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The BBNaija Double Jeopardy Game between Pere and Angel is by 4pm.

Who goes home and who joins the top 5 finalists?

Recall that Saga, Nini and Queen were evicted for real on Sunday, but Pere and Angel were sent to the ‘White Room’ and asked to compete in a toy game for the final spot in the grand finale.

-Update on Angel’s and Pere’s truck so far. They broke a few parts.

– Angel didn’t finish though. She has a part left and a broken piece while Pere finished but broke a part of the motorbike.

-Biggie has decided to be lenient with both of them and urged them to continue when the light comes on.

– Light comes up and they have both finished.

– Angel and Pere are both done now. For Pere, there is a part that won’t come off. It is hanging by the wire according to him.

– Biggie says he is reviewing their performances.

Somebody Said;

Pere fall my hand.

He’s too calm for his own good.

I thought he will beat Angel hands down. But he was taking his time with the screws while Angel rushed like her life depended on it. I didn’t know she could be so fast. And Pere noticed the blue light on first as a sharp military guy and he jumped to the table immediately.

But he was too calm. Damn, too calm.

Angel finished first and she said the word “done.”

But they both broke something. I hope Biggie just makes it a Top 6. That’s the fair thing to do.

Angel has 54 parts complete while Pere has 53 parts.
Pere said he still has one screw stuck.

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