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Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which business people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationship and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.

Networking becomes significantly easier and interesting when you know about and understand what it entails and what it takes to succeed at it. We will be looking into some amazing tips via which you can engage networking and make a perfect result out of networking, trust me if you can put these things in practice and master them you will find networking very interesting.  
START NETWORKING BEFORE YOU NEED IT: It is advisable that you start your networking before you deeply need because there’s this thing desperation can furnish in you while you really need things to be appropriate in business or whatever and desperation has a way of making something look so weird and not palatable to others, as a result it might be counter-productive to start zealous networking efforts at the hour of your greatest need. You can end up putting people off because people can sense when someone is only out to use them and help himself/herself. Networking when you aren’t desperate and have no immediate ulterior motives can help you build good relationships and a good reputation for being friendly and generous rather than desperate and just being concern about yourself and the things you’re introducing. 
PREPARATION BEFORE LAUNCHING:  This is a very important tip, especially if networking isn’t exactly your strong suite. If you are the type that is not really good on this particular part, you need you be really prepared. You don’t go out for networking without knowing what you want to network about. Laying down clear details of the talents, strengths, skill sets and connections that you have and can take advantage of to enhance your networking efforts can make networking much easier for you. You should be sure of and understand the things you can talk about with people, and prepare for a case where you might be taken by surprise or an impromptu issue you quickly need to attend to, and have to comment on things you might not initially have prepared for. In addition, consider how you can also be of help to these people, don’t only consider how you can get them to help you. 
AVOID ARRIVING LATE: As it is always made mention of that punctuality is the sole of a business. In case of having a location or like a meeting where you’ve to discuss with people, there’s this which punctuality can help do, when you arrive early to a networking event, it’s calmer and quieter at the beginning. People have not yet settled into groups so it’s easier to mingle with everyone and find conversation partners. 
DON’T BE TO FORWARD WITH YOUR AGENDA: The fact that you are networking for self-serving purposes doesn’t mean you should be blatant about it. Let your personal agenda take a back seat to building actual relationships with people. Be open, friendly and honest; make connections with people that will make it easier for them to remember you and want to help you, without you even asking directly. 
ENJOIN FOLLOWING UP: If you promise to do something for someone at a networking event, make sure you do it. Follow up and follow through with it very well. People will value and cherish you for this and you’ll unknowingly begin to build a reputation for consistency and reliability. So, if you told someone you’ll call, call the person. If you promised to introduce someone to the person, if you told them you will be available by this time make sure you are, so that they will be able to confide in you at any point. 
UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF NETWORKING: The true value of networking comes in being able to help others as much as you want to be helped. It should be a mutual relationship not a one sided relationship. If you understand this and practice it well, networking will become a more than valuable business tool for you. Keep this at the back of your mind every time you make a networking effort.

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