in Christ.
    When men are saying, there is a casting down, you shall be saying, there is a lifting up (Job 22:29).
    -You will never know another downward trend in your life.
    Why? All these things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33). All the things that others are struggling to get: go into the cult, go into this, go into that; they are added to you for free, for seeking first the Kingdom of God in all its ramifications. They are added to you for free. We must stay dedicated.
    Luke 10:1, 17, 19
    Being on a Mission for Christ empowers you and I to live above the hot realm of life; nothing shall by any means hurt you. It is our security license against the wickedness of the wicked. Being committed to Kingdom advancement endeavours is our security insurance against the wickedness of the wicked.
    Very important, lastly, we just did that now. Don’t be beggarly about it, boldly. The bolder you declare it, the more openly He confirms it.
    “Well, there is insecurity in Nigeria.”
    Response: No, my case is different. We can’t be affected, we are covered, we are under the Blood. I mean, you are declaring openly.
    I have been doing that now for how many years.
    You say: It is a risk.
    Thank God for the risk, I am enjoying it.
    Luke 21:15 – Speaking boldly in the Lord, subdues your enemy any day, anytime, anywhere.
    No matter how hard you pray, if you don’t speak that strong, your prayer will never find expression.
    Like you were told, today is also a special Prophetic Mantle Service and the purpose of this is to transmit the grace of exemption upon His prophet to every single member of this Church and I can assure you that whatever could not assault this Commission will never come near you again.
    Whatever could not stand the way of His prophet cannot stand your way again.
    Somebody was very upset and was using screwdriver to scratch on a sticker on the door of a new Muslim convert in Abuja. As he was scratching the face with the screwdriver, because he was trying to tear that sticker off, it didn’t get off. As he was scratching with the screwdriver, he was having scratches in his eyes and in a moment he went blind. Blind. For touching the picture.
    -Anything that dares you from today, goes down for you, forever.
    A young man was captured by ritual killers and the Flier in his back pocket flew out in the shrine where they took them; and the flier landed before the Shrine and the Shrine shook and fell down.
    What is that? He said, “that is that.”
    Flier flying from the back of the pocket.
    My God, watch out.
    Today marks the end of every assault of the wicked on your life.
    You remember my daughter’s testimony from Port Harcourt. They carried her and her baby to their dungeon: wicked people and when they took the baby from her, the passion of a mother engulfed her. She took her bag and threw at the man. A Shiloh flier fell out of that bag and I began speaking in tongues from it. All the ritual killer gang went into stupor, fell on the ground. She saw a knife they would use to slaughter her by her side, took the knife, cut the rope they used to tie her, cut for 17 other people and they all went into liberty.
    -You are carrying this mantle from here today, evil shall be far from your life.
    1996, one of my sons was involved in that Ethiopian air crash, live testimony. When the flight went rough, he removed his Mantle from his bag and tied it round his neck. The plane broke into 2, in front of him, landed inside water. The only survivor without a scratch.
    -My God will turn that mantle in your hand to a prophetic mantle of exemption.
    Acts 19:11-12
    -Expect that to come through in your life right now.
    From scriptures, what is a Mantle? A Mantle is a clothing material that conveys the virtue upon the prophet.
    He took the Mantle that fell from Elijah, smote the waters and the waters parted hither and thither (2 Kings 2:14).
    Psalm 45:8
    I am sure the priest must have spoken about that someday, when the woman with the issue of blood heard it, she went for his garment and was made whole.
    As this material reaches you today, your case is declared settled.
    Please note that every apostolic and prophetic grace is freely available to anyone that who truly desires it (Matthew 10:8).
    It is your faith you need to connect to secure your portion in this awesome Service.
    Philippians 1:7
    It is possible for everybody to partake of it at the same time. You will take your portion today.
    We must receive and believe in a prophet sent our way in order to tap into the virtue he carries. We must believe.
    Matthew 10:41, Mark 6:6
    The greatest Anointing that walked on the Planet Earth could not impart on them because of their unbelief.
    -Today I believe that God will replicate the grace upon His prophet in your life, the grace upon this Commission in your life.
