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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 5 (Part 1)
I give you all of the honour and glory in Jesus name we have worshipped. Father let this last night be the most explosive. Let it be the best of all, each one all over the world will have an encounter of a lifetime with you. I vow never to take your Glory. For the things that have happened and the things that will happen today we give you glory, honour and praise. Blessed be your name forever in Jesus mighty name.



Some of you are not here with your anointing oil, we announced it before the close of yesterday’s service and you ran away because we wanted to take the sacrifice.
This is Glory Reign 2022 and every day we have been defining Glory, I have not repeated any definition twice.
What is Glory?
Glory is the triumphant wonder working nature of God fully made manifest in the life of a believer. It is the active manifestation of God’s presence.
What is Reign?
Reign can be defined as possessing sovereign power, to administer authority over situations, circumstances and a given territory. It simply means gaining mastery and ruling over the affairs of life.
What is Glory Reign?
Glory Reign is the Manifestation of God’s presence which makes you gain mastery and rule over the affairs of life.
Glory Reign is the manifestation of God’s presence which makes you gain mastery and rule over the affairs of life.
What is Anointing?
Anointing is the divine enabling of the Holy Spirit that makes life sweet, colourful and void of troubles. It simply means being empowered to reign.
What is Anointing to Reign?
Anointing to Reign I the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that makes you take charge and rule over the affairs of life. It is the divine endowment which makes you command the supernatural thereby placing you in the position to lead and govern as the head.
What you’re here for is to be the head. To be the head in anything.

How many want to be the head? Deuteronomy 28. So, the anointing for today is to make you the head. We are born again to reign in life, the anointing is the power you need to reign. Revelations 5:10, this is the key scripture for tonight.

Where did the Bible say you will reign? Is it in Heaven?


Here on earth. A child of God is not permitted to roam on the earth. He said we will reign on the earth, if you see a doctor they become the doctors, if you see a pastor they become the pastors, anywhere we find ourselves we are in charge. In business we are businessmen. We are to be the one who will be dictating the pace for others to follow.

Is somebody getting what I am saying, we are not to roam but to reign.

But why are many not reigning? If God says he has made you kings and queens that we shall reign on the earth, then why are many not reigning?
Ecclesiastes 10:5-7. God calls all these kinds of lives evil, where Children of God are going to beg from people who don’t have Christ. It is evil. Listen, there is no where in the world that Israel begs anybody, check today’s history, Israel a tiny Nation they don’t even beg America, to tell you about the covenant. You see that tiny nation Israel they don’t beg anybody on earth, the year the United Nations met and instructed Israel to release the land.
They understand their position in the natural world, there is no way they will beg from unbelievers. This meeting will make the end of you being in that position. We are in the last days where wickedness is the order of the day. So, to reign you need to come with something superior to what they have.
The whole world lies in wickedness. 1st John 5:19. So, it is time we take our place in destiny. You cannot reign without the anointing.

Anointing is not just pouring oil on your head, it is far beyond that, so that you don’t wait for the time they pour oil on your head.

Hear me well the anointing is not just oil, anointing is not about the oil, even if you carry five bottles. It is far more than that, that is only a medium but it is far more than that. That is not what we are talking about. The oil is only a medium.

Because there are some people who will not hear the word or receive the word of prophecy, they will wait till it’s time for anointing.

Please, set your heart. Your heart determines what enters into your life. The anointing is the divine backing of the Holy Spirit upon your life.
The Role of the Oil? If I tell you something you won’t believe? Since we started Night of Glory, this is the first time we are doing anointing service. In 11 years this is the first time I am doing anointing service. From Night of Glory to 5 Nights of Glory we have never done anointing. This is the first and I was divinely instructed to do this. For the new phase, if you watch 5 Nights of Glory to Glory Reign the difference is too much, even the Word of ministration is different, because we are entering another phase, the end of a caterpillar is the beginning of a butterfly.
1st Samuel 16:13. What he was anointed with was an oil, the Spirit of the Lord came upon the oil and turned the oil into another thing. There is only one Spirit, there are no two Holy Spirit.

  • Every oil you’re holding ceases to be ordinary oil.
    Give me my bottle. Don’t open your bottle yet, just give me my own.
    Don’t open it yet, when the time comes I will tell you. It is not the oil first, hear what I am saying.

When I say be blessed, did I pour oil on their head? The same Holy Ghost that came upon David will come upon that oil, the oil will carry God’s presence for manifestation of signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.


Some people are going to go and buy now, are you behaving like the five foolish Virgins?
You command exploits in life, business, ministry, career, politics, academically and other endeavours when the anointing of the Holy Ghost is on you.
Starting from today, your reign will emerge.
Before, I go deeper. There are some persons the anointing made them to reign in their different fields
1) Daniel: A renowned politician of his time who was sought after, the anointing upon him distinguished him, he reigned in four different regimes. Not that he reigned in 1 regime and he was no more. Daniel 5:11, all politicians listen now. The time for sinners to reign is over. I am speaking as a man sent by God. King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged the anointing upon Daniel’s life.

Daniel 4:18. All Politicians under the sound of my voice I decree by this meeting, the anointing that came upon Daniel to take over come upon you right now.
2) Job the businessman. Job was the richest and greatest of his time, he was so successful that the devil envied him.

Satan envied Job. Job 1: 3. He was the wealthiest man in his time. The secret of Job’s success in business was seen in Job 29: 2-4. It was the anointing upon him that made him reign. Secrets were revealed unto him and he commanded exploits. When you are empowered by the Holy Spirit you will stand out in Life, business, Carter, ministry just name it.
The anointing that came upon Job to be in charge. Now, in this new dispensation I decree it into every businessman, go and take over in the name of Jesus.
May secrets be revealed to you.
After this meeting you will take over in every business endeavour.
Let the businessman shout the loudest amen.

3) Uzziah the inventor and industrialist. We have an advantage over the people of the world.

Investors of old were mostly believers that their works speak even till now, they were inspired by the divine ideas. 2nd Chronicles 26:3, 14, 16. It was the help of the Holy Spirit that was upon him that helped him to become an outstanding inventor.

I decree everyone who wants to enter into that area of industry and invention may a new oil come upon you in the name of Jesus.
4) Bezaleel. Exodus 31:1-6, from this day I decree where others are crawling in invention, to everyone who wants to go into that field, both academic ones in the name of Jesus receive a new idea, receive a new understanding, you’re anointed for invention in the name of Jesus.

5) Joseph: a wise outstanding leader. Joseph stood out wherever he was found because he was an embodiment of God. Genesis 39:2. It was the anointing that distinguished Joseph in Egypt. Genesis 41:37-41, This man was so distinguished, he did not reign because he interpreted dream, he reigned because of the Spirit of God on him, he could preserve food where things were not working.

Listen, you will be greater than Joseph. There are those who are not directly in politics but they are in politics. They consult them, they are richer than the politicians and they proffer solutions to the government.

They consult them when they are in the cross road. You shall be one of them. The leadership anointing coming upon you.

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  1. Thank you Jesus!Thy Kingdom come now is emergency of the Giants in His Kingdom to dominate every facests of human endeavours putting in eternity in view till an old riped blossoming age in Jesus name (1John4:17)#Sir for who thou era that turn the world upside down is here

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