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  • Pastor Ayo Ajani at just Us Girls Conference Tagged ‘Revived’ 2021
    The Bible tells us that Jacob laid down his head to sleep, the Bible says he put his head on a stone and that he had a vision.

He saw a ladder coming from heaven that connected the Earth to the Heavens.

The Bible tells us that He saw angels ascending and descending from the land.

The first thing I want you to know is the fact that the Angels were ascending and descending not descending and ascending.

In our natural minds what we imagine is that the Angels will descend from heaven into the earth and then ascend back to heaven but what it tells us is that Angels were ascending from here and they were descending, Genesis 28:22.

The Human Spirit is extremely important. Jesus comes around and then He explains to us exactly what that ladder is.

He saw Nathaniel coming, just before Nathaniel came to meet Jesus, he had spoken to the Disciples that were with him and He said to him when the Disciple told him to come and see Jesus. He said can anything good come out of Israel?

Which means what are you talking about?
What Jesus?
When Nathaniel came to meet Jesus, the first thing He said was Oh Nathaniel in whom there is no guile, I saw you when you were under the tree, if He saw him then He heard him, John 1:50.

Imagine that you are just walking past the room and you hear someone says can anything good come out of this minister?
The first thing that happens to you is an offense.

Jesus could have taken offense in the things Nathaniel said but He said to Nathaniel, Oh Nathaniel an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile, John 1:47. Humanly speaking, it is a lie because just a few seconds he just spoke guile. Jesus said you will see great things, greater things, John 1:50.

He says you will see angels ascending and descending on the Son of man, John 1:51.

The ladder that Jacob saw, Jesus says will be a man, he didn’t say the Son of God which means a human person, angels will be ascending and descending upon it.
Three things;

  1. That humans will become the command center: which means the command center will shift from heaven to the earth and absolutely what will happen in the earth will be dictated and controlled by human persons.
  2. He says it’s a ladder: which means it’s a channel. If Jesus had allowed offense in His heart, that statement would have been inappropriate at that time which means when we talk about the consecration of yourself, separating yourself, what God said is perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord and then He tells us two things to do.

Cleanse yourself from the sins of the flesh and of the heart.
A lot of emphases is given to the sins of the flesh and very important but the most difficult and the ones that are most dangerous in our lives are the sins of the heart.

Offense, envy, jealousy, guile, pride, do you know that the proud man is too proud that he knows he is proud.
Jesus says you are going to see angels ascending and descending but be careful of the interactions that go on in your heart. When people talk about open heavens, their hearts have been circumcised from some things.
God does not open the heavens over your life, they are opened.

You decide whether you will close it or leave it open.
The control center is not in heaven, God does not decide anything, you do. You have to understand that a revival revived is the experience of an open heaven over your life but that open heaven does not start there, angels ascending and descending.

Angels can not ascend from offense, pride, if the control center was heaven, there will be no problem, we can fold our hands and know that without any efforts on our path things will be done but the control has shifted.

When you say you don’t know what they said to me, your destiny is greater than what they did. Is your future greater than what they did? The control center is not there, it is right here. He says your light has come, who makes light come? God. Who arises? You.
When you realize that any Christianity that puts the responsibility on God is false. Never forget this, you are that ladder that connects the earth to the heavens.

That transaction that should happen there, you must ensure that you circumcise your heart from some things, no pride, no envy, no jealousy, no bitterness, why?
Because you are blocking something.

Listen and never forget this, it has never been about God, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. It has never been about God, it is about you.

As you are walking down the road, remember, I am a ladder. If anything enters into the earth today it is because I made a connection somewhere, I am a ladder.

You can carry that consciousness and shift the atmosphere over a family. The Bible said Laban said the reason I have become this blessed is by divination, not by prayer but by divination. it says there is a ladder in your house and nothing else determines our lot in life.
It is not the prayer you are praying, that prayer will be weighed through your heart, that is why some people will breathe Jesus, heaven will move. Some people will fast for seven days, Jesus! Demons will slap them instead because the value of what you see outside is measured from the inside.
Say I am a ladder. Remember the control center has moved from heaven to earth and who is the control center? You!
God Bless You

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