    Give thanks to God for the encounter of this hour.
    Expect the transference of grace of exemption upon your life.
    Expect also the grace for dedication, for boldness, for joy unspeakable to be released upon your life today.
    -You will never lose any battle anymore.
    Dedication is the cure for frustration. You can’t be genuinely dedicated to God today and not be distinguished tomorrow.
    -I see giants rise from here today.
    -I see that tiny Mustard seed becoming a great tree with great branches.
    -No devil will succeed to cut short your life.
    You heard the testimony of the 101 -year young lady, on the platform here dancing. You will testify.
    -As Jesus tarries, everything that is against your life goes down for you today.
    In the name of Jesus, I decree the fire of God upon this altar and upon your servant to go forth ad empower supernaturally on everyone that has a touch of faith with this Mantle.
    It is done in Jesus name.
    Please get seated, very simple instruction: you get this and touch on your forehead, touch the one in your hand and it is returned as a prophetic Mantle in your hand.
    -No evil will dare you from henceforth.
    Thank You Jesus. Let your faith come alive.
    -This is my seal of exemption today.
    Evil spirits are flying out right now.
    The torments you used to know, you know them no more.
    Special miracles are taking place right now.
    Multi-faceted grace is being released into your life right now.
    Pray in the Spirit as extensively as you can, it is your turn for a change of story.
    By a prophet, the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet was he preserved.
    NEXT SUNDAY: IS OUR COVENANT DAY OF ALL ROUND REST. Let me tell you this, don’t let any devil tell you that there is no such thing as all round rest. That is the realm in which your Church operates: All round rest, pressure free life. That becomes your portion from henceforth.
    Joyfully invite your friends and neighbours and ensure they come along with you to share of that grace from heaven.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now in the last week of this Operation. It is the 11th hour opportunity that we have. Please maximise this last one week. The next Midst of the Year revival is next year, not next month. Maximise it. You can’t recall the season. Maximise this one week remaining and I will tell you what to do.
The kind of growth that God has ordained for the end time Church cannot be achieved by expertise, strength or strategy or skill.
Can you imagine what kind of strategy or skill will gather quails from the sea and make them fall round about the camp. Only the hand of God can make it happen. The wind came from God, so we pray for the wind of the Holy Ghost to blow innumerable company of people into this Sanctuary because His will is that all men be saved.
There was no microphone, there was no radio and yet a sound went forth from the Upper room; gathered thousands into the Upper room. 3,000 of them gave their lives to Christ one day.
When this was noised abroad. How did it get abroad? The sound of the Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost blow your whistle again across our harvest field and draft in multitudes into this Church, this coming Sunday.
We all know that every divine agenda speaks loudest at the end. Next Sunday is the end of this Operation and we are coming to celebrate the mammoth harvest that God has given us over the past 7 weeks and your own portion will not be lost.
Therefore, engage minimum 1 hour personal prayers every day of this week. Schedule it. Do it in the night, do it in the day, at whatever time and God who sees your genuineness and fruitfulness on the prayer altar in secret will reward you openly.
Don’t watch this week pass without some special input from you. Without prejudice to following up on the people you have spoke before, the people that have given their lives, people that are yet to surrender their lives and reaching out to new people. Make this week your most spiritually robust week and watch how God will turn your story around in every form. He never lies, but it takes enduring to end to get the prize. No prize is given at the middle of the race, prizes are only awarded at the end of the race. Thank God for testimonies here and there but awards will be given by Him at the end of this race, this coming Sunday.
-Your crown, another man will not take.
Why must we pray? The Holy Ghost responds only to prayers.
The God of increase will only respond as we ask. The Multiplier God will only respond as we ask. We get God on duty by making demands: God of increase show up, God of multiplication show up.
Please engage this week maximally and watch the wonders of God made manifest in your life.
-May every impartation of the Spirit received all through this month begin to answer in your life
Give God thanks. Speak to the week to bring forth.
For everyone who has been involved, your reward is sure.
For everyone who will get on board this week, your reward is sure.
The 11th hour saints and those who came in the 3rd hour were given the same amount. Get involved.

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